Doctor Strange Marvel Legends 6″ Figures Series Up for Order!

As we enter September, the holiday season is approaching, the clock is officially ticking down on 2016, and collectors are getting restless to complete their 2016 collections! And that’s why there’s no better time than right now for Hasbro to finally allow the final Marvel Legends 2016 series to go up for sale! We first started seeing them in February, and we can own them next month: the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange series figures are now up for order!

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series Figures Packaged

Following in the footsteps of the outrageously successful X-Men Marvel Legends series that came out earlier this year, Hasbro has wisely decided to go with the much-loved case pack consisting of one of each of eight different characters, allowing collectors to buy a full set of six inch action figures and get a complete Build-A-Figure Dormammu with zippo duplicates! Thanks, Hasbro!

The case ratios for this series are as follows:

  • (1) Doctor Strange (Comic-Based)
  • (1) Doctor Strange (Movie-Based)
  • (1) Astral Form Doctor Strange (Movie-Based)
  • (1) Iron Fist (Immortal Green Costume)
  • (1) Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm)
  • (1) Enchantress
  • (1) Doctor Voodoo (Brother Voodoo)
  • (1) Karl Mordo (Movie-Based)

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Movie Figure PackagedI’ve already talked at length about each of these figures both as they were revealed to us and as we saw the first hi-res packaged photos of them, so I really don’t have a lot to add on to my earlier thoughts about these figures.

Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Figure PackagedThat said, I would like to note that I’m still giddy like a schoolgirl about this Nico Minoru figure actually being produced–I never thought I’d live to see the day that any of the Runaways would appear in toy form! (Can we have an Old Lace next, Hasbro? Heh.)

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Enchantress Figure Packaged

But while my loyalty lies with Sister Grimm herself, let’s not kid ourselves: it’s pretty clear exactly who the two “hot” figures in this wave are going to be. Fans were willing to pay $60-$80 for an Enchantress 6″ figures just one month ago before the repaint of her was announced for this wave, and at 20 bucks, Amora is going to blow out of stores very quickly.

In addition to the Enchantress, I have a nasty suspicion that the titular character of this fall’s only Marvel movie–Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange himself–is going to end up being an extremely tough-to-grab figure at retail.

With no real way of heavy-packing the Sorcerer Supreme (since the case can only hold eight figures and all eight are needed to build Dormammu), I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Doctor Strange ends up becoming the next Deadpool or Black Panther on the aftermarket. Call it intuition!

Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Dormammu Series FiguresThe Marvel Legends Dormammu Build-A-Figure Series is now available for order as a full set/case and as individual figures, and is scheduled to be released in September 2016. And yes–that’s this month! Looks like we won’t be waiting too long to complete our Dormammu BAFs after all, huh?

Now that it’s finally up for order, what’s your final decision on the Doctor Strange Marvel Legends 6″ figure series, Marvel collectors? Are you in for a whole case (AKA one complete set) and your own Dormammu Build-A-Figure, planning to pick out just your favorites, or forgoing this mystical wave of Hasbro Legends figures altogether?


Doctor Strange Marvel Legends 6″ Figures Series Up for Order! — 15 Comments

  1. I just ordered the case. Still a bit disappointed in Hasbro for duping some folks into buying SDCC exclusives only to put them out later (or even just a month later). But these figures are worth owning when purchased at retail price. The secondary market shouldn’t be their concern. I am honestly super excited for Nico, hoping to make a nice little A-Force line-up. If only they did a new roller-derby Dazzler.

      • I think 70’s Dazzler is great, I am talking not about disco roller skating Dazzler, but instead the roller-derby shaved head awesome incarnation appearing in the pages of A-Force recently.

    • I’ve got to disagree that Hasbro shouldn’t be concerned with the secondary market. When figures sell for 2-3 times msrp on the secondary market that says Hasbro has failed to meet the demand and thus is leaving money on the table. They should very much care about this.

      • I guess a better way to put it would be that they cannot control the secondary market blowing up, they can choose to meet demand. And for all of the consumers that refused to pay for the Raft or were not able to buy it at retail price on Hasbro’s website (or at the booth) then all the people who desperately want AN Enchantress but not BOTH now get the option to spend $20. Of course that is if they meet demand with this product, which they likely will after the next wave is out. Anyone else notice all the Gwen’s on the shelf now that Venom Space Knight wave is out? It’s almost like they shipped new cases with older figures to brick and mortar retailers, and it being available on EE means online retailers are in line too…

      • No it’s the retailers like Walmart and Target that are failing to meet the demand of it’s customers. They never order the newer waves, they have figures that are usually 4 or 5 waves old, if you’re lucky. Sometimes I find figures from 2 to 3 years ago. As an example the newest wave I can find is Giant Man and 4 more have come out. Then you have the issue of all the old figures that nobody wants that are preventing these retailers from ordering more. So if the retailers were on their game or if the people working there cared enough, then the secondary market wouldn’t be so strong

        • I totally disagree, the reason target & Walmart isn’t ordering the new waves is because the old waves are still sitting on the pegs, are they suppose to order the new waves just so maybe 3 to 4 can sell then leave another 4 from each box to keep sitting there clogging up space. If you should be blaming anyone, you should be blaming Hasbro for making figures they know aren’t going to sell to a main stream audience or the customers that just buy the couple big popular figures of each wave. You say they aren’t keeping up with demand, if there is a ton of figures, no matter if they are the old series, on the pegs there must not be as big of a demand as you think.

          • This. It’s silly that Wal-Mart has to buy one Astral Form Doctor Strange for every Enchantress. We all know one of these things is going to sellout and other isn’t. Secondary markets for new products don’t happen unless of a failure on the manufacturers part. Hasbro is forfeiting money with their delivery strategy.

        • The Thanos wave was really hard for me to find last year at retail. Now over a year later every store around is stuffed with the Thanos wave.

  2. I take it the figure listed as the Ancient One on the Entertainment Earth site is actually the Enchantress? I pre-ordered it based on that assumption.

    • That’s correct–Hasbro solicited this series with a UPC for The Ancient One, which ended up being changed to The Enchantress for whatever reason. Orders for The Ancient One will be fulfilled with Enchantress.

  3. This wave is painful for me! I want to build Dormammu, and I do want Enchantress. Nico and Voodoo are new characters, so I’m okay with them, but the rest… ugh. Does anyone really need three Doctors Strange in one wave? That seems excessive by any count.

    • That’s where I’m at. Except I’ve already got Enchantress from The Raft Set so It’ll really be painful for me to pull the trigger on this one.

  4. I have enchantress from the raft, voodoo and dormy from vishanti and that comic dr strange from hulk buster minus the cape. Unfortunately if a comic figure gets a single pack release, I feel compelled to buy it weather it has been released as an exclusively be or not. I could care less about some garbage movie figure. The only time I ever buy those is if I need the baf part with the exception of bp.