Funko Target Exclusive Winter Soldier Armless POP Vinyl Found!

It’s been quiet as far as Funko Marvel POP Vinyls go lately… too quiet!┬áBut while we’ve hit the point in the year where the vast majority of merch for Disney properties coming out will be Star Wars Rogue One-related, that doesn’t mean Funko doesn’t have a few Marvel surprised left up their sleeve! And one such surprise appeared out of nowhere yesterday and was immediately all over eBay–a Funko Target Exclusive Winter Soldier POP Vinyl… without an arm!

Winter Soldier Without Arm Funko Civil War POP Vinyls Figure

Well, never let it be said that Funko doesn’t get creative with some of their eleven gazillion POP Vinyl variants released each year!

While I thought we might not see another Funko Exclusive until the Marvel Collector Corps Doctor Strange box ships next month (which I will be absolutely astonished by if the exclusive POP isn’t a floating variant of movie Doctor Strange himself, by the way), it looks like there was one final Civil War POP left to release first: the armless Winter Soldier POP Vinyl!

Target Exclusive Winter Soldier POP Vinyl Without ArmNow, while some people immediately turned on this figure, decrying that it was a “lazy” variant where Funko just ripped the left arm off of the regular Civil War Winter Soldier POP Vinyls figure that was released in the spring–that’s ridiculous and completely untrue.

The body mold for this Armless Bucky POP Vinyl is a 100% new mold. In fact, it’s not even close to the regular version, as that version is holding a gun two-handed!

Side of Box Winter Soldier Funko Target Exclusive POP VinylIf I have any complaint about this particular Funko Bucky POP!, it’s that I feel like he should have some dirt or battle damage or something on his face, as his arm got ripped off at the climax of his epic battle with Iron Man. (Perhaps this is a mid-credits Winter Soldier without Arm figure?)

Funko Winter Soldier Armless POP Vinyl Figure UPC Code Target ExclusiveFor those who want to use the UPC code to try to track this Target Winter Soldier exclusive at their local store, you can see the UPC in the photo above. It’s: 889698108782.

Funko POP Marvel 168 Winter Soldier Armless Variant Vinyl Figure

As this Civil War Funko POP Vinyl Winter Soldier Without Arm figure has a new body mold and is not just a repaint, he of course gets a unique numbering designation in the Marvel lineup: He’s Marvel POP #168. So if you’re a number completist like I am, you’re going to need this exclusive for your collection!

The number is (obviously) much higher than the numbers of all the previous Funko Civil War figures, but this particular variant was far too much of a spoiler to release until the movie had been out for a few months.

Funko Target Exclusive Winter Soldier Without Arm POP Vinyls FigureThe Funko Target Winter Soldier without Arm POP Vinyl is now appearing in some Target stores, and is also beginning to appear online in mass on the aftermarket. I would recommend not paying big bucks for this particular vinyl figure, as Target almost without fail gets loads of their Marvel exclusives into stock before retiring them. (Although after that Batman of Zur en Arh incident, who really knows?)

What do you think of what’s likely to be the final Civil War POP Vinyl, Marvel collectors? Is this armless Winter Soldier a worthy addition to your Funko collection, or have you already closed the book on collecting Funko Civil War toys?


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