Marvel Legends Summer 2016 Exclusive Packs Released!

With hundreds of Marvel action figures getting released each year, sometimes a few fall through the cracks for a few days and then I don’t write a release blurb for them because I think it’s not really “news” anymore. But the dozens of readers writing in to me each day urging me to talk about the 2016 Target and Toys R Us Marvel Legends exclusives seem to think otherwise, so let’s take a look at the War Machine/Disco Iron Man and Vision/Sam Wilson Captain America/Kate Bishop packs…

Marvel Legends Vision Sam Wilson Kate Bishop 3 Pack Released

Having seen the sets revealed first-hand at New York Toy Fair 2016 way back in February and then followed them as they were released slowly across the world of many months, by the time the Marvel Legends 2016 Target and Toys R Us exclusives hit stores, I was already a bit burned out about talking about them.

But of course, I wasn’t considering the thousands of readers who check the site each day for just those sorts of news briefs, so let me remedy that right now…

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends War Machine Disco Iron Man Two-PackFirst off, we’ve got the long-awaited Target Exclusive Marvel Legends War Machine Mark III and Disco Iron Man two-pack.

Target Marvel Legends Two-Pack Price Tag $39.99The set is sporting a $39.99 price-tag, so you’re basically just paying for two $20 Marvel Legends at once with this pack.

Marvel Legends Disco Iron Man 6" Figure Close-UpOf course, one of those two figures is an armor permutation I suspect a majority of collectors would have skipped on entirely if it wasn’t bundled with War Machine III: Disco Iron Man Mark 27.

While the Mark 27 Iron Man Disco armor is one of my favorite armor permutations, this is a “concept” version of the armor–meaning that it’s not movie-accurate because Hasbro didn’t have all the right tooling available for it and didn’t want to invest in new parts.

Box Back Target Civil War Marvel Legends 2-PackWith a Hot Toys Disco Iron Man announced this summer and coming my way soon, I likely would have passed on the Marvel Legends Disco Iron Man if the Mark III War Machine in this pack didn’t look terrific.

Marvel Legends Civil War War Machine Mark III Figure PackagedHowever, the Civil War War Machine 6″ figure does look terrific, and I honestly think Hasbro has done a better job recreating the armor authentically than Bandai Japan did for their upcoming SH Figuarts online exclusive version.

The energy baton Rhodey comes with could probably look a little nicer, but otherwise this War Machine is a real winner.

Marvel Legends Captain America Sam Wilson Falcon Figure Close-UpMeanwhile, Toys R Us counters with their own modern All-New Marvel Legends 3-Pack containing Vision, Hawkeye and Sam Wilson. The pack retails for $59.99 in most stores, which is again about the regular price of $20 per 6″ figure. However, many stores–and the Toys R Us website–have the set for $49.99, which is obviously a stronger value and a better price to pay.

The Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America figure is immensely frustrating, as he doesn’t come with wings despite the box obviously being plenty big to fit them. You can buy an extra Walmart Civil War Falcon figure to cannibalize the wings, but they won’t be accurate without heavy modifications.

Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Hawkeye Figure Close-UpThe Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Hawkeye is the character’s first appearance in toy form, and while not the most popular look for the character, is likely to be the only toy of her we get for many years to come (if not ever).

Marvel Legends Vision 3-Pack Uncanny Avengers Six Inch FigureFinally, the Uncanny Avengers Vision Marvel Legends figure rounds out the set. I thought this costume was unnecessarily complicated when I first saw it, but it’s grown on me a lot since–especially after seeing the amazing Gentle Giant Animated Vision statue wearing it.

I know what most folks really want is an MCU Marvel Legends movie Vision figure, but at this point I think collectors will have to wait until 2018 for that one. In the meantime, the colors and design for this modern Vision figure are pretty great–just be sure to check the paint apps on his costume while you’re picking yours out to make sure that you get a good one. I’ve seen some spotty paint deco out there on this.

Box Back Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends 2016 3-PackBoth these store exclusive Hasbro figure multipacks have hit hard during the month of August, and should be readily available at their respective chains. The sets have also been regularly available online with free shipping for those who can’t find them locally. I haven’t seen either set flying off the shelves in my stores, and I suspect it’s only a matter of time until a good sale happens for each.

Have you purchased either of these summer 2016 Marvel Legends exclusive multipacks? If so, what do you think of the sets–worth full price, or do you wish you had waited for a discount?


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  1. Anybody seen these in Canada (Toronto) yet? Ever? Even if I’ve missed the availability window, I’d rather just know.

    • I have seen them in Toys R Us a few times. While the sale was on a few weeks ago actually. I believe it was at the Sherway and Barrie locations.

      • Thanks! Ended up finding one 3-pack at Dufferin Mall over the weekend. Lots of War Machine/Mark 27 though (seems they’re also Toys R Us in Canada now that Target collapsed).

  2. I like the paint job on this one much better. I don’t know why so many of the War Machine figures for this movie have such a light gray paint job.

  3. I bought the TRU 3 pack about two weeks ago and I have already sold it. The big selling point for me was Sam Wilson…but w/o wings, I just wasn’t that happy about it. Kate Bishop is pretty cool looking. I really like her head sculpt and her sunglasses are awesome. Other than that it was pretty much buyer remorse so I dumped them. In comparison to the recent Xmen and Spider-Man waves, I felt like this was a B team line-up in terms of accessories and overall looks.

  4. They didn’t have ANY of the tooling available, the Disco Iron Man is based on the MkVII- which is MY FAVORITE IRON MAN ARMOR and they haven’t released a Legends figure of it, and probably never will.


    I wouldn’t have based Disco Iron Man on War Machine, but whatever. I eagerly await owning it so I can strip it of its orange paint and make a custom stealth Iron Man.

    As for Katie-Kate Hawkeye… it’s about damn time. Now all we need is a proper Clint Barton figure based on David Aja’s art.

    Also, I’ve given Hasbro a pretty hard time for not trying for any kind of 6-inch scale Sam Wilson figure… ever, actually, and then they go and release Civil War Falcon and SamCap in the same year. I like that a lot. Keep it up.

    • The reason Hasbro used the War Machine Mark II is because the Mark 27 has the head of that armor/Mark 22 Hot Rod. Disco has the upper torso, shoulders, and thighs of the Mark 7, the head of the War Machine Mark II/Iron Patriot/Mark 22 Hot Rod, and the arms, lower torso, and lower legs of Mark 23 Shades/Mark 40 Shotgun.

      • Right–like I said, Hasbro didn’t want to pay for new tooling to make Disco, so they just labeled him as “Concept”.

        Thanks for breaking it down for me, though! That armor breakdown is a real mouthful! =D

        • Ah. See, I knew the head, forearms, and lower legs were different, but I will admit I do not have encyclopedic knowledge of every one of Tony Stark’s House Party Protocol armors at my beck and call so I wasn’t able to identify them. Honestly I love the mix-n’-match nature of some of those armors, and I wish Hasbro would tool a few more of them and give us MkVII, Heartbreaker, and Red Snapper already. REPAINTS AHOY.

          My favorite MCU Iron Man armors are the big chunky ones that look like they can take some abuse. (And none of them have had action figures made, which deeply saddens me.) I shall remain eternally salty about the state of Iron Man Marvel Legends until we are bequeathed unto us a Marvel Legends 6″ Iron Man MkVII. I’d LIKE a Heartbreaker Legends figure but Hasbro failed to strike while the iron was hot (pun intended) and we’ll probably never get one now.

          Also, Ultimate Comics Iron Man. A GOOD one, not that… weird skinny one we got when Hasbro was first starting Marvel Legends figures.

          • If Hasbro made a Mark 7, Mark 15, Mark 16, Mark 17, Mark 25, Mark 33, Mark 35, Mark 37, Mark 38, Mark 39, Mark 40, and Mark 41, they could make the rest of the armors by mix-n-matching the parts from most of those.

            Also, many of the Iron Man armors have had figures made, but most of them are Hot Toys 1/6 figures and KingArts 1/9 die-cast figures. However, there is a company making 1/12 scale Iron Man armors: Comicave Studios. They make die-cast, well-poseable Iron Man figures with light-up eyes and unibeam. They’re like mini-Hot Toys, and so far, they’ve released Mark 40 Shotgun, its repaint Mark 23 Shades, Mark 38 Igor, Mark 43, Mark 42, Mark 33 Silver Centurion, and they’ve shown off the Mark 44 Hulkbuster, Mark 25 Striker, Mark 26 Gamma, Mark 30 Blue Steel, Mark 39 Starboost, and Mark 7.

    • Kate pairs okay with the Disney Store exclusive Hawkeye Marvel Select. He’s a good head taller than her, but I love the Fraction/Aja run so much I’m just glad I have two action figures and a Pizza Dog from the run.

  5. Just to clarify, the TRU 3-pack is $49.99, making them about $16.67 a figure…

    • $59.99 at my Toys R Us. Possibly an error, but Toys R Us stores in some areas do have inflated price tags across the board as well (I’m talking about YOU, Peabody MA Toys R Us). I’ll add a note to the article.

      • My mistake if individual TRU’s are charging more, just saw that it is $49.99 online too…

  6. I’ve seen them at TRU in Sudbury, so I’m guessing they’re in Toronto also.

  7. Got the target 2 pack last month. Got the TrU set two weeks ago. STILL waiting on Walmart falcon and winter soldier WHEN are they coming?! Anyone see them?

  8. The Walmart Falcon and Winter Soldier are out now. It looks like there are 3-4 of each figure in the case, based on the number on the shelf at the Walmart near me (Oregon).

  9. Yeah I’ve been able to snag every legend exclusive this year…easily…minus the damn Walmart Bucky/Falcon and since I hate going into walmarts and would NEVER step foot into one unless they carried exclusive figures…I’m quickly growing weary of hitting them up constantly but not finding them.

    Might have to go to Ebay soon as I really want to close the book on 2016 Legends (I will preorder the case of Strange from EE when it goes up and call it a day) so I can gear up for SW figs for the rest of the year!

    Walmart is just straight vomit inducing…hope they skip them for 2017 exclusives…please Habsro please!

  10. Pretty cool set for being the only conic boxset we got this year but I’ll wait for it to go on the cheap.