Exclusive Marvel Select Civil War Unmasked Captain America!

With the Captain America Civil War Blu Ray hitting stores this week, many collectors might have thought the days of new Civil War figures turning up in stores was behind us. But Diamond Select Toys has a fourth and final Marvel Select Civil War figure coming to stores this fall, and they’ve just announced him this week: the Marvel Select Unmasked Captain America Civil War figure! This poor figure has caught some flak from collectors, but I’m not sure he deserves it…


When the trio of Civil War Marvel Select movie figures shipped out this summer, a lot of fans called foul with regards to the New Avengers Headquarters diorama backdrop that could be built by buying all three figures.

See, as cool as the New Avengers HQ that you can build with the plates that come with each figure is, the backdrop was shown at events with four pieces, and only three pieces were included with the mass retail figures.

Collectors immediately began speculating about a mysterious fourth figure being released with the final “corner” piece of the Headquarters background–and they were right!

captain-america-unmasked-action-figure-on-the-marvel-storeEarlier this week, the Marvel Shop online posted pre-orders for an Unmasked Captain America Marvel Select movie figure, and Diamond Select Toys tweeted an image of the new Steve Rogers head soon after.

Now, while this head definitely isn’t a home run as far as likeness to Chris Evans goes, I can certainly see Steve Rogers in it with the tiniest speck of Chris Evans. And while some fans think this unmasked head is a repack from The Winter Soldier movie series, it’s actually a 100% new sculpt.

Marvel Select Civil War Captain America Figure Packaged

Unfortunately, this figure’s reveal has caused a lot of negativity among Marvel Select fans, who really wanted a Marvel Select Vision or Scarlet Witch or even Hawkeye or War Machine as the fourth and final figure in this lineup. I totally understand wanting more character diversity (as I do myself as well), but ultimately I think we’re better off getting this Unmasked Cap than nothing (as a fourth newly-tooled figure was never on the table).

As all Marvel Select movie figures from the MCU are one-time-only productions, I don’t think it’s terrible to get more of the quickly sold-out Cap figure from Civil War out there, even if he does come with all of the same accessories except for the new head. And hey, at least he comes with the last chunk of missing wall that we need to complete our New Avengers HQ dioramas, right?

marvel-select-civil-war-unmasked-captain-america-figure-close-upCurrently the Marvel Select Civil War Unmasked Captain America figure is only available for pre-order via the online Marvel Shop, but the first is scheduled to be at the online Disney Store and physical chain of Disney Stores chains when it actually comes out by early November. I wouldn’t fret too much about pre-orders on this guy–my intuition says there will be plenty to go around once this hits retail!

Sound off, Marvel collectors! Are you glad to have another crack at a Captain America Civil War Marvel Select Cap figure, or miffed that the figure coming with the fourth piece of wall is just a repack of one of the other three figures with a new head? Will you be picking this figure up when it hits stores?


Exclusive Marvel Select Civil War Unmasked Captain America! — 12 Comments

  1. The Marvel Select line has a real problem with character diversity and availability, which is exactly why I don’t collect it. I mean, getting a new sculpt with each individual figure is cool and all (as opposed to Hasbro, who’s used the same base mold for their movie Caps like four times now) but ultimately I’m much happier being able to have two near-complete teams of Marvel Legends figures instead of just a couple of admittedly very nice-looking figures (except for Bucky, who ends up looking like even more of a hobo than he does in the film).

    I wish we’d get some Legends multipacks with bases, though. That’s the one thing I consistently love about Select figures, is the ones with bases. Those are fun.

    Also, that head… doooooesn’t look like Chris Evans to me all that much. I dunno, the Hasbro mold has gotten some flak for that, but I feel like that one has a better likeness than this.

        • Because Chris Evans is a horrible Captain America. Hes more like “Son of Cap” …dont get me wrong, Winter Soldier is one of my favorite Marvel movies! Theres just something about his Chris Evans non blonde hair and weak chin.

          • Hey may not have a square jaw w/ butt chin, but I wouldn’t call his chin weak in the slightest. Plus, his hair’s pretty blonde in the movies (or, at least, as blonde as you could get it to make it at all noticeable on film, yet still vaguely natural-looking and not overdoing it).

      • Y’know, you’re right. It’s good when action figures don’t look like the characters they’re supposed to be representing. This is a logical conclusion.


        (I’m very confused by that statement. It’s very backwards.)

  2. What, another Captain America to complete the diorama? I’m very disappointed that Diamond Select would pull a scam like that. The right thing to do was to offer a “buy all three and mail-in for the free 4th diorama piece.”

    • Ironically, I feel like a Civil War Spider-Man would have been a smarter choice here.

      Or Black Panther. Black Panther would be friggin’ fantastic.