Huge Marvel Legends Sale Online! 40% Off 12″ Figures and More!

With more Hasbro Marvel Legends figures and toys coming out in 2016 than any previous year in history, most collectors weren’t going to be able to afford everything. And that’s why, as we approach the end of 2016, lots of Marvel Legends action figures–including the 12″ figures just officially released last month–are already having their prices drastically cut online! From X-Men to Civil War to Spidey, there’s plenty to love on sale! Read on for the best deals available right now…


I usually won’t go to the trouble of writing up a whole article just because some Marvel action figures went on clearance somewhere–that’s something I like to keep confined to deal alerts on the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook pages.

But there’s a sale going on online right now that’s covering so many bases that I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about it on the main site. So let’s take a look at all the items that went on sale today…

12-inch-spider-man-marvel-legends-hasbro-action-figureThe biggest shocker–at least to me–was seeing the Hasbro 12″ Marvel Legends Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America figures that have been in stores for under two months already getting marked down by 36%-40%!

After seeing the 12″ Spider-Man debuted at Toy Fair in February and seeing how good he, Cap and Iron Man looked, I was really hoping Hasbro would have a big hit on their hands.

marvel-legends-12-inch-captain-america-figure-packagedInstead, Spidey is available for $29 (and eligible for free shipping) right now, which is more than forty percent off his regular fifty dollar price-tag. Yikes. Captain America is also available for about 2 bucks more, and Iron Man was available at that price this morning (but has now sold out at the lower price).

captain-america-marvel-legends-12-inch-figure-and-accessoriesAll three sixth scale figures are extremely nice and earned modest recommendations from me at their MSRP. At around 30 bucks each, they’re a steal. Hopefully Hasbro is going to continue developing this line past the upcoming Deadpool figure we saw at SDCC 2016, because I’d really like to see the 1/6 Legends have a chance to catch on and expand.

Marvel Legends X-Men Phoenix Figure PackagedBut while the 12″ figures were the most high-profile action figures that got price-cut on Amazon today, they’re not the only scale having some drastic discounts! Here’s a list of all the 6″ Marvel Legends 2016 action figures that are presently on sale for 20% off or more…

  • Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Now $14
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker Now $14
  • X-Men Legends Phoenix Now $14
  • X-Men Legends Iceman Now $14
  • X-Men Legends Havok Now $13
  • X-Men Legends Kitty Pryde Now $14
  • Nuke Now $11
  • Civil War Captain America Now $13
  • Civil War Iron Man Mark 46 Now $11
  • Red Guardian Now $11
  • Taskmaster Now $14
  • Whirlwind Now $11
  • Scourge Now $14
  • Sharon Carter Now $15
  • Mockingbird $11
  • Beetle $11
  • Speed Demon $12
  • Jack O’ Lantern $12
  • Classic Captain America / Cap-Wolf Now $14
  • Civil War 3-Pack with Spider-Man $39

Captain America Legends Taskmaster Figure Packaged with Red Onslaught Head

Several of the Doctor Strange Marvel Legends figures are also discounted to $15.99 right now, but if you already ordered them from Amazon earlier this month, there’s no point to cancelling your order and re-ordering them–all outstanding pre-orders will have the prices adjusted to the lowest price when the figures ship.

It definitely makes my heart a little sad adding up all the money I could have saved by waiting to purchase these characters, but I’m also happy that I’ve had most of them for months and have been enjoying them without waiting, so I can’t complain too much.

Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man Figure PackagedAll of these Marvel Legends figures are on sale online now, although I expect the prices to go back up to normal as Amazon’s surplus stock is exhausted (as has already occurred with the 12″ Iron Man), so I’d advise you to get in on these discounts now if you see anything that catches your fancy.

Are you filling in any holes in your Marvel Legends 2016 collection with this sale, Marvel collectors? If so, which figures are you happy to pick up at these excellent reduced prices?


Huge Marvel Legends Sale Online! 40% Off 12″ Figures and More! — 12 Comments

  1. I only preordered three of the Strange wave, but seeing that Amazon had given me free discounts on the order I already had, I decided to add some more. I got everything but the clear Cumberbatch and grabbed an extra Mad Jack to turn into a poor-man’s Ghost.
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Yeah this is cool for those that don’t have them yet but I bought everything at full retail on pre order from bbts 🙁 at least I’m guaranteed mint-I’ve had real bad luck with Amazon lately.

  3. I bought all 3 of the 1/6 scale figures right away after seeing them in the stores. Now, if others are released, I’d probably wait. All 3 are still in plentiful supply at my local TRU, and with this sale it’s obvious people aren’t fighting for them. It’s a shame really as they’ll probably discontinue the line if sales continue to lag ($50 a pop is kind of steep for most), but why should I keep paying full price for peg warmers that will experience a price cut a few months later. I guess to buy something right away it’s really going to have to WOW me after this.

  4. Yeah the new Icons being priced at $50 is just baffling. I went ahead and picked up all 3 for $30 and with the exception of trendpool, I’ll probably continue to wait for the upcoming ones to go on sale as well before purchasing. Considering they are just upscaled Legends, I find it really difficult to see how they’re weren’t priced at $40. Personally, I think they would be priced to MOVE at $34.99-36.99 with a cap of $40. I’m not even going to get into how the ToyBiz ones were about 10x better sculpted and painted because i know this is “2016” but being a 100% completionist (I buy EVERY Marvel Universe and Legend) I actually had to draw the line at $50 a pop.

    It’s not a matter of me not being able to afford them at $50, it’s just purely out of principle. Unless they absolutely KILL IT with upcoming character choices, this line will die a painful death within 18 months…every store I go to has them loaded on the shelf (4-6 of each) and no matter how many times I go back to said store, there hasn’t been a single one move/sold.

    It’s not replenishment either because I have personally decided to create my own sales volume experiment buy bringing a marker with me and making a tiny black circle on the upc on the bottom of each figure (think researchers tagging sharks in the ocean) and yeah…the results aren’t good so far.

    • Stores in your area isn’t necessarily indicative of the wider market. Honestly, everytime I go to my local Toys R Us, they seem like they’re moving pretty well. The number on the shelves doesn’t change, but they’re selling and replenishing. Again, neither of our personal experiences is necessarily indicative of the wider market. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Yes my local area isn’t indicative of the sell through prognosis on the US as a whole, nor was I proclaiming it was. I will say however, that my area is a over dense and populated area of the oh so busy and sunny South Florida where they’re are 5 targets & TRUs in a 10-15 square mile radius and even more Walmarts than that-not including the 3 comic book shops in that same radius.

        Sure, my area doesn’t reflect the entire US but has a better relation to gauging sales than a small city in South Dakota for example. You say the line “seems” to be selling…so have you actually seen replenishment taking place? lol try the marker dot experiment like me if you want hard numbers lol it’s pretty funny.

        Also, if this line was truly successful, you wouldn’t see Amazon (in the non-holiday season) cutting the prices in half. It’s being done to clear inventory. Furthermore, the last time Hasbro did 12in with Icons 2.0, the line lasted barely 2 years and that was at a $20 price point (if memory serves correct)

        I’ve been collecting marvel figs since the early/mid 90s when I was a kid and actually played with them so I’m just postulating here at the end of the day, but, my extensive knowledge of Marvel lines, Hasbro’s distribution and overall collecting tells me this line has a limited half life on it.

        That’s not to say I don’t want the line to succeed, far from the case actually. Since i own EVERY ToyBiz and Hasbro Icon, I would love the opportunity to grow my collection again…but my completionism draws the line at $50 full price. Luckily, I don’t think I’ll have a problem scoring them for below MSRP (just as I did with these 3 for $30 each) as the line goes forward.

        Hasbro…you want high adoption? Drop the price by $10 and KILL IT with upcoming character selection and you’ll be doing JUST FINE.

        • I live in San Jose, the 10th largest city in the US. There are 6 Targets within 7 miles of me, and 3 Toys R Us’s within 6 miles. I have seen replenishment taking place. I should do a similar experiment to yours to make sure, but I have seen the number of figures there fluctuating.

          • Lol yeah your city definitely has me beat in size, I shutter to think how bad your traffic is and here I thought mine was bad!

  5. Since we don’t all mess with Facebook and Twitter, I appreciate you taking the time to post this up for the email/newsletter. I’m waiting for that social media bubble to burst and the world to stop revolving around those two sites. Come back into the light, people.

  6. I’ve never been a big fan of the 12″ scale (6″ is my sweet spot for figure scale) but I admit the new 12″ Legends line has been consistently awesome. I just wish that we’d get that Iron Man digital sculpt in 6″ form because I’ve never been happy with the eighty gajillion Iron Mans we’ve been getting, and that 12″ Iron Man is EXACTLY everything I want in an Iron Man 6″ figure (it’s basically a red-and-goldified version of the Marvel Now Iron Man, unlike the ACTUAL Now Iron Man we got which was just repainted from the MkIV from the IMII line. Which… I guess is accurate to the terrible art that Greg Land did on Gillen’s Iron Man book, but still.)

    Insofar as 12″ figures are concerned, I WILL buy a 12″ Ant-Man/Giant Man figure the instant it’s released so I can display it with my 6″ figures.

  7. I cashed in on the deal today. I had already purchased the 12in figures at full price. I kept my receipt. I knew that price would drop quickly but that there wouldn’t be a chance to get mint packaging. So I bought when they first released and then played ‘swapsies’. Toys r us price matched the Amazon sale. Then I turned around and returned them with the original $49.99 receipts.