Bowen Designs Mojo Statue Released & Photos! End of an Era?

And then there were none. I’ve been counting down the remaining Bowen Designs statues left to be released since winter, and to my dismay, no new contract between Marvel and Bowen Designs has been signed despite the dwindling number of Bowen Marvel statues left to be released. And now? Now that number is down to zero. The era of Marvel Bowen Designs statues may be over–but if it is, Bowen Designs is going out on a high note: the exclusive Bowen Mojo statue has now been released and is available for order online!

Mojo Bowen Designs Full-Size Statue Rocky's Vault ExclusiveI honestly never imagined that we would be in the second half of 2014 and there would still be no new contract signed between Disney/Marvel and Bowen Designs. At this point, the chances of seeing any new statues beyond what’s already been released in 2014 come out this year are none and zero.

Bowen Designs Mojo Statue Released Close-Up

But as sad as I am to see the potential end of the reign of Bowen Designs as king of Marvel statue companies, I’m overjoyed that they may be closing out the line with one of my absolute favorite obscure X-Men villains: coming to us all the way from the Mojoverse… heeeeeere’s MOJO!!!

Mojo is a character that I never, ever expected to see immortalized in high-end statue form, and I can say without reservation that he’s a character that Sideshow Collectibles and Gentle Giant would never touch with a ten-foot pole. In short, the Mojo Bowen Designs statue is a perfect choice to encapsulate exactly what Bowen Designs has meant to Marvel statue collectors: amazingly detailed statues of C-List characters that would otherwise never, ever see production.

Bowen Designs Mojo Statue Rear ViewIf you think you’ll ever want a high-end Mojo statue in your collection, though, you’d better decide quick! The total Bowen Mojo full-size statue edition size is limited to just 350 pieces! That’s a smaller production run than just the exclusive edition of most Sideshow Premium Format Figures! I can definitely see this Bowen Designs Mojo statue being a difficult (and expensive!) tail-end piece to track down in future years.

Bowen MODOK and Mojo Statues Size Comparison Photo

While the gorgeous Mojo sculpted by the Kucharek Bros. isn’t quite as gigantic as the previously-released Bowen Designs MODOK statue, he’s far more intricate than his big-headed statue predecessor. All of Mojo’s mechanical legs and his huge mechanical tail are separate pieces that you attach to the statue.

While it certainly looks like the itty-bitty robot legs might make the Bowen Mojo statue a bit unstable, apparently he’s hardly wobbly at all! Way to go, Bowen Designs! And thanks to Vegeta84 for giving us permission to run his photos of the Mojo statue, as he is the first person in the world to receive his Mojo Bowen Designs statue and share his photos for all to see!

Bowen Designs Marvel Mojo Statue X-Men 2014The Bowen Designs Mojo statue is still available for pre-order with free shipping online, although I imagine the last few remaining pieces will sell rather quickly now that the super-low LE 350 edition size of this statue is known. I pre-ordered this Bowen Mojo statue and have zero regrets about doing so–I can’t wait for mine to arrive later this month!

What do you think of one of what I consider to be one of Bowen Designs’ finest pieces of work, Marvel collectors? Is there a place in your collection for the disgusting masterpiece that is the Bowen Designs Mojo statue, quite possibly the final Bowen Marvel statue to ever be produced?


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  1. Mojo is sculpted, of course, by the magnificent Kuckarek Bros. No slight intended–I adore the Kucharek Brothers and own tons of their statues. I just wasn’t think about the fact that they had sculpted Mojo at the moment I wrote up the article!