Bowen Spider-Man Shocker Statue Concept Sketch!

Bowen Designs Shocker Statue Concept Sketch Photo

Bowen Designs has been making Marvel statues longer than any other company, and the result is that they’re now able to dive in and produce legions of secondary and even tertiary Marvel Comics characters to complete teams, rogues galleries and more. One of the most impressive roll-calls in the Bowen Marvel Statues line is the huge assortment of Spider-Man villains immortalized as statues. And Randy Bowen has recently shared a concept sketch of a proposed upcoming piece of a Marvel villain who’s never been done in this form before: it’s the Bowen Shocker Statue!

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Bowen Astonishing Wolverine & Green Goblin Statues Up for Order!

Bowen Designs October 2013 Marvel Statues

When you collect a line as long as I’ve collected Bowen Designs Marvel sculptures, you expect to see some familiar faces redone. Such is the case with the October 2013 Bowen statues that have just gone up for order, as both statues are of characters that we’ve seen multiple times before in the Bowen Marvel Statues line. One of the characters has appeared twice before from Bowen and the other a near uncountable number of times–it’s the Bowen Designs Green Goblin Museum Statue and Astonishing X-Men Wolverine Statues!

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Bowen Designs Spider-Man 2099 Statue Up for Order!

Spider-Man 2099 Bowen Designs Statue Marvel 2013

I wasn’t certain that this day would ever come, but to the surprise of many, the first-ever Marvel 2099 Universe high-end collectible is set to be released this summer! Miguel O’ Hara has had several low-end figures in the Spider-Man Legends, Minimates, and Marvel Universe lines, but now it’s time to hit the big time: the Bowen Designs Spider-Man 2099 Statue is set for release in July 2013!

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