Bowen Designs Wonder Man Statue Revealed & Photo

Bowen Designs Marvel statue collectors are sort of going through a dark time right now. Almost every item that has been solicited has shipped now, and Bowen Designs has not yet announced a new contract being signed with Marvel to produce Marvel Bowen statues in 2014 and beyond. So, yeah–things are not exactly looking up at this moment. But occasionally we still get a sneak peek at what could be, should a new contract be signed. Such is the case with this concept Bowen Wonder Man statue that was revealed over the weekend…

Bowen Wonder Man Statue by Jason Smith 2014

It may surprise a lot of people to know that even though Bowen Designs has produced Marvel full-size statues of characters like the Executioner, Disco Dazzler, Mojo, Magus and Gladiator (both of them), there has never been a statue of a long-running, classic member of many different iterations of the Avengers: a Bowen Wonder Man statue.

Thankfully, that void in Bowen collectors’ hearts (and collections) may finally be filled if and when the Bowen Designs Phase VI contract is signed and approved by Disney and Bowen Designs. Last night, sculptor Jason Smith posted the sneak peek above on his personal blog, along with the text “I’m finally starting to feel back to normal, and spent today finishing up this Wonder Man sculpt for Bowen Designs I’ve been picking away at for awhile.  Rendered in Keyshot 4.

Wonder Man Simon Williams Avengers Art

I love that this classic Simon Williams Wonder Man costume is in the works, and knowing Bowen Designs, we’d get a slew of other Wonder Man costumes as variant statues as well!

Artist Jason Smith has digitally sculpted some of the rarest and most sought-after Bowen statues in the last half-decade, including such expensive grails as the Bowen Magneto Action Statue (my personal favorite statue of 2013!), the Bowen Ant-Man statues, and the Bowen Banshee and Havok statues. With most of these statues selling for $500 and up these days, Jason Smith is definitely on the rise as a top star in the Marvel statues collecting world!

Bowen Designs Magneto Action Pose StatueObviously this piece is only being developed on spec at the moment (and wouldn’t be released if Bowen Designs didn’t sign another contract to sell Marvel busts and statues in 2014 and beyond), but I’m pretty delighted to get a taste of what the future may bring Avengers fans and Bowen collectors.

What do you think of this first look at a Wonder Man Bowen Designs statue, Marvel collectors? Is this a sculpt you’d want as part of your collection?


Bowen Designs Wonder Man Statue Revealed & Photo — 4 Comments

  1. Nah. His stuff is crap. I had them all, and then he went an re-did a whole bunch of them. So you I’m not “sad” that Wonder Man wasn’t done. He had plenty of years to do it, but decided to redo everyone else, and a bunch of Faux BS too. Boo Bowen. Took so much of my money.

    • Wow, I’m really surprised by the rancor, Daniel. What company doesn’t do new versions of many of the most popular characters in different poses and costumes? Some of the most-requested and beloved Bowen Designs statues are the various iterations of Hulk and Thor–if Bowen didn’t make new versions of popular characters, they couldn’t afford to make crazy stuff like Mojo and Hela. As for the Faux Bronze statues… The Faux Bronze statues are a niche that I’m not into (at all), but they have their own little core collectors that enjoy them. I can see not wanting to buy them yourself, but what’s wrong with them existing for those who do want them?