Marvel Legends Marvel Studios The First 10 Years Figures!

UPDATE (2/16/2018): Looks like Hasbro had a little pre-Toy Fair surprise for us tonight, because without warning or fanfare, both the Marvel Legends Captain America & Crossbones two-pack and the Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark VII figure are now up for order online! Looks like this confirms the higher price-points we saw with the previous listings as well. Alas.

ORIGINAL (2/13/2018): Just in case anyone out there wasn’t feeling overwhelmed by the all-consuming avalanche of Marvel Legends coming our way in 2018, listings have now been created out of nowhere on the Walmart website revealing an all-new Legacy of Marvel Studios Marvel Legends series! While most of the listings are still generic and don’t reveal much, we can see at least three figures plain as day: Iron Man Mark IV, Chris Evans and Crossbones!

Marvel Studios Marvel Legends Crossbones and Captain America Two Pack

I’m trying my darnedest not to spoil the surprises Hasbro has lined up on Saturday for New York Toy Fair 2018, but some things—like full product listings with UPC codes and images—are kind of hard to ignore when they’re going viral all over the Internet.

I’ve resisted talking about that Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet (you know the one) so far, but I feel I’ve definitely got to put in a few words about these Marvel Legends Marvel Studios Figures.

Marvel Legends 10 10 Years of Marvel Studios Captain America and Crossbones Six Inch FiguresFirst up—remember that rumored movie Crossbones figure that there was even a UPC assigned to way back in 2016? That never made it out? Well… he’s making it out now! Something about the legs on this figure is throwing me off, but the head sculpts and upper body look fantastic.

And Marvel Legends Crossbones is not coming alone—he’s paired in a two-pack with something we never dared dream of: a Marvel Legends Chris Evans Captain America figure with an actual Chris Evans likeness! Yowza!!

Is this a Hot Toys-quality Chris Evans portrait? Um, no. But it’s worlds closer to an actual Chris Evans likeness than anything we’ve seen from Hasbro in the past. Good stuff! Marvel Studios Legends Iron Man Mark 7 FigureThe other figure that has been confirmed via these website listings is a new Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark VII figure from the first Avengers movie. Yeah, yeah–I hear the groans. But let’s be real here: we can’t have a Marvel Studios Legends series and not have Iron Man, so it might as well be a great figure of him in an armor we never thought we’d see in 6″ Marvel Legends.

The back flaps open up and everything on this Iron Man Marvel Legends figure! Pretty sweet (as far as Hasbro Iron Man figures go)!

10 Years of Marvel Studios Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark VII FigureAccording to the Walmart listings, these are “premium” Marvel Legends—and as such, we’re gonna pay a premium price for them. The single figures are apparently priced at $24.99, with the two-pack(s) at $49.99.

I ordinarily loathe to see another price increase, but if that five dollars means more unique tooling, better paint applications and a Captain America that looks like Chris Evans…? Uh, yeah—take my extra 5 bucks.

Back of Iron Man Mark VII Marvel Legends 2018 FigureOther placeholders listings include “CA1” (Captain America The First Avengers), “THR2” (Thor The Dark World), “AVN3” (Avengers Infinity War), and “AMN1” (Antman). The only Ant-Man movie figure we got from Hasbro was based on early concept art for the costume, so I’ve got high hopes for whatever we’re getting from the movie in this series!

Here’s the official blurb from Walmart’s website: “For ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been bringing the mightiest and most beloved characters to life on the big screen. In commemoration of this incredible cinematic collection of the worlds greatest super heroes and super villains, Hasbro has partnered with Marvel Studios to create the Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years line for Marvel Legends, including premium figures from across the MCUs most patriotic, mystical, Hulk-busting, and dance-worthy blockbuster hits. Collect Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Marvel Legends figures to build the ultimate MCU collection!”

Marvel Studios Marvel Legends Crossbones and Captain America Two PackHopefully we’ll be hearing all of the details regarding this 10 Years of Marvel Studios Marvel Legends Series at New York Toy Fair 2018 this weekend. I’ll be covering the Hasbro press event live from New York City on Saturday, but I’ll be doing most of my at-the-event coverage on social media this year, so make sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter Pages if you want the latest news and photos as quickly as I can post it up.

Make some noise, MCU fans! Are you delighted to see a double-digit number of 6″ Marvel Legends figures coming our way in 2018 from Marvel Studios movies past and present? What forgotten characters (*cough* Yellowjacket *cough*) would you like to see round out this special 10th Anniversary set?


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  1. Ohhhh… Crossbones looks SO GOOD. What to do… Order it when it’s $50, or roll the dice and pick this up in a year when it’s half off!?!?!

  2. Here’s my wishlist, in order:

    Vision. Peggy Carter. Quicksilver. Agent 13. Sif. Red Skull. Ronan. Zemo. Dum Dum Dugan. Wong. Everett Ross. Ulysses Klaue. Yellowjacket.

    Ross and/or Klaue could show up in a theoretical second Panther wave, so there’s that. And I’d also like a Hank Pym, but I figure we might get one later with an Ant-Man 2 series.

    • If we get Klaw, it probably won’t be until Black Panther 2, when he is probably the main villain and becomes the iconic version of Klaw. Because in this movie he just looks like Andy Serkis as far as I can tell (I’m going to by trailers alone). And Hasbro refuses to make MCU figures that just look like a normal dude if they expect them to get a superhero or supervillain version later on.
      That’s why they’re waiting for Iron Fist to get a costume for the Netflix figures, for example.

  3. I suspect that the infinity War set is the Vision and Scarlet Witch set. So if that’s a two pack then I expect the Thor set to be a two pack 2 with Dark World Thor and Malekith, and the Ant Man set the a movie accurate Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, and the First Avenger set I desperately HOPE is a good WW2 Cap and FINALLY a MCU Red Skull.

    That would be great, because Dark World Thor, if I recall correctly, is the best MCU Thor design we’ve had so far, and we need Malekith because we have an insane lack of MCU villains.
    And obviously our MCU Ant-Man was based on concept art and didn’t come out great. And Yellowjacket is cool as hell.

    Unfortunately that still doesn’t give us a Quiksilver, or a Ronan the Accuser, or an Iron Monger, or an Abomination, or Whiplash….

    Pure speculation on my part. I haven’t gone and looked anything up. Could be entirely wrong.

    • I personally hope we get a set per movie:

      GOTG: Star Lord and Ronan
      Civil War: Crossbones and Cap
      Age of Ultron: Quicksilver and Ultron
      Iron Man: MK 2 and Iron Monger
      Thor: Loki and Sif
      Thor 2: Malekith and Thor
      Ant-Man: Yellowjacket and Ant-Man
      Cap 1: Cap and Red Skull
      Iron Man 2: Whiplash and MK 5
      Iron Man 3: Pepper and Killian
      Cap 2: Winter Soldier and Nick Fury
      Doctor Strange: Ancient One and Kaecilius
      Homecoming: Spidey and Shocker
      GOTG 2: Kraglin and Yondu
      Ragnarok: Korg and White Suit Valkyrie

      • I swear to god, if they give us ANOTHER gorram Star-Lord figure….
        I want like…. a Nova Corps member and Ronan. Throw in a Howard The Duck as an accessory.
        We have SO MANY bloody Star-Lords.

        Quicksilver & a better Ultron would be brilliant.

        They could do 2 sets for Iron Man 1. A new Mk1 & Mk2, and then Mk3 & Iron Monger.

        Thor, yea, a good Loki and Sif would be great.
        We also need to somehow get the Warriors Three, Odin, and Heimdall…..and a good Thor 1 Thor figure…. And a Frost Giant BAF. And a Destroyer BAF.
        Hell, we just need 2 whole waves for that movie.

        Whiplash and Mk5 absolutely.
        But which Whiplash? Armored or unarmored?

        Iron Man 3 I’d much rather have Trevor as Mandarin and the Starboost suit.
        They actually MADE the Mandarin figure and never released it….
        Starboost is the coolest looking of all the suits, and since Comicave cancelled their version there has somehow NEVER been a 6″ version.

        For Winter Soldier I’d want Agent 13/Sharon Carter and….I dunno… What I REALLY want is the MCU version of Arnim Zola’s robot form that we only saw in Zola’s blueprints.
        We already got a Winter Soldier and Fury that were both good enough.

        Ancient One and Kaecilius would be cool.

        Homecoming…. Shocker, yes. Definitely.
        I would’ve said the Iron Spider suit from the end of the movie, but we’re already getting that.
        If we get ANOTHER (4th) Homecoming Spidey, I guess he should have his yellow jacket and headphones like he does on all the posters and when he’s locked in the Damage Control vault.

        For Guardians 2…. Yea, a jetpack Yondu with a couple new Yondu heads, and I’d say Cosmo The Space Dog.
        Cosmo is at the VERY top of my list of Marvel Legends that I want.

        Ragnarok I’d say Korg and Surtur or Skurge. We already have a Valkyrie figure that isn’t selling.
        If we can get a proper Surtur BAF somehow, then Korg and Skurge, no contest.

        • Really, I’m just looking for improvements on some old things. A better vol 1 Star Lord. Hell, I’d take a whole 5-pack of updated guardians from my favorite MCU movie. Especially vol1 Gamora and Rocket need upgrades. And Ronan. Definitely Ronan. Brand new Homecoming Spidey mold. I can’t help but think that we’re going to be disappointed with the actual lineup, especially after all this hype and speculation. Hasbro would have to release multiple waves and sets to get out all the characters we want.

          • The Star-Lord is fine. Just swap the heads with the newer Star-Lord heads and it’s a great figure.
            Frankly I don’t care about MCU Gamora. She has an impossibly dull character design. Generic black leather.
            For Rocket, sure, the new figure is better, but we still got a GotG1 figure. We can more or less just do an orange repaint of the Guardians 2 figure and be close enough to the Guardians 1 version.
            I’d MUCH rather have a Nova Corps dude with a few interchangeable heads, or Cosmo (because he’d be the best Marvel Legends figure).

            Ronan is a must.

            I’m sure we’ll be disappointed, but Hasbro should just keep this premium “MCU Legacy” line going until they close all the gaps. As long as they raise the quality of sculpts, articulation, accessories, and paint to be worth it, I don’t mind them doing “premium” figures for the stuff we’re missing or want better versions of.

  4. Hmmm. This is definitely an interesting development. Hasbro finally nails Evan’s face, but not liking that clunky Crossbones body even though he’s waaay past due to show up. I’ll pass for now. I’m really wanting a re-release of the Thunderbolts box-set Crossbones figure since Hasbro’s into re-releasing certain formally exclusive figures lately.

  5. Yeah I’m mostly feeling the lack of villains. Yellowjacket, Red Skull, Malekith, Ronan. But, man, if they add an Agent Carter to the Cap1 2-pack, my mind would be blown

    • That movie needs like three 2-packs.
      Rescue Cap (the kite shield and leather jacket version) & Peggy Carter
      WW2 Cap & Red Skull
      Dum Dum Dugan & Montgomery Falsworth

      (I really want ALL the Howling Commandos.)

  6. I would love to get Quicksilver…and Mandarin even though he turned out the way he did. I think a Yellowjacket is a for sure with Antman. It was such an AWESOME design.

  7. Crossbones looks sweet, but he’s got 90 G.I. Joe legs. Where they look like 2 logs and not steamlined to the hip BUT otherwise awesome looking

  8. Did you hear about what’s going on with Collector Corps? I subscribed to the February box weeks ago, way before it sold out, and today they emailed me to tell me that my order was canceled and I’ll get a refund. I’m extremely mad and I’m sure this is happening to many others.

    • I had heard some peoples’ boxes were canceled and I’m shocked. MCC rarely ever sells out a box period, so for a random box to sell out with no revealed items and not even a clear theme… I just do not know. Craziness. I’ll ask Funko about it at Toy Fair this weekend.

      • I was pretty mad because I thought I secured my order weeks ago. I’m pretty sure this will be a Black Panther box and I’ll be super disappointed if I miss out. Hopefully they make more and it can be purchased from the members exclusives section.

  9. I really can’t wait to see who else they reveal. Now that I’m halfway through my Quicksilver custom, it’ll be my luck that they make one.

  10. Does this mean we could Finally get Avengers Age of Ultron Quicksilver!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we get a Ronan the Accuser! Maybe some Chitauri foot soldiers and some Ultron drones!!!😱😱😱

  11. Shot in the dark here… I think we see these mcu versions either single or 2pk.

    AOU: Vision / Quicksilver
    IM3: Pepper Potts / Mandarin
    Thor DW: Odin / Malekith / Thor
    DS: Wong / Kaecilius / Ancient One
    AM: Ant-Man / Yellowjacket
    IM2: Iron Man Mark IV / Whiplash
    GOTG: Star Lord / Ronan / Collector
    CAFA: Peggy Carter / Red Skull

    • Yup! They’re up on our social media pages as well. Will talk about them on the site when I’m not on the floor at Toy Fair. 🙂

  12. So is the 4″ line pretty much dead then? If so, that’s sad. Not everyone can afford or have room for the 6″ line. They look great, but by the time they really started coming out I just couldn’t start all over.

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