NECA Life-Size Iron Man Foam Figure Revealed! Photos & Order Info!

I’m about to head out the door and head down to Providence for HasCon 2017, but I just had to finish writing up a quick article to post before leaving. If you thought every conceivable figure of Iron Man that could possibly be released based on his Civil War armor had already been released, you thought wrong. Coming soon from NECA–the Captain America Civil War Iron Man Life-Size Foam figure is now up for order! “Weird” does not begin to describe this toy…

NECA Life Size Iron Man Civil War Armor Foam Figure

Okay, to begin: I have mad respect for NECA. They’ve made some amazing, quality toys over the years, including some of my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures ever, so I don’t want to sell NECA short. Lots of love, guys!

Unfortunately, NECA has also made some of my least favorite Marvel toys ever, including the collectible that ended my “all-in” collector mentality for Guardians of the Galaxy toys: the life-size Rocket Raccoon foam figure.

That Rocket Raccoon was, simply put, a monstrosity. I wasn’t sure NECA could ever top that piece in the creepiness department, but when I’m wrong, I’m wrong–and this life-size foam Iron Man figure is definitely proof that I was wrong. I’ve been trying to think since yesterday of a tactful way to express this, but I’m coming up short, so I’ll just say it outright: this looks like an inflatable¬†Iron Man blowup doll.

Foam Civil War Iron Man NECA FigureMaybe in person this looks amazing somehow, but in these photos, this Iron Man looks very obviously made of a shiny rubber material and filled with foam. It doesn’t just look bad–it looks creepy.

Oh yeah, and there’s one more tiny thing holding this figure back: the price-tag. The MSRP on this foam Iron Man life-size figure is $1,299. Yes, well over $1K for a figure made of foam, rubber and latex. Ouch.

For that price, I might as well be buying a giant resin high-end statue–which would also not make me scared to invite people over for fear that they’ll think I own a creepy blowup doll of Tony Stark.

(For anyone who really loves this NECA Iron Man foam figure, I fully apologize. I call ’em like I see ’em, and no personal offense is intended.)

NECA Iron Man Life Size Foam Civil War FigureThe Life-Size Iron Man NECA figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in January 2018. The hand-painted figure is 6’5″ tall and will be split into two pieces for shipping, so some simple assembly is required. I can’t imagine that there’s going to be a ton of orders for this, so production numbers on this particular item may end up being pretty small when all is said and done.

So, um, what do you think of NECA’s latest Marvel figure, collectors? How do you think this Iron Man Mark XLVI foam figure looks, and do you think that there’s a market out there for this type of collectible?


NECA Life-Size Iron Man Foam Figure Revealed! Photos & Order Info! — 5 Comments

  1. Doesn’t foam and latex deteriorate after a while? So your investment will crumble apart sooner than desired…

  2. I think this is ridiculous, but I love my 12″ ToyBiz Storm Barbies, so who am I to judge? IMO the price is even more ridiculous than the figure itself.