Marvel Tsum Tsum Spider-Man Series 2 Plush! Spider-Gwen!

Disney Tsum Tsum Spider-Man Collection 2 Announcement Poster

I slowly murdered the battery on my iPhone for two years playing the Disney Tsum Tsum game, and now my poor phone battery is cowering in terror after the Marvel Tsum Tsum game released in the United States last week! And hey, what better way to celebrate a new addiction than with new toys, right…? The Marvel Tsum Tsum Spider-Man Series 2 plush–including Spider-Gwen–go up for sale later this month! And a few missing Civil War characters will finally arrive as well…

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Disney Tsum Tsum Avengers Series 2 Plush Up for Order!

Avengers Tsum Tsums Series 2 May 2016

UPDATE 5/3/2016: The second series of Tsum Tsum Avengers Plush Toys are now available for order, but it looks like the rumors are true–the Winter Soldier Tsum is not available in the U.S.!

Could Tsum Tsum Winter Soldier be a subscription box exclusive for those of us in the United States…? I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

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Ultimate Spider-Man Tsum Tsums Plush Revealed! Venom!

Disney Tsum Tsum Ultimate Spider-Man Series Plush

Disney Tsum Tsum continues to march on a surprising juggernaut in the toy collecting world, with the Tsum Tsum plush the clear headliner of each month’s new Disney Store releases. The Tsum Tsums have become so popular that there are now two Tsum Tsum Tuesdays occurring each month–and the second of these will be bringing us the third Marvel set on 3/15/2016: the Ultimate Spider-Man Tsum Tsum plushies featuring Miles Morales, Venom and more!

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Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums Plush Up for Order!

Disney Tsum Tsum Rocket Raccoon Groot Plush Toys

UPDATE 12/15/2015: The Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums–including a gigantic Extra-Large Groot Tsum–are now available for order online!

My wife is super-tolerant, but she HATES Tsum Tsums for some reason. She is not going to be pleased when she sees big Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon and huge Groot in our home…

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