Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums Plush Up for Order!

No, I didn’t decide to take a break for the Thanksgiving holiday or anything crazy like that–there just plum hasn’t been any new Marvel toy news to talk about for a week! But today, we finally got confirmation of some new Marvel toys that are going to be of interest to, well… me and a few other people! The hotly-rumored Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsum plush have now been officially announced!

UPDATE 12/15/2015: The Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums–including a gigantic Extra-Large Groot Tsum–are now available for order online!

Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsum Plush Series

When the first series of Disney Tsum Tsum Marvel plush arrived on October 1st, plenty of folks were keen to notice a variety of other Marvel characters shown on the tags, including favorites like Loki, Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rumors began swirling at the start of November that Disney would surprise collectors in the United States with a Tsum Tsum Guardians of the Galaxy plush set on December 1st, but the rumors were off a wee bit–the GOTG series actually comes out December 15th!

Starlord Tsum TsumAs anticipated, the set contains five different plush toys of the five movie members of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot (all in their movie costumes, obviously).

Leaked photos from Hong Kong scrappers over the course of the last couple weeks have revealed four of the five GOTG Tsums, but Disney’s official announcement this morning was the first time that we got to see Gamora. The announcement poster only shows the front of Gamora, so we’ll have to wait to see a side view and find out if she’s got her trademark sword.

Drax Tsum Tsum PlushWhile these Guardians plushies may not look like much from the photos, they’re actually very well-detailed when you take into account how small the plush are. Details such as the green veins on Groot and Drax’s tattoos are pretty amazing at this tiny scale!

Rarely is Drax my favorite release in any series of GOTG merch, but this lumpy little Drax is downright adorable. And hey–in one fell swoop, Disney is doing what Hot Toys has failed to do and actually completing the whole Guardians of the Galaxy team! Thanks, Disney!

Tsum Tsum Groot Plush

It is expected that this quintet of Marvel Tsum Tsums will be a limited release and will not be restocked continuously as the Avengers/Spider-Man Tsums are. So if you want these plushies, be prepared to camp out in front of your computer or at the mall the night these become available–Tsum Tsum mania is wild!

Also, keep in mind that when the Marvel Tsum Tsum mobile game launches next year, demand for all of the previously-released Marvel Tsums is going to go through the roof–so if you’re thinking you even might want these Tsum Tsum Guardians of the Galaxy plush, I’d advise picking them up while they’re still available. I foresee mega-demand for this set a couple months down the road.

Rocket Raccoon Tsum Tsum PlushThe Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums will be available online and at the Disney Stores December 15th 2015–and with the set releasing 10 days before Christmas and the hype surrounding Disney Tsum Tsums, I expect it will be good and sold out by the 16th.

I know I’m not the only Marvel collector out there who’s all-in for these Marvel Tsums! Are you planning to pick up any of the Guardians of the Galaxy Tsums?


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  1. You scared me for a moment and made me think that there was a Mega size Groot available…and yes that’s a real size, the size of a bean bag suitable for a child! I totally ordered all sizes!