Marvel Select Spider-Gwen & GOTG Figures Packaged Photos!

We’ve been waiting almost the entire year for the Marvel Select Spider-Gwen and Guardians of the Galaxy figures to hit stores, and the time is finally almost upon us! Spider-Gwen will be arriving at retail this coming week (and Spider-Gwen is already in-stock and ready to ship online!), with Star-Lord (with Rocket) and Drax (with Groot) hitting in early 2018. And to celebrate, Diamond Select Toys posted photos this week of the final packaged figures…

Marvel Select Spider-Gwen Figure Packaged

When Diamond Select Toys surprise-revealed the Spider-Gwen Select figure at the New York Toy Fair 2017, I was glad to see that Gwen was getting more merch representation, but not entirely sold on the prototype that was being displayed.

Fast-forward 10 months to the final product photos, and yeah—now I’m sold. While I didn’t like the unmasked Gwen Stacy head much at Toy Fair, I think it looks terrific compared to the prototype and even the photo of it on the packaging.

Diamond Select Toys Spider-Gwen Figure Box BackThe pinks and purples on the box for Spider-Gwen are eye-grabbing and will really set her apart on the shelf from the other figures in the line. I love the colors and the artwork on this package, particularly on the spine.

Marvel Select Spider-Gwen Finished Figure PhotoThe Marvel Select figure’s articulation frankly looks better than that of the Marvel Legends version, which uses the teen girl mold that I’m not a huge fan of and has awful arm articulation. It doesn’t happen often, but I think the Spider-Gwen Marvel Select version may actually be more fun to pose than the Legends version.

Box Back Marvel Select Drax Movie Figure with GrootMeanwhile, we also got our first look this week at the packaged Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy movie Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot Figures.

With various versions of all these characters available already from a variety of companies, it’s hard to get instantly excited—but Diamond Select Toys does bring some qualities to the table with their GOTG Vol. 2 toys that I think are unmatched by other brands.

Marvel Select Drax and Groot Figures PackagedCrazy as it sounds, I think the single most impressive figure out of these four is the Marvel Select Baby Groot Figure. The sculpt is dead-on, and look at all that articulation!! This is a humongous improvement over the static Marvel Legends Baby Groot figurine!

The Drax figure packed in with Groot is actually really nice nice as well, but I’m let down by his neutral expression. So much great sculpting and paintwork on the body, but the “meh” facial expression (plus painted lips) really hurts an otherwise excellent figure.

Marvel Select GOTG Vol. 2 Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon Packaged

Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon both look outstanding all-around. I’m gravely disappointed that Star-Lord doesn’t have an unmasked head since Chris Pratt isn’t wearing his helmet for 90%+ of the movies, which is the biggest strike against this pack (I’m not thrilled he only gets one blaster either).

Even so, the highly-articulated and beautifully-sculpted Rocket Raccoon is downright incredible for a pack-in figure, and the Star-Lord costume looks to have better detailing and deco than we saw from any other 6″-7″ option.

It sucks that a movie Gamora Select didn’t make the cut, but DST is limited in the number of Marvel Select figures they can do in a year. I have very little doubt that we’ll finally get a Gamora movie figure when Guardians of the Galaxy 3 comes out, though (eventually).

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Marvel Select Star-Lord Box BackThe Marvel Select Spider-Gwen Figure is available for shipping right now from EE, and is expected to ship out to more retailers this coming week (just in time for Christmas… or to miss it!), while the Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Figures will arrive in early 2018. I’ll be really interested to see if Spider-Gwen has maintained her popularity and is as fast a sell-out in stores as I think she will be.

Now that we’ve seen the final packaged figures, what do you think of this trio of long-awaited Diamond Select Toys Figures, Marvel collectors? Do the final photos convince you to buy any of these figures (or dissuade you from doing so)?


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  1. the lady deadpool heavily disappointed me, the only figure ive broken since I was a kid. they should stick to big badasses and let hasbro handle he ladies

    • To be fair, I’ve broken four Hasbro Marvel Legends female figures just in the past year. The thin limbs and cheap plastic Hasbro uses—particularly on the teen girl mold—is among their biggest breakage culprits.

      And hey, thanks for posting, AJ! I love the house you built! 😉

    • I disagree, Ladypool looks amazing, and I think we get a lot for the price point, especially in terms of articulation. Plus, I love the Select GOTG Disney Exclusive Gamora, and how they handled elbows on her, they did a fantastic job on both. Hasbro is for kids.

      • I hate what they did with the Spider-Gwen and Spider-Girl Marvel Legends figures, giving them just web shooting hands. But, i think that there should always be a pair of alternate web shooting hands.