Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Up for Order! GAMORA!

UPDATE 3/3/2017: The Disney Store is now taking orders for the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Select series of figures as well, and you can use code “SAVEMORE” to take 15%-25% off your orders of $50+ today! They have all four figures in-stock right now–including the Gamora & Rocket Raccoon two-packs, so this is a pretty good deal for those who’ve been waiting for one!

ORIGINAL: When I went to bed around 3AM this morning, I was reasonably confident nothing of importance was going to happen during my usual 5 hours of sleep. As is so often the case, though: I was wrong! I woke up this morning to discover not one, not two, not three, not four, but five previously unannounced Disney Store/Marvel Shop exclusive comic-based Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy figures are now up for order! And yeah… this time? There’s even Gamora! Mind = Blown!

Marvel Select Gamora and Rocket Raccoon Figures Packaged

Monday mornings tend to be pretty slow Marvel Toy News-wise, so I was expecting to wake up this morning and have to scrounge around for something to talk about on the site. Instead, I wake up to find five 100% newly-sculpted comic book-based Guardians of the Galaxy action figures of the entire team up for pre-order and scheduled to ship out within 30 days! Whoa. Just… whoa.

Four of the five core Guardians of the Galaxy movie characters are already confirmed to be coming as movie Marvel Select figures this summer, but in one fell swoop, Diamond Select Toys is knocking out the entire team in their comic book looks first… including Gamora, who’s otherwise not getting any Select figure from DST at all!

Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Figure with Rocket RaccoonAll five figures are in the usual 7″ scale and will feature the standard Marvel Select 16 points of articulation (the maximum amount of articulation that’s able to be put into a Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select action figure), and will come with a variety of character-specific accessories (except for Groot, whose special feature is that he’s huge).

Comic Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Gamora & Rocket Raccoon Action FiguresGamora obviously gets the best accessory–a separate fully-articulated Rocket Raccoon action figure–but she also comes with a sword, a knife, a laser rifle, two laser pistols and two blasters for Rocket Raccoon himself. You’re spoiling us, DST!

Exclusive Marvel Select Groot Figure in Box PackagedOf course, you can’t have Rocket Raccoon without his trusty Tree God friend, and thus the first-ever Marvel Select Groot figure is being released next month as well! While there’s a movie-based Baby Groot coming our way in the summer, this is the only full-grown adult Groot Diamond Select Toys has announced right now.

Marvel Select Groot Figure Disney Store ExclusiveDiamond Select Toys is the king of oversized Marvel figures, and they’ve done a bang-up job of making the DST Groot look both friendly and intimidating at the same time. At 10″ tall, this Groot Marvel Select figure is an inch taller than the Hasbro Groot Build-A-Figure.

And because Groot is meant to be huge and this one will be even bigger than usual, I foresee a lot of collectors opting to use this as the default Marvel Legends Groot in their comic-based displays!

Disney Store Rocket Raccoon Figure on Groot Diamond Select Toys Figure's ShoulderAs you would hope, the DST Rocket Raccoon figure can in fact perch right up on top of Groot’s shoulder. Excellent!

Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Figure PackagedWhile Drax the Destroyer is traditionally the least popular member of the core Guardians of the Galaxy team, this Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Drax figure looks killer. Seriously–I love Marvel Legends, but this Drax figure absolutely blows the Marvel Legends Drax comic-based figure from 2012 out of the water.

Drax Marvel Select Disney Store Exclusive Figure with AxeDrax has got a cutlass sword, three pairs of interchangeable hands (including fists–of course), and a huge battle axe with translucent pink blade! The shiny paint on the axe hilt complements Drax’s armored pieces well, while the pink blade looks terrific paired with his tattoos. Drax may traditionally not be the best seller, but this figure deserves to sell like crazy.

Marvel Select Star-Lord Figure Packaged Disney Store ExclusiveRounding out the team, it’s my surprise favorite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe–Star-Lord! I’m not gonna lie–I’m not a big fan of the Joe-Bob Generic look that Star-Lord’s head looks like in the Brian Michael Bendis-era Guardians of the Galaxy comics, but I can’t fault Diamond Select Toys for accurately recreating that look on the unmasked Peter Quill portrait that comes with this figure.

Disney Store Marvel Select Star-Lord Figure with Boot Jet FlamesDisney Store Marvel Select Star-Lord Figure with Boot Jet Flames

Luckily, not only does this figure include both masked and unmasked Star-Lord heads, but we also get a crystal for Peter Quill to steal (I mean… “find”!), as well as twin Element Guns (with paint deco!), an alternate hand to hold the crystal, and… jet-boot flame effects that plug into the bottom of Marvel Select Star-Lord’s feet!? COOL. 

(And yes, DST thought of everything: there’s even a clear flight stand so you can display Star-Lord flying. You’re my heroes, DST. *heart*)

Also, you may have noticed that each of these figures has a rocky base in the back of their packaging–the bases actually all interconnect with each other to build one rocky terrain environment piece that you can display the whole team on. You are killing me with the awesomeness of this set, Diamond Select!!

Exclusive Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Whole TeamThe Exclusive Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy action figures are now up for order online, and are estimated to be shipped on 2/27/2017. These figures should eventually be available via the Disney Store website and stores, but as of writing they’re only available on the online Marvel shop. I would not be surprised at all to see online pre-orders sell out for the Rocket Raccoon & Gamora Marvel Select figure set before we even get to release, so if you’re only going to pre-order “one” figure from this set, then that’s the one to aim for first.

Were you as totally caught off-guard by the surprise pre-order for these Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Select figures as I was, Marvel collectors? I’m “all in” for this whole set (of course), but what about you? Will you be picking up the whole team, just Gamora (and Rocket!), or none of the above?


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  1. These look great! And, just so you know, Star-Lord has a flight stand as well, so you can pose him with the jet boosts!

  2. I swear, if we don’t get a white armored Gamora for Marvel Legends this year, I’m going to be pretty annoyed….

  3. That Rocket is miles better than the ones Marvel Legends put out. Wow. And that Groot might fit in with ML too, depending on how big he actually is. Wish his head is scarier and less like the movie/cartoon version though.

  4. I love everything Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie is my favorite movie of all time PERIOD. 😀 I also liked reading the comics and Bendis is one of my favorite writers. Of course there are some comic arcs I’m not too keen on like killing Star Lord off in the Conquest arc and in the Legendary Star Lord comic forced romance with an xcharacter. So I’m definitely going to shoot for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Marvel Select Star Lord and Rocket! Or the SH Figuarts, or even the Hot Toys and even so in related to Chris Pratt 😀 Chronicle Collectibles is coming out with this 1/6 Owen Grady that has the best resemblance to Chris Pratt. So a lot of choices down the road. These comic ones look very cool as a set. Also I agree the headsculpt is generic but reminds me of the Legendary Star Lord line. I love everything and anything Star Lord I just half read the comic due to other things. I just feel like Gamora or Captain Marvel would have made so much more sense in terms of a love interest. I just don’t like it when people (I just came from this online) they slight and basically shit on the movie including Marvel Legends (on a Marvel Legends thread too of all places on this toy site) and praise these wanting these over the movie. Or actually just hating on Star Lord in general 🙁 even this figure which looks freaking amazing they’re just..Everyone has an opinion but I hate it when people hate something right out. In fact, I just ordered the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Marvel Legends Star Lord 😀 and it will be here soon as next week! 😀 Can’t fucking wait! I also have some surprises to spice up the display I will be taking millions of pics too! 😀

    • You know what would make this even better? Ronan! A MS Ronan would fit the bill for both Marvel Select and Marvel Legends, as well as a comic AND a movie display. It would also fill the niche of a new, decent Ronan figure, especially after that way over-priced and poor-man’s Ronan BAF Hasbro put out a few years ago.

  5. It’s very interesting to see they went with the modern, more movie-inspired looks when they’re already doing movie figs later in the year.

    Not that I’m complaining. Mass Effect Gamora is my favorite look for her!

  6. REALLY, REALLY PISSED !!!! I live in the U.K and I collect all the Marvel Select figures. I tried ages ago to order from the Marvel Store but they didn’t ship internationally ?!?!? so I had to buy whatever I could for whatever price. Then I drop on the Store again few weeks back and find they do now ship to the UK. Unfortunately I can’t find my password & username. So I try to open another account but can’t as the email address is already being used on my old account. I have now contacted them SIX times !!!! To try and retrieve my details and have had no response at all. So when I saw the GOTG figures today I was straight on it. Got my Mum ( & im in my 40’s by the way !! Tad embarrassing!!) to open a new account and we go through all the usual form I order them all which came to $160 or so then I try to put my home phone number in and I won’t let me. Know matter which way I try it, as there isn’t enough room on the damn line for it. I don’t know what I have to do with Marvel and especially Select. I’m throwing my cash at them like a crazy person and there’s almost always a problem. Even the Destroyer that I preordered as you never know which figures will hit the UK or how much they will be, I payed nearly £50 for the Distroyer with shipping from BBTS and now their on eBay for £20 !!! But youcan never tell the ones that will be easy to get here. Marvel store found my town in the North of England on the scroll down menu but don’t give enough room for a home phone number which is essential. My cell phone fits but isn’t essential !!! GET IT TOGETHER MARVEL !!!! Ok sorry people I’ve had my rant, felt better last time but don’t this time. Just have to keep plugging away. Cheers for reading this. ✌🏼

    • I’m a collector based in UK. I love this site but I feel pained every time I see a) release dates and know that I have to add months before it reaches the UK (if at all), and b) prices and know that I will likely have to double the cost to get a figure than it would cost in the US!
      It’s bad enough with Marvel Legends and, having recently fallen in love with figuarts, it’s even harder to get figures!

      • Hi Akbar, thanks for the reply. I know just how you feel. You know we’re waiting for Doctor Strange which gets the release date knocked back again and again then they drop the Distroyer and think ok great that’ll fill a hole for now but you have to preorder straight away then there’s loads on eBay UK so we end up paying double or more for it with the shipping from the US. Then they announce this full set and you think great. But rather than being on BBTS Which is at least easy to preorder but there only on Marvel Shop and too not be able to order because I can’t enter my phone number into the online registration that just stinks man. I’ve got to be honest this time I’m really pissed !!! If I find anything out that I think might help you out I’ll leave you a message here and would be most grateful if you could too if you don’t mind. I only collect Select now but sometimes I wish I’d stayed with Legends. Good luck with your hunting mate. Cheers.

    • These should be offered on at a future date, like most Disney Store exclusives nowadays. Just FYI.

  7. Does anyone know when and if they will be released at the Disney stores in Canada?
    Really wanting to get these figures but don’t want to pay the terrible exchange rate

    • They may be, definitely check in with your preferred store, but I’m not sure if the exchange rate will be any different. The US site should now ship MS figures to Canada.

  8. Actually, I think it’s a crap move to put Rocket in with Gamora instead of with his partner Groot. Clearly a marketing ploy as they know a female action figure isn’t going to sell as well outside of the core group of fans and collectors. I get the strategy, but still thinks it’s a crap move.

    • It logistically makes no sense to pack a full other articulated figure in with the largest, most plastic-heavy figure in the series. I don’t see how DST could reasonably be expected to sell both a unique Rocket Raccoon articulated figure with a 10″ larger than a Build-A-Figure Groot figure. There’s no way that would cost out.

  9. Star Lord came yesterday !!! And the rest are on there way. Practically had to give them my first born child and empty my bank account to order them !!! No seriously had to pay through the nose but hey if it’s what you’re into. Star Lord looks really cool. Haven’t opened him yet as I’ll wait to get them all and put the diorama together. GOD !!! I sound like a 6 year old not a 46 year old. But your only as young as you feel !!!! And right now I feel about 96 !!!! Really looking forward to the Spidey Homecoming Spider Gwen and the Netflix Dare Devil They look really cool !!!!

  10. I want to start with an apology. Don’t get me wrong I love collecting Marvel Select. But it seems like I come on this site and bitch and moan. I waited for all the Guardians figures to arrive one by one and they all came and looked great !!! But it always seems like I have to fix them. Ok, some are little paint fixes but that’s probably my slight OCD. But I wrote the last comment on this board about how cool Star Lord looked apart from the bright yellow hair on the masked head which is an easy fix. But when I try to stand him up he just won’t. His knee joints are far too thin and can’t hold the bulky-ish top of the figure. Ok so I’ll use the flight stand. Which also won’t hold him up. The pin size hole in the bottom snapped off with the pin in it. Surely they MUST try and use these figures to make sure alls well and have some quality control !!? I realise that you get a lot of plastic for your money. But come on these are quality figures and should at the very least stand up with blue tac to stick the feet to a surface. I do a lot of custom figures and I love doing them but having to do a serious fix a figure from the git go. Why couldn’t they make the pegs for the flight stand a hexagon top and bottom and have it going into the diorama instead of a separate piece that has to stand next to the diorama. It’s not rocket science there small details that could be sorted quite easily and cheaply. Sorry about this moan but I am just very disappointed with it. And you know the worst part I’ll probably buy a new one if I can get hold of one. I must be dumber than a ‘bag o hammers’. Anyone else had problems with this? I bet ASK Chuck n Zack didn’t have a problem spending my cash. Just saying. ✌🏼Peace.

    • Chris–Call up Marvel Shop or Disney Store customer service (depending where you bought him), and let them know you got a defective Star-Lord and want a replacement. Mine stands just fine on even and uneven surfaces, and even the flight stand works terrific. You must have gotten a bad one.

      • Wow, that was quick !!! Thanks very much Dabid I’ll do that. I live in the UK. I called the Marvel store USA on the East Coast and they put me through to the West Coast store I’ll email them and see what I can do. I do love the rest of the team. I put them together with the Legends Angela and the Legends BAF Venom Space Knight and they work well and look sweet. Hopefully I’ll have some good news next time 🙂 Really appreciate your reply. ✌🏼

      • Hi Dabid, thanks very much for your response to my post about Select Star Lords legs and flight stand being not quite up to scratch on my figure. I know It seems so simple to just get in touch with the company and let them know but to be honest it didn’t even cross my mind ( I think that’s an English thing about not complaining). I sent them an email explanation the circumstances that sending the figure back with shipping to the USA and then the taxes and handling charges on this end it was costing more than the figure and shipping just for taxes and handling charges which obviously I realise are my responsibility. But I kid you not within half an hour I had a reply saying that a replacement was being processed and would be on its way very soon !!! Unreal !!! So thanks once again for your advice. And I will be donating the first figure to a charity shop or something . Many Thanks Chris ✌🏼