X-Men Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Figure Review & Photos

If there’s one character I never expected to see make a comeback in the modern universe, it’s the alternate future version of Wolverine: Old Man Logan. But come back Logan has, and his place in the pantheon of beloved Marvel characters is now complete as far as Hasbro is concerned, because Old Man Logan has earned himself his first-ever 6″ Marvel Legends figure! This whole wave isn’t expected to hit most retailers for another month, but Target got an early shipment and you can also snag Marvel Legends Old Man Logan for about 25 bucks on ebay. If you can get one early, I recommend it–this is one of my favorite Wolverine figures ever…

Old Man Logan Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Figure PosingThe Right:

One of the more bizarre things to happen in the Marvel Comics Universe in the last few years is Wolverine dying, only to be replaced in the X-Men roster by an alternate future old man version of himself who somehow crossed over into the present Marvel Universe. (Hey, don’t ask me–I’m just summarizing the comics, not writing them.)

But bizarre or not, Old Man Logan has been a huge hit with fans, both in his own ongoing series and as part of team books where he plays a supporting role. And being ultra-popular and successful in the Marvel comics universe can mean only one thing–bring on the toys! And Hasbro has, with their new Old Man Logan Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men series figure…

X-Men Marvel Legends Old Man Logan 6" FigureFrom one glance, it’s readily apparent that Hasbro didn’t just plan on cashing in by making any old Old Man Logan figure–they planned on making him the right way, with tons of expensive new tooling (much of which will likely remain unique to Wolverine figures).

Marvel Legends 2017 Old Man Logan Wolverine Killing DeadpoolHasbro has wisely packed this old Wolverine figure as the only double-packed, two-per-case figure in the new 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men series, which was absolutely the right call. There are still many folks who have still never seen a Deadpool Legends figure from last year at retail–a character with similar demand and appeal–so heavy-packing Old Man Logan now will save collectors (and Hasbro) a lot of frustration this summer.

X-Men Marvel Legends 2017 Warlock Series Old Man Logan Wolverine Action FigureWhile I know there’s a lot of love out there for the original character design for Old Man Logan, Hasbro has selected the modern “Extraordinary X-Men” costume version for the Marvel Legends Old Man Logan action figure. This is the version of Wolverine currently appearing in the comics and the iteration of elderly Wolverine that ultimately will have the most appearances and be most recognizable.

Don’t get me wrong–I love the cowboy-looking long-coat classic version of this character too, but I think that Hasbro made the right call with the costume that they picked.

Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Review 2017 X-MenLogan’s wrinkled, driven face sculpt looks dead-on accurate to me to his recent appearances. He looks like he popped right out of the pages of the past year of his Marvel comic appearances, which is the highest praise I can give a comic-based action figure’s head sculpt.

Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Figure PackagedThe gold belt buckles and sculpted belt and stitching on Wolverine’s trousers are real highlights of this figure, in my opinion. I love that Wolverine’s fly is even sculpted, as are the pants pockets on his cheeks (no, not his face cheeks).

Back of X-Men Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Wolverine Action FigureHasbro probably could have gotten away with just sticking a plain old brown molded leather jacket on this Old Man Logan action figure, but they opted to give it a nice dark wash instead which really helps the authenticity of its appearance. I love that they also painted the fluffy collar and even the zipper on the jacket.

Hasbro Old Man Logan Marvel Legends Figure vs. DeadpoolArticulation-wise, Old Man Logan is tremendous. Ankle rockers and hinges on the loafers keep him standing stably in pretty much any pose you want, while the double-hinge knees and elbows and swivel biceps/thighs/waist give him the battle capabilities any good Wolverine toy needs. Rounding out the articulation are ball-hinged head and wrists, ball hips and the ever-popular upper torso ab crunch.

Height Scale Marvel Legends Logan Wolverine Size Comparison 2017As he should be, the Old Man Logan Marvel Legends 6″ figure is actually just short of six inches tall–he’s more like 5.7″ tall. That less than half an inch may not sound like a whole lot, but it actually goes a long way to making this figure feel authentic and accurate to his comic book appearances. Bravo to Hasbro for giving us a properly-scaled Wolverine figure yet again.

Old Man Logan Marvel Legends 6" Figure in Bubble PackagingThe Wrong:

What’s here is just about perfect as far as I’m concerned. My only real gripe about the Marvel Legends Old Man Logan figure is what’s not here: accessories!

I understand that the 6″ Old Man Logan figure required a tremendous amount of new tooling and parts, but for him to get nothing in the package with him despite being a $20 figure really stings. I’m not asking for anything big here–a cowboy hat, an alternate head… pretty much anything logical would do.

Hasbro 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men Old Man Logan FigureThe only other thing that really bugs me is how rubbery and toy-like Logan’s claws are. Just like last year’s stupendous Brown Costume Wolverine figure, the claws on Old Man Logan tend to warp and get bent out of position really easily. I’d genuinely prefer the claws be harder plastic and non-removable, personally.

Review X-Men Legends Old Man Logan Figure HasbroOverall: From the superb head sculpt likeness to the awesome belt buckle, loafers and leather jacket, this is the modern Marvel NOW! Old Man Logan design brought to action figure near-perfection by Hasbro. I’m ever-so-slightly irritated that we get a whopping zippo accessories and that the QC on the claws is still just short of greatness, but the Marvel Legends Old Man Logan is a truly wonderful action figure that exceeds any expectations I ever had for a toy of this character prior to this one being revealed. Fans of the current Old Man Logan character in the comics ought to love this terrific action figure.



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  1. Lets be honest here. The head is the only pat of this figure that’ll remain unique to it. They will release this later, repainted, with a new head and hands and other accessories as a civilian logan

    • Sorry, what I should have said is indeed “unique to Wolverine figures”.

  2. I must correct you. The scale is off. This figure is taller than the brown & tan Wolverine we just got last wave. Wolverine is supposed to be 5’2″ or 5’3″ depending on which Bio you go by. The figures dwarf the 2 Ultimate Spider-Man Legends we just got last Spidey wave. Ultimate Peter Parker is 5’5″. The figure isn’t in scale.

    • Generally speaking, the scale is correct because this Wolverine is slightly shorter than your average Marvel Legends 6″ figure, as he should be. Anything else is just splitting hairs. But if you really want to nitpick: Ultimate Peter Parker and Miles Morales were both Spider-Man for years during their adolescence–can you say with certainty that the figures of them aren’t from periods before their growth spurts when Old Man Logan was taller than them? For that matter, can we be certain that in the alternate universe that Old Man Logan is from, he didn’t eat better during his own development and grow a little taller than regular 616 Wolverine? =P

      • It’s funny you said that Dabid. In the beginning, Ultimate Wolverine was listed at 6’2 (if yo can believe it), but then artists kept drawing him shorter (probably due to being “programmed” to think Wolverine is supposed to be short) so they then began listing him at 5’9. Still quite a bit taller than the 616. Guess he did indeed eat better in 1610! Lol

        • At the time of the 6’2″ listing they were semi based on the film. That’s also Hugh Jackman’s height.

  3. I think you’re too generous with that grade letter. It’s a big deal that this figure doesn’t come with anything. The package is barren; no BAF piece?- Treat it like last waves Deadpool by packing it with tons of goodies. Especially a character with this much potential; a little cowboy hat or alt head can go a long way. Big miss.

  4. I think that if you are seriously that bothered by scale just stop collecting. People are getting tired of the whiny scale argument, it’s stupid, these are 20 dollar toys not 300$ hot toys figures. I’m delighted anytime we get a nice comic figure.

    • And to add to the subject of scale and the “whiny arguments”, it’s mighty funny how when Hasbro makes an oversized figure (such as the Juggernaut/6’10. The B.A.F is way oversized, not that I’m complaining. Just a point) it’s ok? And when Hasbro gets the scale right (Thanos/6’7), it’s too short or small? I agree, these arguments need to stop.

  5. When I took him out of the package and held him I thought his scale was perfect He is shorter than your average Marvel Legends figure. Anything else is just being nitpicky. And when it comes to toys I’m one of the pickiest people around.

    I completely agree about the lack of accessories. It would’ve been nice to get an extra head, cowboy hat and a pair of hands. I don’t think it’s asking too much. But I’m still very happy with him. I love Wolverine. He’s still a total badass despite the lack of accessories.

    And by the way, thanks Dabid for the Target info you provided. I picked up Shatterstar as well! You’re the best man! THE BEST!!! Nobody comes close. I mean that.

  6. I actually do agree about Juggernaut and Thanos. Juggy is huge and Thanos was fine in height (he was just proportioned wrong. . But I also hold Hasbro to a higher standard, too. Look at Mattel and the DCUC figures. 3 Doomsday figures in and NONE are in scale. Doomsday is 7′. Superman is 6’4″. Slickly taller in figure form. Not huge. Toy companies don’t get it.

  7. I’ve combined DC Direct/Collectibles figures on my shelves with DCUC/Multiverse in order to complete teams or just because Mattel never got around to making certain characters. Some of them are noticeably taller than others, some are noticeably shorter than others. (The movie versions of Suicide Squad Flag & Diablo almost look ridiculous next to DCUC Deadshot and Boomerang.) Some, though, are just about perfect in scale. (The DC Direct Crisis on Infinite Earths series comes to mind.)

    However, I have yet to mix my Marvel Select with my Marvel Legends. To me, it just doesn’t look right seeing Black Widow tower a good inch or two above Captain America and Iron Man.

    • Only certain characters, bigger characters really: Rhino Select over the BAF, Abombination, etc.

  8. This figure is ok. It would have been perfect if Hasbro had included a alternate young Logan head and alt hands, especially since there is no BAF piece. I also think Cyclops should have been double-packed, he’s the one who everybody seems to want.