NYCC 2017: Marvel Select Figure Photos! Thor Ragnarok & More!

My apologies for the sparse updates—I haven’t been feeling so swell during or after NYCC 2017, so things have been a bit slow. But! I’m looking to close out my New York Comic Con 2017 coverage today and tomorrow, beginning with all the 7” Marvel Select figures goodness that Diamond Select Toys brought to the show—including the Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk & Thor Figures, the long-awaited Guardians of the Galaxy movie figures, Spider-Gwen and more!

NYCC 2017 Marvel Select Thor Ragnarok Figures Photos

While DST brought along multiple new additions to almost every one of their Marvel collectibles lines to NYCC 2017 over the weekend, one branch that didn’t have anything new shown off was the long-running Marvel Select 7” figure line.

But while there was nothing we’d never seen before on display (the Marvel Select Black Panther movie figure wasn’t ready to be shown just yet), everything that had been seen before was at the show and (for the most part) looking fine.

Marvel Select Gladiator Hulk Movie Figure NYCCProbably the most impressive of the Select figures on display was the Marvel Select Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk movie figure. Make no mistake: this figure is a monster. 

Diamond Select Toys Gladiator Hulk Figure at New York Comic Con 2017The Gladiator Hulk Select is larger and more detailed than the Marvel Legends version in every way, and is extremely impressive all-around.

Close-Up of Gladiator Hulk Hammer Close-UpAnd not only do this Ragnarok Hulk’s weapons look nice and sturdy, but they’ve also all got nice paint deco on them.

Marvel Select Gladiator Thor FigureI like the Select Gladiator Thor figure as well, although I don’t feel that he’s quite as nice as the Hulk.

NYCC 2017 Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Thor FigureThe Chris Hemsworth portrait doesn’t look as on-point as what we’ve seen from other companies, although the costume detail here is still outstanding for a $25 figure (as opposed to a like $60 Figuarts and an $85 ONE:12 Collective version).

DST Gladiator Thor Figure AccessoriesThor will come with twin swords and interchangeable helmeted and unhelmeted heads, as well as a cool attachable lightning effects piece.

NYCC 2017 Marvel Select Drax and Baby grootWhile the Thor Ragnarok Figures aren’t going to arrive at retail until 2018, the much-anticipating Guardians of the Galaxy movie figures are set to hit around the end of the year.

Marvel Select Star-Lord Movie Figure at NYCC 2017A production sample Star-Lord figure was on display, which is a rare DST figure that’s not drawing wide acclaim from collectors. There’s no unmasked Chris Pratt head (nor was one ever shown), the writing from Star-Lord’s shirt has been removed since the first prototype was shown, and his shirt looks like it may actually be slightly the wrong color (though it was tough to be certain under the lighting in the display case).

New York Comic Con Diamond Select Rocket Raccoon FigureThe Rocket Raccoon that comes packed with Star-Lord, however, looks stellar. He looks more movie-accurate than the Hasbro version to me, and isn’t costing a separate 20 bucks like that one.

Marvel Select Drax Action Figure at NYCC 2017Drax made one of his first public appearances at New York Comic Con 2017 as well. Everything on Drax looks terrific from the neck down (the paint apps on the pants are particularly great), but I’m underwhelmed with his Tuvok-like expressionless head.

New York Comic Con 2017 Marvel Select Baby Groot FigureThe last of the four GOTG movie figures (Gamora who?) is Baby Groot, who I was shocked to see actually looks articulated! We’ve had quite a few little Groot figurines, but the potential articulation on this one really sets it apart. I’m looking forward to this.

Marvel Select Spider-Man Homecoming Figure New York Comic ConThe Spider-Man Homecoming Select figure swings into stores this month, and was looking nice as well. The sculpt, paint and awesome rooftop diorama base are all looking top-notch, with the awkward hip articulation being the least impressive aspect of the figure.

Marvel Select Spider-Gwen DST NYCC 2017

Finally, the last comic-based release of the year for the line: Marvel Select Spider-Gwen. This figure looks superior to the Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen to me, with much better proportions for the character than Hasbro’s. The rubble base with embedded robot is pretty rockin’ as well.

Only thing I’m not crazy about here is that fugly Gwen Stacy head, but I display all my Gwen’s with their masks on, so it’s not a deal breaker for me. Spider-Gwen is the next figure expected to arrive after Homecoming Spidey—likely within the next month.

Marvel Select Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot FiguresAll of these Marvel Select figures are still available for pre-order online (and even with a slightly pre-order discount), with release dates throughout the end of this year and the start of next year. Be aware that, as usual, DST has a limited one-year licensing period for the movie figures, so those are unlikely to ever be replenished once they’re sold out.

Based off the most recent display of Marvel Select action figures from New York Comic Con 2017, what are your thoughts on the upcoming releases, Marvel collectors? Which of these figures are must-buys for you, and which are you planning to leave hanging on the pegs?


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  1. Now that I’m getting a good look at that Gladiator Hulk, I’m glad I decided to hold off on getting that Legends line. I’m not a huge Thor fan, but I love the Hulk, so I’m glad I’ll get to get an amazing figure for a reasonable price.

  2. Hi, the main gripe I have with Diamond Select figures. And don’t get me wrong 9 times out of 10 the figures are great and I have near enough all of them. However I don’t think I can think of one figure over the past few years that has come up for pre-order that has come out on time when they say it’s going to. I understand about licensing and approval and all the other hoops they seem too have too jump through which is weird considering the crappy amount of figures they are allowed to put out per year. But when they say a month they are estimated and I realise it’s an estimate. But most are 2 or 3 months after that date and that’s usually 3 or more months after a movie has been and gone !!! I can understand that there may be delays, but with every figure !?!? The only ones that do come out on time are the Disney Exclusives when it’s normally about 2 weeks before they come out. Funny that. They must tell them their going to send the boys round if not. Mickey, Donald, Pluto Goofy etc !!! Scary thought. BBTS still have Star Lord, Drax, Spidey, DareDevil and Spider Gwen coming out in October !!! Can’t see that happening?!? Maybe we’ll see a couple. However was pleased to see Ragnarok Thor is getting the extra head. Little things I know !!! Anyway rant over. Cheers !!!

    • Spidey and Daredevil should both be shipping this month, and Gwen will ship soon after (if not this month herself).

      They said toward the end of the year for the GOTG.

  3. I’ve had the Gladiator Hulk preordered for a while and really excited for it. I’ve gotten a little bit more picky with what Selects I get, generally leaning towards characters i want a little bigger. Rocket is tempting. I haven’t gotten the legends version, I have the comic Select Rocket and its amazing. Everyone else, I think I’m going to be passing on. Not because of quality or anything but just that I have to draw a line somewhere on what I get, and its just easier since everything I have is 6inch.

  4. I’ll be getting that Hulk for my cousin… BIG HULK FAN!!
    And do I see double jointed elbows on Spidey? Ill be getting that and that Gwen for certain. I’m a Spiderhead.. What can I say.
    On a older note, I need to find that Spectacular Spider-Man Select too.

    • Nevermind guys I just never paid attention to some of the more recent Selects of late… I see plenty of double jointed points on their figures now….
      Legends collector for sure hahahahahahaaa.

  5. By the way, I saw the Gladiator Hulk (“Planet Hulk”) in a Disney Store today… I didn’t think he is available at retail already. Better yet, he is retailing at a couple of dollars less than an average Marvel Legends figure, while easily four times the bulk. This guy is huge!

  6. So, for Gladiator-Hulk we have Marvel Select, Mezco, Marvel Legends and Figuarts to choose from?

    Tough choice.

  7. Select makes the best Hulks for the buck. Screw those $300+ figures. This is premium enough without breaking the wallet. Select Thor also looks better than the Figuarts one. Too bad the costume is still garbagio no matter who makes the mold.

  8. Oh my god, why will no one give gladiator Hulk a facial expression!?!?! What the hell? Also, I think these all look like crap, except Hulk. Especially Drax, he looks downright weird/creepy. Which is odd, because I loved their comic book Guardians.

  9. I know what you mean. I feel that Marvel Selects used to feel a lot more dynamic in their poses and expressions. Since they’ve added more articulation, they’ve got a little too “safe” in their choices.

    For me it’s between Select and Mezco. I might wait for comparisons of their Hulk and Netflix Daredevil and choose accordingly. I’ve never really been in to the whole cloth costume thing, but i know a few people and seen a few reviews that swear by their Mezco DD.