Amazon Avengers Legends 4-Pack Sale: 50% Off Today!

On Valentine’s Day 2015, Hasbro won back the love of thousands of Marvel Legends movie figure collectors when it revealed the Amazon exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers Age of Ultron 4-Pack Box Set. Up until the 2015 New York Toy Fair, it appeared that the entirety of the 6″ Marvel Legends Age of Ultron lineup would simply be retooled Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk figures. But Hasbro made their commitment to completing the core team known, and now we can see the fruits of their labor: the Amazon Avengers Legends set is now available for order!

Marvel Legends Avengers 4-Pack Packaged Amazon Exclusive

Original Story 7/3/2015: Hold on a second! Don’t get too excited! Amazon has not fully-opened pre-orders yet for their Marvel Legends exclusive box set. However, they did finally create the item page for the set, which includes our first packaged image of the hotly-awaited four-pack (and the image above can be inflated to super hi-res to take a better look).

While only a handful of collectors were able to place orders during the extremely brief period before pre-orders were closed, those who did get through said that the price-tag was set at the expected $79.99 MSRP (a reasonable $20 per figure–same as usual, but certainly not a “deal”). It is anticipated that the set will go back up for order in the very near future for the remainder of the run of this set.

Marvel Legends 2015 Black Widow Thor Figures Amazon ExclusiveThe exclusive Amazon set includes four 6″ figures–

Marvel Legends Age of Ultron Thor: This is meant to be AOU Thor, but I think Hasbro somehow got their wires crossed. This 6″ Thor action figure is wearing the gold armor that Thor wore in Thor: The Dark World, whereas Thor wore silver armor in the Avengers Age of Ultron movie. On the bright side, we never get a Marvel Legends Dark World Thor, so this is still a new canonical movie figure–just not necessarily the one that Hasbro intended.

Marvel Legends Black Widow (AOU): This is the previously-released Winter Soldier Black Widow repainted with the awesome blue Tron highlights on her costume and with a new pair of batons packed in. I really like this Black Widow costume, so I’m happy to see this released.

Marvel Legends Bruce Banner: The only true “new” character being released as part of this set is the first-ever non-Hulk Bruce Banner Marvel Legends action figure. While the body of this figure is a complete reuse of existing tooling, we do get an all-new head for Mark Ruffalo here! Is it the best? Well… I’ll leave that up to you guys to decide.

Marvel Legends Hawkeye: This looks almost identical to me to the Hawkeye Legends figure from the previous Avengers movie. This new release is good for those who missed that short-packed Walmart exclusive figure back in 2012, but a bit lame for everyone else.

Marvel Legends Banner and Hawkeye Figures Amazon Exclusive Hasbro

Now, while this release is going to make a lot of Marvel Legends movie figures collectors happy, it’s also going to increase the number of folks asking about Marvel Legends movie Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch figures. With Vision and Scarlet Witch appearing in the Captain America: Civil War movie next summer, I think it’s almost a certainty that we’ll be seeing new movie Scarlet Witch and Vision Marvel Legends figures by this time next year (and quite possibly sooner).

As for Quicksilver, well… it’s possible that he’s run his last Marvel Legends race. Maybe we’ll get a movie Marvel Legends Quicksilver figure, and maybe we won’t. We’ll see. And in the meantime, Hot Toys should be debuting the Hot Toys Quicksilver figure very soon!

Amazon Avengers Legends 4-Pack Thor Black Widow Hawkeye BannerThe Amazon Exclusive Avengers Legends 4-Pack set should be going up for order soon, and is expected to be released in July/August 2015. The MSRP for the set is said to be $79.99, but as it’s an Amazon exclusive, they can reduce the price by putting it on “sale” for whatever they want, right out of the gate. I’ll post an update here and to the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page as soon as this set officially turns up for sale.

Now that you’ve seen hi-res packaged photos of the set, how do you like this 6″ Marvel Legends Amazon set, Marvel fans? Are you willing to plunk down 80 smackers for three updated movie figures and the first Marvel Legends Banner figure, or will you be passing on the most-anticipated store-exclusive Marvel Legends set of 2015?


Amazon Avengers Legends 4-Pack Sale: 50% Off Today! — 22 Comments

  1. The Bruce Banner figure isn’t bad. Wouldn’t mind having it, but not worth the price for the whole package. Hawkeye’s head bothers me and the rest are eh.

  2. These look way better than the February photos!! Mostly looking forward to Thor and Banner. Thor’s color apps and build make him a total bad ass, also the bronzish-silver paint is movie accurate, it wasn’t just silver. Banner comes out of left field with those blue jeans which is a great surprise and makes him more movie accurate. It will also be nice to have Hawkeye an Widow as I missed them the first time.

  3. Black widow seem great and i definitly want that Bruce Banner figure. Not really excited by the rest of the set

  4. I’m happy for the movie collectors, I won’t be picking this up because I can’t stand movie figs. I bet they will show one of those quicksilver, vision or movie witch at sdcc next week. They always throw new movie figs in the next years release so don’t count them out yet. I just hope we get tons of good comic figs, classic Thor please!

    • Don’t expect a classic Thor. DO expect however, a Jane Foster Thor, Superior Iron Man and Falcon-Cap. Besides, classic Thor has been done at least 3 times. I understand a collector’s desire to have a past figure updated, but keep in mind more remakes mean less new characters. I for one would like to see characters who have never had a figure before.

      • On the other hand, there comes a time when the quality gap between an old existing figure and the current figures is so massive that they basically don’t even belong together in the same lineup, so an update can be so massive that it ends up almost being a new character for the line again.
        … Scarlet Witch.

        Not saying that’s the case with Thor. Just saying that it happens.

        And the current RoML Thor and Marvel Now Thor figures are pretty damn epic. It’s not even worthwhile to try and create an alternative to them…..unless it’s in place of ANOTHER bloody Iron Man figure.
        I’d take another Thor figure over Iron Man figure #1000 any day.

  5. Para mi es unnpack para vender como juguete y no para los coleccionistas con figuras repetidas o imprecisas como la armadura de thor o el traje de hawkeye … a los fans de las figuras de peliculas tal vez le guste este pack … a mi gusto es bastante malo …. y el fuerte de la pelicula edad de ultron es la vision !! Porque no hacen una figura de el? Quicksilver ? Scarlet witch? Creo que hasbro vuelve a cometer el error de realizar figuras de los mismos personajes una y otra vez y desperdicia la oportunidad de traer nuevoss .. cuantos quedaron en el camino solo de peliculas? Ronan..yondu..el coleccionista..nebula..dark elf…falcon…batroc…quicksilver…scarlet witch….la vision.

  6. Not crazy about the Thor and Hawkeye but it’ll be nice to have a complete set of movie figures, even if they are from the last movie. Widow’s not bad either but I already have TWS version. So that leaves Banner as the big catch. Hopefully there will be a nice discount on this set. I want it but not at full retail price.

  7. I’m definitely buying these figures but it’s to pricy but I’ll complete my main Avengers movie figures all I need now is for Hasbro to unveil plans for some Marvel legends movie series figures of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and The Vision to complete my Avengers age of ultron collection and I could recreation the final battle between the Avengers and Ultron!

  8. $80?!? I was hoping these might go to $40 on X-mas clearance, but not sure they’ll get that low now. Thought this might start at $60-65.

  9. Hasbro couldn’t give Bruce an accessory ?!?! Give the guy a break its his first appearance.
    Give him a laptop or something. Would have been incredible if he had the Loki Spear !

  10. You said it was up for order then you said July or August? Which is it? I’ve yet to see this set on Amazon.

    • The set was available for order for about a week starting the Thursday of SDCC. It’s since gone into “unavailable” mode, though I’d be surprised if Amazon doesn’t make more available in July/August before the set ships in September.

  11. What are you guys typing in to find this on Amazon’s site? I’ve typed in Amazon Avengers Legends 4 pack and nothing? Little help would be greatly appreciated. I’m only interested in the Thor and the Banner but oh well, still need the set as I’m a Legends completist.

  12. It’s back up for pre-order. Just put mine in and I’m glad I don’t have to keep checking anymore. :^)