Jada Toys Metals Hulkbuster Iron Man Die-Cast Figure Review & Photos

Review Jada Metals Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure

The main goal of Marvel Toy News as a website is to be an comprehensive in discussing as many aspects of Marvel toy collecting as possible, so when we get requests for coverage of a new line, I take notice. Such is the case with a line that wasn’t even on my radar, yet which ended up being many readers’ “Best of 2016” selection. And so, tonight its our first-ever Marvel Jada Toys Metals review of perhaps their best item ever: the Jada Toys Metals Hulkbuster Iron Man figure!

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SDCC 2016 Exclusive 24K Gold Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure!

Beast Kingdom SDCC 2016 Exclusive 24K Gold Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure

Funko is rolling out their list of exclusives in thrice-weekly announcements and Hasbro is expected to officially announce its San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusives next week (although at this point we all basically know what they are anyway), but in the meantime, a few other toy companies are filling in their own Comic-Con blanks. And this week, Beast Kingdom announced what’s likely to take the cake as the craziest SDCC 2016 exclusive of all: a 24K Gold Hulkbuster Iron Man figure!

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Hot Toys Scarlet Witch Sixth Scale Figure Review & Photos

Hot Toys Scarlet Witch Holding Ultron's Heart

Ordinarily I try to steer clear of writing Hot Toys reviews of the many, many Marvel sixth scale figures that I buy, because there’s only so many ways I can describe how amazing the Marvel Movie Masterpiece Series figures are and how vastly superior they are to every other line of MCU toys out there. But as I’m on a bit of a high right now coming off of seeing Captain America: Civil War, I’ve got enough exuberance to talk about one of my favorite toys so far in 2016: the Avengers Age of Ultron Hot Toys Scarlet Witch sixth scale figure!

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Hot Toys New Avengers Scarlet Witch Figure Movie Promo!

Hot Toys Movie Promo Scarlet Witch Sixth Scale Figure

It was a little bit of a head-scratcher when Hot Toys debuted the Hot Toys New Avengers Scarlet Witch from the closing seconds of Avengers Age of Ultron at Toy Soul 2015 alongside the upcoming Civil War figures. Since Wanda has a new costume in Captain America: Civil War, this version seemed like a really odd choice. Hot Toys must have decided this was a weird choice as well–because the Hot Toys Scarlet Witch New Avengers figure has now been announced as a limited exclusive!

UPDATE 4/15/2016: The Sideshow Exclusive Movie Promo Scarlet Witch New Avengers figure is now up for order!

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Bandai S.H. Figuarts Black Widow Figure Up for Order!

Bandai Japan Black Widow SH Figuarts Figure Crouching

Last week I marveled at the fact that the Bandai S.H. Figuarts Avengers Age of Ultron figure was actually going to be put up for sale this week. But there was an important detail that I missed: even overseas, Black Widow will be a Japanese Bandai Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive! As such, even though the import SH Figuarts Black Widow figure is now available for order, collectors are not gonna like her price-tag…

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SH Figuarts Black Widow Figure Confirmed for Release!

SH Figuarts Black Widow Figure Magazine Photos

Well, there’s good news and bad news for Bandai SH Figuarts Marvel collectors.

The good news is that Bandai Japan has finally announced that a Black Widow Figuarts figure is actually coming out this fall. The bad news is that the Marvel S.H. Figuarts Black Widow figure won’t be in her updated Civil War costume–instead, we’re getting the prototype shown last year from Avengers: Age of Ultron…

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Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Movie Figure!

Marvel Legends 2016 Scarlet Witch 6" Figure

Some computer listings leaked out the supposed lineup for the 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Wave 3 figures earlier this month, but I was doubtful that we were close enough to the release of that series that the figures would be on display at the New York Toy Fair 2016 this weekend. And as expected, the whole series wasn’t on display. But–BUT!! Hasbro did give us a pretty fantastic treat, with a look at a pair of new figures from the wave–including the hotly-demanded Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch movie figure!

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Toy Fair 2016: NECA Hulk 1/4 Figure Up for Order!

NECA Quarter Scale Hulk Figure Size Comparison Scale

NECA has been teasing their 1/4 Marvel collectors with him for several years now, but finally, finally… NECA has a Hulk! And not just any Hulk, but a really, really big Hulk! Standing a full 24″ (two feet!) tall, it’s the biggest quarter-scale action figure NECA has ever made: the NECA 1/4 Hulk figure is now up for order and debuts in public at New York Toy Fair 2016 this weekend!

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MAFEX Iron Man Mark 45 Figure Photos & Order Info!

MAFEX Iron Man Mark 45 Figure

While most of the merchandising companies out there manufacturing Marvel movie collectibles are now looking ahead to the future and “Captain America: Civil War”, I was taken aback a little bit this week when I saw that Medicom is actually looking backwards by soliciting an “Avengers: Age of Ultron” figure that’s arriving a wee bit late: the MAFEX Iron Man Mark 45 goes up for order this week! This figure really does look terrific and has a couple neat things in his favor, but he’s also late to the show and carrying a heavy price-tag…

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Sideshow Age of Ultron Hulk Maquette Photos & Order Info

Sideshow AOU Hulk Maquette Photos Order Info

One good Hulk deserves another. And evidently, Sideshow thinks that three good Hulks deserve another, because after the enormous success of the three Premium Format Hulk statues they released last year, Sideshow has a new Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk Maquette going up for order this afternoon.

But if you wanna add this big collectible to your collection, you’re gonna have a big bill to go with him…

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Amazon Avengers Legends 4-Pack Sale: 50% Off Today!

Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends 4 Pack Age of Ultron

UPDATE 12/16 2015: If you skipped out on paying full price for this set or even buying it at the Cyber Monday discount of 40% off, it looks like you were smarter than I: the Marvel Legends Avengers Age of Ultron 4-Pack Box Set is now on sale for 50% Off & Free Shipping!

I’m not gonna lie–$40 shipped sounds a lot better than the $80 I paid…! Anyone wait it out for this set and planning to cash in today?

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MAFEX Hulkbuster Iron Man Revealed & Photos!

MAFEX Hulkbuster Iron Man Figure Revealed

While 2015 may be “The Year of Hulkbuster Iron Man”, 2016 is going to be “The Year Most of the Hulkbuster Iron Man Toys Actually Come Out”.

From the Hot Toys Hulkbuster to the Bandai SH Figuarts and Sentinel RE:EDIT versions, most of the high-end Hulkbusters will be arriving throughout 2016. And now, we can add one more to the list, from out of nowhere and a somewhat surprising place: the 10″+ Medicom MAFEX Hulkbuster Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Funko Black Widow w/ Shield Exclusive POP Vinyl Released!

Funko Black Widow with Shield Gamestop Exclusive POP Released

Oftentimes, Funko manages to whisk out exclusive POP! Vinyl figures with such secrecy and expediency that they arrive in stores before collectors even know of their existence.

But sometimes–not so much. And the latest exclusive is definitely of the latter type. After being discovered in the Gamestop database last spring, the long-awaited exclusive Funko Black Widow with Captain America Shield POP Vinyl is finally available online and in some stores!

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Egg Attack Captain America & Thor Figures Up for Order!

Egg Attack Avengers Age of Ultron Figures

I did coverage of almost every new Marvel figure and collectible that debuted at New York Comic Con 2015 last month. Almost.

But there was one company I never got around to talking about. Maybe that’s for he best, though, because their biggest reveals from the show have now been fully revealed in final form: the Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Captain America and Thor figures are now up for order!

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SH Figuarts Black Widow Hawkeye & Tony Stark Revealed!

SH Figuarts Black Widow Figure

I collect a few lines of anime figures, so I’ve been watching the Tamashii Nation 2015 event with a lot of interest for those lines. What I don’t imagine anyone was expecting to see at the show, however, was the bombshell dropped by Bandai Japan: the continuation of the SH Figuarts Avengers figures line!

Coming our way in 2016: SH Figuarts Black Widow, Hawkeye, Tony Stark, and… the Hall of Armor?!

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