Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 3 Figures List!

As most of you have no doubt heard, a “Confidential”-stamped image of the unannounced Hasbro 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Wave 2 series leaked out yesterday, spoiling the upcoming Marvel Legends Giant-Man Build-A-Figure Series. I won’t be posting that image here, but I will post hi-res photos of all the figures in the wave from New York Toy Fair 2016 on 2/13, less than two weeks from now. But while I’m not going to talk about Wave 2, how about we discuss a series that hasn’t had any images leak yet: Captain America Legends Wave 3, headlined by a movie Scarlet Witch, Crossbones, Tigra and more…

Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch Screenshot Avengers Age of Ultron

I remember being genuinely amped last Valentine’s Day when Hasbro revealed their Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man Build-A-Figure at the New York Toy Fair 2015. That kind of “mind blown” excitement was only possible because Hasbro had managed to keep all images of their Hulkbuster BAF under wraps until the show.

So I am really pretty bummed that someone decided to leak out a crummy, low-res confidential image of the Marvel Legends Giant-Man Build-A-Figure, as well as Nick Fury and Red Guardian prior to this year’s show. Alas.

I won’t be posting that image myself at this time (I’m sure you can all find it with little effort if you want to), but I would like to continue the Toy Fair preview with news on the third Captain America Legends 2016 wave–which has now been confirmed via store computer database UPC listings–and will also be debuting at the Toy Fair (and hopefully not in any leaked photos beforehand).

2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Wave 3 is as follows:

Marvel King Cobra Screenshot Avengers AssembleKing Cobra (UPC #630509401826)

The Marvel Legends King Cobra is the only character on this list that’s a bit of a head-scratcher. He was a member of the Serpent Society and also joined the Thunderbolts (for an eye-blink), but isn’t exactly the most popular Cap villain around. We’ll see how he fares at retail.

Marvel Tigra vs The Hood Comic BookTigra (UPC #630509401833)

Meanwhile, Tigra makes a return to Legends with a (hopefully) new and improved figure. Female figure engineering has come a long way since Tigra, so I’m hoping Hasbro has a great update cooked up for Greer Nelson.

Iron Skull Red Skull Screenshot from Avengers Assemble CartoonMarvel Legends Iron Skull (UPC #630509401840)

The Iron Skull is the Red Skull with a suit of Iron Man armor. With an Iron Skull Mashers figure and also a LEGO Iron Skull Minifigure released in 2016, I’m not terribly surprised to hear about a ML 6″ Iron Skull on the way. Not thrilled about this action figure myself, but I imagine a lot of “Avengers Assemble” fans will like him.

Age of X Captain America CoverAge of X Captain America (UPC #630509401857)

I was literally just complaining yesterday about how tired I am of classic Cap figures and that I wanted something fresh, and a figure of the obscure Age of X Captain America definitely fits the bill.

Captain Britain Brian Braddock CoverCaptain Britain (UPC #630509401871)

A new Marvel Legends Captain Britain figure finally appears later this year as well! It’s unknown which Captain Britain (and which costume) we’ll be seeing here, but I’m hoping for an upgraded figure of the Brian Braddock Captain Britain of “Excalibur” fame, personally.

Marvel Crossbones Comic Book Cover Captain AmericaMarvel Legends Crossbones (UPC #630509401932)

It’s unconfirmed for certain if the Marvel Legends 2016 Crossbones will be comics- or movie-based, but it’s almost definitely going to be another comic-styled Crossbones. I guess we’re all going to have to rely on Funko and Hot Toys for our movie Crossbones figure fix.

Movie Scarlet Witch (UPC #630509443581)

A Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch figure was high on my wish list for 2016, so I’m psyched that the Elizabeth Olden Scarlet Witch is going to be getting her due later this year. Of course, there’s a couple other key movie New Avengers we still need, which brings me to…

Marvel Legends Abomination Build-A-Figure SDCC 2015

It’s currently unknown who the Captain America Wave 3 Build-A-Figure is going to be, but it’s rumored to be the new Marvel Legends Abomination Build-A-Figure that we saw sneak peeked at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

I’m not-so-secretly hoping that the BAF is actually going to be a movie Falcon Build-A-Figure, as we desperately need an MCU Falcon Marvel Legends, and his flight pack would likely make it necessary for him to be a BAF. I suppose we’ll find out if there’s any hope for Sam at Toy Fair in two weeks!

Avengers Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen ScreenshotWhat do you think of this third and final wave of 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America series figures? Who do you hope the Build-A-Figure is? And are you excited about this lineup of characters, or would you have preferred that some different figures been given the spotlight instead?


Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 Wave 3 Figures List! — 42 Comments

    • Indeed. That’s what I’m saying! We’ve already had TWO comic versions of Crossbones.? This will most likely be an MCU version of CB– As It Ought To Be!

  1. I am totally psyched about Cobra and movie Scarlet Witch. They are supposed to be “legends” not just current popular figures. We have way too many Caps, Spiderman, and Iron Man. As an older collector and having been reading Marvel since FF #1 I want the true legendary characters. My wish list is as follows:
    Cobra, Mr. Hyde (longtime Cap villains), Melvin Potter’s Gladiator, Man-Ape, Attuma, Wizard, Trapster, a much improved Thing, and two BAF’s Mangog and Dragon Man without glasses and accurate this time.

      • Fantastic list!? I’m in my forties and I love every character you have on there!

    • I’m sick of the massive amounts of Cap and Iron Man figures as well, but to be honest, there was no way they were going to do a Civil War movie wave without the two main characters of the film.

      I’m just happy we’re finally getting Scarlet Witch.

  2. Ooh, Age of X Cap, what an obscure and cool-looking choice! I hope they give him the proper sculpts for his boots and gloves and not just repaint regular Cap.

    ….Nnnnot sure about Iron Skull. Partly because he’s SUPER easy to kitbash, but also because, wow, what a weird property to start taking a presence in Marvel Legends- Marvel animation. First Taskmaster from Ultimate Spider-Man, now Iron Skull? USM and Avengers Assemble tend to get a hard time from the crowd that collects Marvel Legends. But hey, I’m okay with it. Actually, if we’re getting some AA-related figures, can we get an Avengers Assemble Hawkeye, too? It’s a good design and the purple helps me forget it’s based on Ultimate Hawkeye. Clint needs a good modern figure, the one from the Rocket Raccoon wave is… not great.

    …in fact it’s almost insultingly bad.

    King Cobra should have been the figure we got instead of Cottonmouth, who I still feel has no reason to exist. Movie Scarlet Witch is, like, duh, about frickin’ time, and I’m excited for the updated Crossbones because if it’s comic Crossbones, then I can sell my old one because it’s not that great.

    I know bupkis about Captain Britain, but Tigra excites me because I’ve been reading West Coast Avengers, so between the new classic Hawkeye and Mockingbird figures, I might be able to get that team going.

    …I’m still angry that we’re not getting an updated Winter Soldier or Black Widow, or ANY form of Falcon whatsoever. Hasbro has NEVER tried Falcon in 6-inch form in ANY incarnation and they’re really dropping the ball.

    • What makes it even weirder is that I don’t think Hasbro has done a movie Red Skull figure, so just skipping and going to the cartoon seems odd.

      Though then again, the fact that it’s basically just an easy kitbash (a Red Skull head on an Iron Man body) may be exactly why they’re releasing it. Talk about a money saver, LOL!

      • Movie Red Skull was done with the original Captain America movie I believe with the Mandroid Build a Figure.

          • Bingo, that was Comic Skull. Skull might have worn something akin to a trench coat in The First Avenger (thought it was more of a military uniform though, he was in full-on Nazi mode at that point), but the headsculpt was pretty clearly based on Skull’s depiction in Brubaker’s Captain America run, specifically as drawn by Steve Epting.

            That’s something I like about the modern run of Marvel Legends, if you look you can find the art style a figure is based on- sometimes, down to the artist’s work used for reference. It’s pretty cool most of the time. (The one time out of ten that it’s not is when a Hawkeye figure DOESN’T get this treatment, and ends up looking nothing like David Aja’s Hawkeye, which is super unfortunate.)

    • The last thing we need (Aside from more Caps and iron Mans) is another Black Widow figure.

      Captain Britain is pretty awesome. Super glad he’s getting a new figure.
      Imagine the Green Lantern Corps, but instead of protecting the galaxy they protect the multiverse.
      And instead of GL rings flying off to choose new Lanterns, it’s Merlin going around offering Arthurian artifacts to candidates and transforming them into Captain Britains.
      The 616 Captain Britain is Brian Braddock (Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock’s twin brother), and in fact MOST Captain Britains are versions of Brian Braddock from their respective universes.
      616’s Captain Britain is armed with Excalibur, and he goes around fighting Arthurian stuff, and other things.
      The Captain Britain Corps is lead by Merlin (there is only one Merlin in the multiverse).

      That’s the real basic stuff I remember about Captain Britain. I recommend looking him up on Wikipedia.
      There are also other associated characters, like Lionheart, Black Knight, and Excalibur(the team of mostly former X-Men lead by Captain Britain), Mordred, Morgan Le Fay, etc etc etc.

      • You sure about that one?

        Because the last Legends Black Widow we got at mass retail was the MCU one, which I was moderately satisfied with, (the proportions are kind of iffy) but was hard to find, and wasn’t the comic version. The last comic version of Black Widow was that two-pack one, which is going for RIDICULOUS prices on the aftermarket, and… is not a good figure.

        At all.

        There’s no bones about it, compared to modern Marvel Legends figures, it’s… pretty bad.

        • Oh, sure, if you mean a REAL Black Widow, then yea, that’d be great.
          It’ll be hard to beat the Winter Soldier 2-pack Black Widow, but I’d love to see an even better Winter Soldier and Black Widow if they’re comic ones.

          I figured you meant MCU ones, since we’re talking about a Civil War movie wave.

    • TOTALLY agree on Tigra. As an old-school hardcore WCA fan its great to see her. You know who I wanna see though? The Shroud. Great WCA character AND… wait for it… maybe connected to Agent Carter? I think that the doctor is going to become The Shroud… maybe with a mix of Shroud and Cloak’s abilities…

    •’re anti Cottonmouth,but Pro Falcon. Interesting.
      I don’t like that HML Falcon has been ignored for so long either.

      • Cottonmouth is an insignificant character, and his action figure is one of the most underwhelming Marvel Legends in a long time.
        Falcon is a MAJOR character who is a glaring omission with TONS of potential to be a seriously badass figure.
        So I’m not sure how that’s surprising.

        Hell, we needat least THREE Falcon figures.
        We need a classic Falcon, and MCU Falcon, and we need a Captain America Falcon.
        Aside from the old ToyBiz Falcon, we still have ZERO Marvel Legends Falcons, for some reason….

        There’s no universe where it makes sense for a Captain America wave to include Cottonmouth before Falcon.

  3. i’d assume Crossbones will be movie accurate as the thunderbolts set crossbones and the ares crossbones are already comic based. wave 2 will give movie iron man, cap and panther with movie giant man baf. wave 3 gives movie crossbones and witch. probably will get another amazon movie set as well for some combo of vision/falcon/winter soldier/war machine/hawkeye/widow. im cool with abomination baf… can replace my select one on the shelf. i think with return of ross in civil war i wouldn’t be surprised if abomination is name dropped either. Hasbro taking all my cash!!!!

    • Hmmm… I’d give it a 50/50 shot. With Ben Reilly Spider-Man and Tigra and a bunch of others, Hasbro’s shown they’re more than willing to go back and fix old mistakes- and besides, its not like anyone can AFFORD the Thunderbolts set. (I hate SDCC-exclusive Legends sets.) I’d hope at least that we’d get some of the more important film characters in figure form before Crossbones, at least.

      • Unless Crossbones survives this movie (no idea if he will), it may be now or never for a movie Crossbones figure.

        But I agree. The early Hasbro Marvel Legends (Return of ML)series/anything before the Marvel Legends Infinite series doesn’t really seem to “count”.
        A lot of those characters seem to be completely open for remakes, almost as much as the Toy Biz stuff.
        And I agree that the ComicCon exclusives seem to have no impact on if a figure of the same character gets a regular release or not. I think it’s more that those sets contain characters who just wouldn’t get released at all otherwise, because they don’t have mass-market appeal (e.g. the Thunderbolts who aren’t Luke Cage and Crossbones, or Hela, Magick, and Doctor Voodoo in the Book of the Vishanti set)
        This will be the third Crossbones, a new Luke Cage is basically inevitable, a new Symbiote Spider-Man is almost certainly on the way, Star-Lord came out as a movie figure AND part of the Guardians Of The Galaxy set after he was in the SDCC set, etc etc etc etc.
        I’m just hoping that that means we’ll be getting a new general release of Blackbolt, and Medusa so that we can get the Inhumans going.
        And a new Doctor Doom (because Doom deserves a MUCH better figure than the RoML one).

  4. Someone said they had the Civil War Scarlet Witch on display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Hopefully some pictures end up online.

  5. What a crap wave, i have a version of almost every character here, Tigra, Cobraman and hopefully any costume other than that Captain Britan are the only figures i want. Select Abomination is going to be better than any BAF version.

    • While that’s PROBABLY true about Abomination, I won’t rule out the ML Abomination being almost as good.
      ML does pretty great with the sculpts sometimes (Rhino BAF), and the articulation always ALWAYS totally crushes Marvel Select. Select’s advantage tends to be paint, and I imagine that will be the case with Abomination, I can’t rule out the BAF’s sculpt and articulation being enough to make up the difference.
      I’d certainly take the Hulkbuster BAF over the Select Hulkbuster any day….

  6. I’m not sure how I feel about this wave.
    Aside from Captain Britain, Crossbones, and Scarlet Witch…..I kinda just don’t care.

    King Cobra is only of interest because I’m already going to have a Cottonmouth (that I didn’t really want either).

    Tigra is probably the Avenger I like least. Really can’t stand cat people…

    Some obscure Captain America, as if we didn’t already have enough Captain Americas.

    Iron Skull as a lazy reuse of an Iron Man mold, no doubt, when we don’t even have a proper movie Red Skull yet. Still, I guess I’m glad there’s another Skull figure in some form?

    And Abomination? Man, he better be awesome, or else I’ll just get the Select Abomination and probably ignore half this wave.

  7. Finally Scarlet Witch! Sad we missed out on any chance of movie Quicksilver but I’ll survive. I just hope I don’t have to give Amazon a million dollars for a new box set to get Vision or Falcon.

  8. Honestly, who cares if they leaked anything out? For one, the baf is pure movie garbage and two, what do you expect with the Nuremberg tf or wherever the hell it is?! I will def safe money with this wave because I will only be buying the nuke, fury, guardian and pissibly panther because that def looks like a comic figure. I hope hasbro knows that the movie figs are the biggest peg warmers. You have to understand that hasbro sells to the retailers and retailers sell it to us. So they don’t care as long as retailers are buying. If these figures clog up the pegs to much retailers will start buying smaller inventory and we will then start to go backwards. I get that these movie garbage are going to be around but they need to make sure they get the balance right.

    • The movie figures aren’t the peg warmers where I am (edmonton). The shelves are clogged with the Allfather wave (sooooo many Hawkeyes) and Hobgoblin wave with some Ultron wave wasps scattered around. The Age of Ultron movie figures didn’t last long at all and I only saw Antman once at a Toy$RU$.

      • The only reason is that hasbro made more comic figures last year. It was a better balance. Watch, this year it’s going to be cap, iron man and scarlet witch.

    • All the stores near me sell out of their movie figure stock quite quickly. It was impossible trying to find an Age of Ultron Cap or Hulk last year.

    • I’m also continually amused that some people are upset that Hasbro releases figures for the movies when the movies are making hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m sure Hasbro would love to be missing out on easy money, LOL.

  9. And another thing, hasbro’s presence at ft was great last year but sdcc was lame, who’s to say they don’t do it completely opposite this year?

  10. movie figures are gone the fastest in nj and sc. i personally love the mcu figures and wish they made more then they have. whiplash, the hammer droids, mandarin (real and fake), potts rescue, yellowjacket, quicksilver, vision, witch (until this release), jane foster, thor dark world and maliketh and dark elves with kurse baf. sif and warriors 3. hell i even want some movie vehicles like a legends scale carrier or cap bike (ww2 or aou), I need MORE MORE MORE!!!

    • and legends scale chitauri, and collector, and ronan and nebula, peggy carter, shield figures, i can go on and on!

      • Mike I KNOW!! I ONLY buy MCU and there’s so many missing!! I want a Sif + Warriors 3 pack! And definitely Peggy carter (from Cap America 1, in her brown uniform). Nebula and Ronan are a MUST as well!! Pepper Potts and Happy would be cool too.

  11. “I imagine a lot of “Avengers Assemble” fans will like him.”

    …that show has *fans*?!

  12. King Cobra is great news: I am stoked to be able to finally build a Serpent Society!
    My interest in the others will depend on what the sculpts look like.
    Gonna be a long week to wait and see!

  13. The age of X Cap is nice and its different i was hoping for the new steve rogers cap we will see in comics in June