Captain America Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf Review & Photos

Just when we all thought that Hasbro had produced every feasible, viable iteration of Captain America in action figure form, Hasbro hit us with a version nobody was expecting: Werewolf Captain America! Some collectors thought we were being punked when the Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf was first shown, but this is no prank: the Captain America Legends Cap-Wolf figure is now available, and he’s a fun (if not flawed) addition to the line…

Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf ReviewThe Right:

In one of the more bizarre stories in his long and illustrious comic book career, Steve Rogers was transformed into an anthropomorphic wolf man.

…No, really!

As you might expect, that story arc was long one of the more ridiculous Captain America comics, but it’s finally come back into fashion as the fun and quirky story that it was. And not only was the Sam Wilson Cap transformed into Cap-Wolf recently in comic books, but now there’s even a Hasbro 6″ Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf figure to review!

Marvel Legends 2016 Captain America Figure PackagedRather than giving us yet another in a long line of boring Cap variants, Hasbro is giving us the craziest Captain America Legends figure ever this time out. That’s a huge thumbs up from me.

Cap-Wolf Head Marvel Legends 2016 Close-UpThere’s only one part of this figure that’s really new, but it’s a good one: the interchangeable wolf Captain America head. This is (obviously) a 100% new mold, and it looks pretty dang great.

Cap-Wolf Legends Figure PointingFrom the bared teeth to the furry texture and the tattered mask, I just love this wolf head. There’s a lot of paint deco on this head, with colors including brown, white, red, pink black and blue. It all comes together and makes this a can’t-miss figure (at least, for me).

Werewolf Captain America Hasbro Marvel Legends 6" Action FigureThere’s no surprises with the articulation on this body mold since we’ve seen it quite frequently (more on that in a minute), but the posing potential is as excellent as ever with double-jointed knees and elbows, ankle rockers, swivel waist and upper torso ab crunch, swivel calves, biceps and thighs, and so forth.

Close-Up of Captain America Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf HeadWith the exception of the wolf head not being able to pivot upwards to howl at the moon, I am completely satisfied with the flexibility of this Cap-Wolf action figure.

Back of Marvel Legends Werewolf Captain America FigureThe Wrong:

While this is a nice enough Captain America when using its standard head, it doesn’t exactly feel all that new. While this is the first time the Grim Reaper/Kraven mold is being used for Cap, the figure’s look and articulation/range-of-motion is so similar that I didn’t even realize this wasn’t the same-old Cap action figure until someone pointed it out to me.

I applaud Hasbro for not making us purchase the exact same Captain America as we have several times before, but it’s just not exciting to have to re-buy Classic Cap again after such a short time, even if it does come with a cool interchangeable head and a different body mold this time out. As crazy as it sounds, I wouldn’t mind if this was the last “classic Captain America” 6″ figure that got released for a good, long time.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Figure with Wolf Head and AccessoriesI’m also really disappointed that this Marvel Legends Captain America figure, a toy of a hero who only throws a shield and punches stuff, comes with four hands (two open hands, a pointing hand and a karate chap/saluting hand) and no closed fists.

It’s just weird–especially since no “tattered glove wolf hands” have been included either. Those would have really completed this figure and made it feel more fresh than just the alt head.

In addition, the paint apps on this toy were a lot more careless and messy than I’ve seen on any of my other 2016 6″ Legends. I’ll give Hasbro the benefit of a doubt and say this is an anomaly, but check your paint apps carefully when purchasing this figure.

Captain America Legends Figure Shoulder Straps Falling OffThe Ridiculous:

One of the innovations that I thought would really set this Cap apart was the addition of the removable shoulder straps. Unfortunately, while the straps look nice when they’re in place, keeping them in place is next to impossible.

I don’t know if the straps use a shoddy plastic or the factory got them wrong or what, but they flop off at the slightest touch, rendering them near-useless. And with the number of corroborating reports I’ve heard, it’s clear that this is a widespread problem. Disappointing.

Captain America Legends Wolf Cap Figure SalutingOverall: This is pretty average, solid Captain America action figure with one fun gimmick: the Captain America wolf head. The body itself is solid, but feels more like a retread than an improvement–and the lack of fists or wolf claws for this figure is baffling. And while the shoulder straps were a good idea, the execution on them is atrocious. Even so, Hasbro is trying something different here and I definitely appreciate it. If the idea of Wolf Captain America strikes your fancy or you need a decent (but not outstanding) comic-based Cap figure, this is the one for you.



Captain America Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf Review & Photos — 10 Comments

  1. Other funny things about it–as funky groovy as the wolf head is, those would have to be pretty sharp ears to bust through the spandex. 😉 Wolf-cap ought to have a really stretched-tight face mask with lump cheeks and lumps where the ears are squished against it. >:-D

    I never quite get Marvel’s sales theory. They must have the numbers to prove that Cap sales best, otherwise any kid born in the last eight years will already have an army of Captain Americas and Spidermans. “Artist Cap” (Steve Rogers is an artist in his spare times in the comics) in a house-robe and blue jeans would even be a welcome change! Or Hulked-out Cap if they want to move inventory…

  2. Really? What Captain America was this used for?

    The mold for this Cap is, to my knowledge, a reuse of the Grim Reaper body, which was an all-new sculpt created to replace the old Punisher/Ultimate Captain America body they were using for their more-buff-than-average big-guy body buck. As far as I know, it hasn’t been used since, or if it has, it was only, like, once or twice.

    • Yes, just grim reaper and kraken, now cap and whirlwind. That old mold is retired and VERY different, I don’t know how he could make that mistake.

      • Well, I’ll be…

        I went ahead and updated the review. Without having the three-pack Cap in front of me, I honest to God thought this was the same figure with the same look and range of motion. I’m not sure that using the Grim Reaper mold works noticeably better, though, honestly. I suppose I may just be burnt out on Classic Caps at this point…

        • Yeah, I don’t have this Cap yet, but comparing 3-pack Cap to Grim Reaper, who I DO have, the Reaper sculpt is FAR superior. On the whole, it actually looks like a normally-proportioned human being- of course, one tanked up on Super Soldier juice, but hey, at least this one doesn’t have massive, inhumanly-shaped biceps, bizzare, perfectly spherical shoulders, and pecs that look less like pecs and more like slabs of meat taped onto the chest. Oh, and one thigh that’s way wider at the knee joint than the other. I’m glad we’re getting this update because, man, the mold they used for Ultimate Cap and 3-Pack Cap is… pretty terrible.

          I’ll admit, I was pretty hyped for this one, if only because despite the fact that we’ve gotten in Legends form Marvel Now Cap, Ultimate Cap, and the weird hybrid of Ultimate and Avengers Assemble Cap from the Target 3-pack, we’ve never actually gotten from Hasbro an updated version of the classic, Kirby-designed classic Captain America costume with the flared boots and gloves,with the round shield introduced in Captain America Comics #3. We’ve come pretty close, but this is THE Captain America costume, and this figure is a pretty solid, definitive representation of it.

          …but yeah, the shoulder straps thing is pretty terrible. I might just take those and glue them to a custom Deadpool or something.

          • And the lack of fists? Unforgivable! How the heck is he supposed to punch Hitler in the face?!

  3. You can use that scotch sticky tack thing found at Wal mart to hold the straps in place. Can’t remember exactly what it’s called but it looks like playdoh and you can find it in the tape section or the section that sells the photo hanging hooks and tabs.

  4. Is there a less surly Classic Cap head out there that’s swappable for this one? He looks way too pissed and the wings on his cowl don’t sit right with me. Never mind that they gave him his classic belt but forgot his trademark chainmail armor… again.

  5. The straps should’ve had a cross strap that went across his back to connect them together. But I don’t really mind so much.

    The slightly sloppy paint is a little annoying.

    The body is great.
    Makes Cap FINALLY the size he should be, as a towering huge but not freakishly huge human.

    Still not a fan of this shield design, and would much prefer the movie style shield with the straps. The decorative straps especially would’ve been a perfect opportunity to engineer a way to hang the strappy shield onto his back. Would’ve been the best case scenario.

    The one real complaint I have with this figure, and I’m not sure if it’s just mine ir the Grim Reaper mold as a whole, is that Cap’s left leg is SLIGHTLY longer than his right leg.
    Putting his legs together makes him tilt to the right.
    Luckily, you can give him a slightly wide stance and fudge it to where you can’t tell.

    Also, the wolf head is cool, but it is WAY too high on that neck.

    Overall, I give him points for stuff the review didn’t, and take away points for stuff the review didn’t.
    I’d either agree with the B
    Or I’d maybe knock him down to a B-