Skottie Young Marvel Babies Animated Rocket & Groot Statue!

Today looks to be a quiet start to another week of Marvel Toy News, so let’s step back and take a look at an item that was revealed last week that’s pretty near and dear to my heart. With the Skottie Young Magneto that debuted at SDCC 2016 being the only Marvel Babies statue Gentle Giant hadn’t put up for sale yet, most people (including me) expected Mags to be the next pre-order in the line. But nope! The next character is actually two characters: the Marvel Animated Groot & Rocket Raccoon statue is now up for order!

Groot and Rocket Raccoon Marvel Babies Animated Statue Gentle Giant

To say I really like the Gentle Giant Skottie Young Marvel Babies Animated statue line would be an understatement–I am utterly smitten. Seriously. I’ve got it bad for this line.

I’ve also got a thing for the Guardians of the Galaxy. So when Gentle Giant hit us up with a surprise Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord statue last time, I didn’t think it was possible for them to make me any more giddy.

I was wrong.

Back of Marvel Animated Groot and Rocket Raccoon Figure Skottie YoungBased off the Skottie Young variant cover for “Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up #1”, next up in the Marvel Animated statues line is two for the price of one with my favorite duo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Rocket Raccoon & Groot!

Front and back, this is one of the most a-Dorbz-able (yes, I know I usually reserve that adjective for Funko Dorbz) Marvel figures that I’ve ever seen. The “inked” lines on Groot that give him his comic book-styled “wood” texture are just too cute!

Side View of Gentle Giant Rocket Raccoon Groot Marvel Animated StatueI think the stylization of this piece really shines from the side view, though, where you can see the very unique (and almost creepy) shaping of Skottie Young Groot’s open mouth (beautifully contrasted by Rocket Raccoon’s grumpy grimace.

Gentle Giant Marvel Animated Groot and Rocket Raccoon Statue Close-UpThis Rocket and Groot statue is the single best value in the Marvel Animated Gentle Giant range so far, as not only is Groot taller than any other figure in the collection, but he comes with a whole other character in Rocket Raccoon–all for the usual $64.99 MSRP.

Skottie Young Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Babies Statues

Now that we’ve got three-fifths of the core Guardians of the Galaxy members from the movie, I wonder if Gentle Giant might surprise us with Gamora and Drax to complete the team…? Perhaps as more limited SDCC 2017 exclusives…?

It would certainly be a bit weird to get characters like Drax and Gamora in this line before Thor, Spider-Man, Hulk and Wolverine, but I absolutely wouldn’t turn my nose up at Gentle Giant completing their first team in the Skottie Young Marvel Animated range.

Skottie Young Marvel Babies Statues Complete Lineup Gentle GiantThe Gentle Giant Groot & Rocket Raccoon Marvel Animated statue is now up for order, and is expected to be released in June/July 2017. Some retailers have already sold out of Deadpool and Spider-Gwen, and with GOTG 2 mania beginning shortly, I wonder if Rocket and Groot might follow suit and sell out quickly as well.

What do you think of the latest addition to Gentle Giant’s growing collection of Skottie Young statues, Marvel collectors? Is anyone as infatuated with this line as I am and picking up every piece that hits, or are you being selective with the Marvel Animated series (or skipping it entirely)?


Skottie Young Marvel Babies Animated Rocket & Groot Statue! — 6 Comments

  1. If there is justice in the world, these would be more popular than those stupid Pop! toys. Seriously, how are those things so popular with the fans?

    • These statues are $64.99 each. Funko Pop!s range from $8-12 bucks depending on where you’re getting them. Doesn’t take a genius to see at least one reason why Pop! figures are more popular.

      • Oops the price slipped my mind. Still everyone and their mom seems to be collecting those things, I just don’t get the love for them (I know I know, it’s not my money why should I care)

  2. If there is any justice in the world these would be more popular than those Fugly Funko Pops toys. Seriously, how are those things so Popular? It can’t just be the price?

  3. I recently noticed that for all of Gentle Giant’s Marvel animated statue series, there is a Disney exclusive Comic Con pin. Maybe that is why they haven’t released the Magneto? Because Disney doesn’t have the rights yet?