Marvel Select Destroyer Odin Figure Released & Photos!

The postal service is infuriatingly slow delivering my latest Diamond Select Toys figure (grumble grumble), so that meant I had to take a field trip down to the mall this week to at least take packaged photos of the first Marvel Select figure to arrive this year! He may not be in the upper-echelon of most beloved Marvel villains, but I’ve seen firsthand now just how drop-dead gorgeous and amazing this Marvel Select Destroyer Odin figure is…

Marvel Select The Destroyer Odin Figure Released

When DST teased another humongous figure being added to the beloved Marvel Select figure line last year, I heard a few collectors guess the Destroyer and even one or two who mentioned Odin. But nowhere did I hear anyone guess that the figure would be both Odin and The Destroyer!

I’ve been looking forward to seeing the finished version of this figure ever since it was announced last summer, and today the day finally arrived…

Back of Package Marvel Select Destroyer FigureAs soon as I saw this figure in person in the store, I was blown away by not only how big it is (about 9″ tall), but also how high-quality the sculpt and glossy paint are. I saw the figure at NYCC 2016 a few months ago on display at the DST booth, but it’s really hard to get a feel for just how great this Odin The Destroyer figure looks without seeing it in person.

Side of Box Marvel Select The Destroyer FigureAnd for anyone fearing for some reason that this figure might be a hollow rotocast–don’t! The Marvel Select Destroyer figure has some serious heft to it when you pick it up. Toybiz may have made their own official Marvel Legends Destroyer figure around a decade ago, but I doubt that many collectors are going to champion that version over DST’s masterpiece here.

Close-Up of Diamond Select Toys Odin Head Marvel Select 2017The Marvel Select Odin head is beautifully detailed, and just outright kills the head that Hasbro did for the Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure. I doubt I’ll ever be using this head on the Destroyer figure myself, but it’s terrific for those who want the option.

Marvel Select Odinsword Close-UpAnd where would Odin be without his trusty Odinsword, right? I hadn’t honestly put any thought into what I wanted the Odinsword to look like (as I’m only planning to use this action figure as The Destroyer), but man oh man does the Odin Sword’s hilt look incredible.

Not only are we getting a humongous, 100% unique sculpt Build-A-Figure sized Destroyer here, but also an awesome interchangeable Odin head and one of the best detailed swords in this scale ever made. All for $23-$25! Diamond Select has really outdone themselves here!

Diamond Select Toys Destroyer Odin Figure in PackageThe Marvel Select Odin Destroyer figure is now in-stock and shipping online, and should have arrived at most comic book shops this week as well. My comic stores all only ordered one each of this figure, but Odin isn’t exactly Deadpool in popularity, so he was still hanging around at my local stores. Your success may vary.

Now that you’ve seen the finished product, will you be picking up your own The Destroyer Marvel Select figure? Who would you like to see Diamond Select Toys handle for their next “BIG” figure in the line?


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  1. Passing on this one. A thor movie/destroyer baf wave wouldv been fantastic. Of course hed have to have been in the 1/6 scale- but sadly-hasbro just doesnt do that.

  2. I too am waiting for this in the mail. Thanks for the review. I would love a DST Galactus or re-release of the Watcher. Maybe a detailed submariner with Trident?

  3. I think it would be cool to get a comic version of volstagg the voluminous and kingpin from marvel select.