SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Figures Set Revealed?

Hasbro has managed to hide this year’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ set for far longer than ever before, and also longer than most any other company’s SDCC exclusives. But the waiting and wondering may now be over, as photos have now leaked online revealing what is likely the SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends exclusive set, featuring Enchantress, Dreadknight, Purple Man and more!

SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends 6 Inch Figures Set

As soon as Hasbro revealed development photos of a 6″ Abomination Build-A-Figure and a Marvel Universe scaled Lockjaw figure, I put down money on both those figures being the centerpieces of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusive sets for the two sizes of Marvel Legends action figures.

As I anticipated, Lockjaw did in fact become the main figure in the 4″ Marvel Legends SDCC 2016 exclusives pack, but a curveball came my way when Hasbro Brazil (no, really–Hasbro Brazil is a real thing) seemingly confirmed that the Marvel Legends Abomination Build-A-Figure would be packed with this summer’s Captain America Civil War Legends Wave 3 set. That revelation totally threw me, and has left me wondering about the 6″ Legends exclusives for SDCC ever since.

But mysterious photos surfaced online today on the @Marvel_Custom_Figures Instagram page, leaking the identities of the characters that will come in the probable San Diego Comic-Con box set (seeing as how the side of the shipping box says “MVL SDCC 6 INCH LEGENDS FIGURE” and all), and it looks like good ol’ Emil Blonsky is among them!

Close-Up of Marvel Legends SDCC 2016 Exclusive SetWhile Hasbro has not (and likely will not for a while yet) announced this set officially, it looks like the figures comprising this year’s 6″ Marvel Legends SDCC 2016 exclusives will be:

  • Abomination Build-A-Figure (pre-built)
  • Marvel Legends Enchantress
  • Dreadknight
  • Purple Man
  • Sand-Form Sandman
  • Spider-Man (McFarlane)

SDCC Marvel Legends 2016 Exclusive Case Photo

It’s worth noting that Purple Man is using the Chameleon body mold, while Sandman looks to be a repaint of the Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure. Spider-Man looks to have the beloved McFarlane Spider-Man design, and Enchantress has Scarlet Witch’s effects pieces molded in green.

The Abomination BAF is cut off in the photo, so we can’t see much of him, but we can safely assume that he’s using at least some parts retooled from last year’s Marvel Legends Rhino Build-A-Figure.

And Dreadknight is an awesome villain best known from the 90’s Iron Man cartoon series, for those who aren’t familiar with him. If he wasn’t in this set, I’m not sure how much I would care about it, honestly. I love wacky D-List villains!!

Marvel Legends Purple Man and Sand Form Sandman FigureObviously this news is still unconfirmed at the moment, but the packaging and figure quality seen in these images definitely is enough to convince me of the authenticity of this set–especially since we’ve been waiting so long to see this reveal, and we’re getting so close to San Diego Comic Con. Where does this leave the rumored mass-release Abomination Build-A-Figure? I suppose we’ll have to wait a little while to find out…

What do you think of the set in these photos, Marvel collectors? Do you agree that this is the real deal, or do you think someone is trying to fake us out with some cleverly-disguised (and extremely convincing) customs? And if this set is authentic, will you be fighting the mob of other Marvel Legends collectors to try to claim one next month?


SDCC 2016 Exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Figures Set Revealed? — 26 Comments

  1. if true, then this is a awesome set but completely random. compared to the last 3 versions.

  2. Gives me some hope of owning. I was worried it would be the Phoenix 5 which would have ended up costing $500 aftermarket.

  3. Well, considering I want exactly one figure in this set, Sandman (and he’s probably gonna get a non-sand-version at retail)… yeah, that’s an entirely fair assessment. Although if Dormammu and Star-Lord are to be believed, we’re probably going to get an Abomination and/or Sandman wave sometime soon.

    If I were forced to guess, I’d say the rumored next Spider-Man wave (which is said to include Black Suit Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, ANAD!Spider-Man, and Ms. Marvel) will star Sandman as its BAF, and the next Captain America wave, featuring Scarlet Witch and Secret War Cap, will be where we see Abomination. Of course, I could be entirely wrong, that’s just my guess.

    But yeah, I personally never liked how Todd McFarlane drew Spider-Man (Gimme John Romita Jr. any day) and I really hate Purple Man, and Abomination and Enchantress I can live without, so while this is a cool set, it doesn’t stir a burning desire within my heart to own it. Which is perfectly okay, because it’s not like I can go to SDCC or afford a big exclusive set at the ridiculous aftermarket prices this will inevitably go for.

  4. Lol, It really makes me laugh watching people get all bent out of shape on the forums over these things. Its so terribly pathetic. If you want it try to buy it when it goes live or know someone that is going, otherwise shut up and spend the money on ebay. And if its too much money then maybe it is time to start re evaluating your hobby and find something more cost effective.

    • Says the guy, mocking said people…? I can see the issue as Enchantress has been a wish list character forever winning or scoring high in every poll and being a sdcc exclusive they don’t make many. If collecting $20 figures is your hobby and they jump to $100+ immediately you have every right to complain.

  5. Doesn’t it look like they are in jail cells, like the Vault? Maybe that is the theme. Dreadknight, Enchantress and Killgrave will all be awesome.

  6. I’m hoping the Abomination (if that’s indeed him) has at least one closed fist. It’s obvious he has an open left hand. Or maybe to make the exclusive something special, they’ll include a different set of hands, which wouldn’t be available in the retail waves. NAH! Wishful thinking.

  7. Well there were rumors of a “Raft box set” for sdcc. So I can see where this males sense.

  8. Could the Cap wave BAF be a A-Bomb with retooled Abomination parts. Kinda of like they did with the Marvel Universe figures.

  9. This seems like a completely random set. Almost as if they are simply dumping all the figures they don’t think can sell at retail together.
    It’s disappointing this most likely means we won’t be getting Enchantress with the rumored Thor wave next year.

    • Well, considering they’re releasing Dormammu from last year’s Book of Vishanti as the BAF of the Doctor Strange wave this year, I’d say it’s quite possible for them to release Enchantress as part of the Thor: Ragnarok wave in 2017.

      • That’s very possible. Perhaps a repainted version with Executioner as the BAF?

  10. I love this collection. If this would have been all A-list “wants” set people would be complaining about how they will never get them and how they cant believe its an exclusive. I think the reason you get these obscure figures at Con’s is because Hasbro knows they arent “must haves”. They would not sell well in stores and I appreciate the fact that they were made at all. I am not going to the SDCC this year but I have no problem buying these from a 3rd party as they are ALL must have for me with the exception being the BROWN Sandman. I’d prefer a regular colored one which Im sure they will release later.

  11. Sandman and Dreadknight are must-haves for me. Not going to SDCC, though, so I guess I’ll be paying, like, 50 dollars apiece for them on eBay.

    • I live in Brazil. A REGULAR 6″ Marvel Legends is listed here for the equivalent, by today’s exchange rate, to US$53!!! Imagine my anguish!!!

  12. The name of Hasbro’s subsidiary in Brazil is in fact “Hasbro Brasil”, s instead of z, as it’s how the country name is spelled in its official language: Portuguese. To be even more precise the subsidiary’s full name is “Hasbro do Brasil Indústria e Comércio de Brinquedos”.