Marvel Legends Civil War 4″ 2-Packs Released! Agent 13!

Having grossed over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office thus far, it’s easy to assert that Captain America: Civil War has been the blockbuster success it was intended to be. What hasn’t been so easy, however, is finding collector-level Civil War toys in retail stores thus far. But while the Marvel Legends 6″ figures are still few and far between at retail, at least some new movie toys are making it out: the Toys R Us exclusive Marvel Legends 2-Packs containing Black Panther, Agent 13, and comic-based Iron Man and Captain America have now been released!

Marvel Legends Civil War Exclusive 2-Packs Released

While the reveal of a hefty number of 6″ Marvel Legends figures (including the ever-popular Civil War Falcon and Winter Soldier) was met with raucous approval at New York Toy Fair 2016, there wasn’t nearly as much fanfare for the two Toys R Us exclusive 3.75 inch two packs that were also announced at the event.

So as fate would have it, of course it would be the Marvel Universe-scaled figures that hit stores in the United States, right…?

Ironic as that factoid is, I’m still pretty excited about at least one of the two new Marvel Legends 4″ figure packs that have begun hitting Toys R Us stores.

Toys R Us Black Panther & Agent 13 Figures Box BackThe first of the two packs is the one that I think is going to sell out at retail very quickly, and which might even end up commanding a solid aftermarket price: the first movie Black Panther and Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) 4″ figures.

Marvel Legends 4" Black Panther Figure Close-UpThe Black Panther figure looks outstanding to me, packing nearly as much sculpting detail onto a 4 inch figure as we got on the 6 inch figure.

With the 6″ Black Panther still commanding around double his MSRP on the aftermarket, I think a lot of fans won’t mind shelling out $19.99 for this version (and an extra figure) as well.

Marvel Legends Civil War Agent 13 Sharon Carter FigureMeanwhile, we get the first-ever movie Sharon Carter figure by Hasbro, which is a big deal since there was no 6″ Agent 13 Civil War Legends figure released.

This figure’s face is far from an authentic-looking Emily VanCamp portrait, but I dig the costume and the working holsters with dual pistols. I’m still hoping for a Hot Toys Agent 13, but I may have to settle for this version for now.

Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Captain America & Iron Man 2-PackThe other two-pack in the Toys R Us exclusive series is based off of modern Marvel NOW character designs for Iron Man and Captain America.

Marvel Legends 3.75" Captain America & Iron Man TRU Exclusive Set

Unfortunately, both of these looks are dated now and not in-line with either’s current comic book appearances, but I always dig the black and gold Iron Man armor.

This set is going to be a major pass for me at the full retail price of $19.99, but when this two-pack hits clearance after shelf-warning (and it certainly will), I’ll definitely think about snapping this up for the Marvel NOW Iron Man figure. The irony here is that if Hasbro had made these super-articulated 4″ Civil War Iron Man and Captain America figures, this set would probably sell ten times better. Alas.

Toys R Us Black Panther and Sharon Carter Marvel Legends Exclusive Two-PackThe 4″ Marvel Legends exclusive Black Panther/Agent 13 and Captain America/Iron Man sets are now arriving at Toys R Us stores in the United States. If you want the Civil War set, I’d suggest snatching one up soon–with Black Panther in it, that set is gonna sell like hotcakes.

Have these latest Marvel Legends two-packs hit your local stores yet, Marvel collectors? And are you planning on picking up either of these sets, or are you saving your money for different comic collectibles this summer?


Marvel Legends Civil War 4″ 2-Packs Released! Agent 13! — 10 Comments

  1. That black panther is gorgeous. Never would have thought it would look that nice in that scale. I guess I always assume the worst with hasbros 1:18.

  2. Definitely a pickup for me. I just wish we would get a standard 4 inch movie line.

  3. Found these at my local TRU yesterday! They were on the rack with the AoU 2-packs, marked $12.99. I ended up getting them for $12.99 instead of $19.99 when I pointed that out to the cashier. I kinda feel bad- like I accidentally swindled TRU- but hey, that’s a pretty good deal for these guys!

    • What state are you located in? I’m looking and can’t find it. 🙁 Its for my son

  4. @D. Kuhrt
    Stop saying: “Alas.” It’s not a meant to be used as a one word sentence. It’s usually best to separate alas from the surrounding sentence with commas (or a single comma if alas begins or ends a sentence).

  5. I saw these in person not long ago. Of the four, Panther is easily the best figure.

    I don’t recall Sharon ever wearing an outfit like that in Civil War, but it’s a decent figure. The Iron Man is okay, but… that Captain America MIGHT be the worst 3.75 inch scale Cap that Hasbro’s ever put out for the price. It uses a terrible Avengers mold with really lackluster articulation (which I guess is standard now) and it’s missing a bunch of paint apps.

  6. Can’t wait for the Falcon figure in this scale. It’s too bad we probably wont get a Crossbones or a new Ant-man figure.

  7. If there is no news on a vision, crossbones, antman and Hawkeye 6 inch movie version then count me out. I rather buy the collection then buy half of a collection why be incomplete it makes no sense to not make them all and don’t forget black widow.

    • Marvel Legends? If So, There will be a Crossbones, not sure if it is based off the movie. But yes we do need the rest of them in 6 inch form

  8. I have the black panther sharon carter set and I love it! Black panther is very detailed for the scale, great articulation, and all around fantastic figure. The only thing the older versions have over this one is they can grip weapons, this one is designed to use his claws. Honestly, it’s no big loss in my opinion, I’m very happy with his figure. The Agent 13 Sharon Carter figure is also fantastic, not as original as the Panther but still great, some pieces I believe I’ve seen in GI Joes. The sculpting is great, lots of articulation, and she comes with 2 pistols and a belt holster.

    I didn’t pick up the cap/iron man because they were repaints of previous molds that I just don’t feel like buying more of.