Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Up for Order!

Things didn’t go as planned as far as secrecy goes with the soon-arriving Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War figures wave. Images of both the figures and the top-secret Giant-Man Build-A-Figure leaked out long before they were meant to. But now Hasbro is finally ready to show all their cards, and has released official photos of the entire Marvel Legends Civil War wave!

UPDATE 3/23/2016: Some online retailers are now taking pre-orders for the Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series!

Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther Figure Packaged

At this point, we’ve all seen every one of the figures in this spring’s Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series, both in leaked images and in photos taken at the New York Toy Fair 2016.

In fact, the figures have even started being sold on eBay, where the new Marvel Legends Black Panther is selling for–I kid you not–hundreds of dollars… without a Build-A-Figure part. Crazy, right?!

Even so, one thing that we hadn’t seen–at least until today–was official, super high resolution images of all seven figures in this wave and their accessories! Let’s take a look…

Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America Figure PackagedWhile I’m not giddy with glee about getting last year’s Age of Ultron Captain America 6″ figure slightly repainted again this year, I don’t think we could reasonably expect Hasbro to not put a movie Cap figure in the Civil War wave.

Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends Figure with Giant-Man HeadThis is our first really good look at the Giant Man BAF head that comes with Captain America, and I’m happy to say that Hasbro has the translucent lenses on Giant-Man’s helmet looking just as good as the Funko Giant-Man POP Vinyl figure that I released last week!

Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark 46 Civil War FigureUnlike Captain America himself, movie Iron Man figures always sell swiftly in my area. As such, I think that the Marvel Legends Civil War Iron Man Mark 46 figure will sell just fine.

Civil War Iron Man Marvel Legends Six Inch Figure with Giant Man ArmThe armor itself looks fantastic–easily one of the better movie Iron Man figures Hasbro has released–but it’s the first six inch scale effects pieces and interchangeable hands that really sell me on this action figure.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Figure with Giant-Man LegThe 6″ Civil War Black Panther Marvel Legends figure is easily the figure that’s accumulating more hype than any other figure in this wave. I think Hasbro is crazy to pack T’Challa at just one-per-case, as this figure is already crazy hot and selling for mind-blowing prices on the aftermarket.

Red Guardian Marvel Legends Figure PackagedRed Guardian is a classic Marvel character who’s not exactly a household name, but the Soviet superhero made recent appearances in the “Avengers Assemble” cartoon, so I think at least some of the younger generation of fans know who he is.

Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Red Guardian Figure with Giant-Man LegI’d be lying if I said I had been dreaming of a 6″ Marvel Legends Red Guardian action figure, but I think he’s an innocuous classic addition to the line.

Marvel Legends Nuke Civil War Figure PackagedJust like Red Guardian, Marvel Legends Nuke is not a figure I ever had on my wish list.

Nuke Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Figure with Giant Man TorsoHis battle-damaged cybernetic head is cool and he looks nice (for a Small Soldiers wannabe), but this is a figure I’ll be purchasing purely for the Giant-Man BAF piece.

Marvel Legends 2016 Nick Fury Figure PackagedLast but not least, we’ve got the other figure in this wave that I guarantee is going to be hot: a classic Nick Fury Marvel Legends figure.

Nick Fury Marvel Legends Civil War Figure with Giant Man Arm and Dirk Anger Head

Not only is this the first Marvel Legends Nick Fury single-packed figure in many years, but he also comes with a Nextwave Dirk Anger head and even a SHIELD Agent army builder head. This will definitely end up being one of the most in-demand Marvel Legends 2016 figures, no doubt about it.

It’s definitely a sign that the world is a-changin’ when I have readers write in to ask me why Hasbro’s Nick Fury action figure is “a white guy”, but I think this very classic version of Nick Fury will still be able to challenge movie Black Panther for the title of “most difficult to obtain” figure in this wave.

Marvel Legends Giant-Man Build-A-Figure The Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Giant-Man series is now available for order from select retailers. If you’re looking to purchase individual figures from this series and not a full set or case, check back frequently and be sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages, as I’ll send out instant updates beamed right to your social media newsfeeds when Amazon gets in singles. The popular figures from this assortment are definitely going to sell out fast!

Does seeing the hi-res photos of the Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends Giant-Man wave change your opinion about the series at all? Which figures from this series are you planning on adding to your collection (if any)?


Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Up for Order! — 37 Comments

  1. Meh, swap the obscure comics figures for movie versions of Vision, Scarlet Witch and Spidey and I’d be drooling.

    Can’t understand why they don’t just do movie lines separate from comic based lines.

        • Majority of collectors don’t like movie figures, which is why most of the time they are peg warmers. I haven’t found anyone yet who thinks movie apocalypse in the new xmen looks good, and I agree, he looks ridiculous. Hopefully they won’t make a baf of him.

          • They won’t.
            It’ll be a comicbook Apocalypse.

            They won’t make a single X-Men movie figure.

          • “Majority of collectors don’t like movie figures”

            That’s a myth and you don’t speak for all of us. I love movie figures. My collection is half and half and I only have 1 version of each character. I buy whoever looks coolest. That’s why I have movie Trenchcoat Cyclops and ‘splodey-crotch Iceman in the same collection. Sandman Series Spider-Man and comic versions of John Blaze and Dan Ketch. Whoever looks coolest. Tell me you’d rather have comic Falcon with his stupid beach-ball shoulders than the movie version that’s coming out and I’ll tell you you’re lying to yourself.

      • I have to respectfully disagree. Movie Spidey and Vision would fly off the shelves. Wanda would be the only questionable one.

  2. I don’t really have interest in red guardian or cap. Actually, I WANT a new movie cap for every movie that comes out, but this one needed new shoulders, upper torso, and thighs to be accurate, so it’s a huge disappointment. The character red guardian doesn’t appeal to me, and on top of that he is supposed to have a circular belt buckle. The ONE part of him that is supposed to be new is just a pathetic reuse. I’ll buy all of them anyways because I’m super excited for everything but those 2, plus I need an updated (if inaccurate) movie cap. And I haven’t been this excited for a figure since hulkbuster! (I am referring to giant man). But the figure besides giant man that I’m most excited for is hands down Nuke.

    • I don’t know if there’ll be a pre-order this time. I think these will just go up for sale once retailers receive them this spring–probably within the next month or so.

    • We’ll probably get a Luke Cage later this year or early next year thanks to the Luke Cage Netflix series coming out in September.

    • Nuke is the character who Sergeant Hatred on The Venture Brothers is a parody of.

    • Comments with multiple external links automatically get sucked into the spam filter. I went in and manually fished it out for you, though.

  3. I was able to snatch up 18 of the nick furys, they were sold out within minutes after I bought mine. Thank god I won’t have to hunt these. I’ll probably try to buy about 7 more so I fan have about 25 shield agents, 24 counting fury.

  4. Wow! I’m quite impressed with the look of this batch of figures,and stoked that Red Guardian made the cut! The Nick Fury and Black Panther are the must haves for my collection!

    • They’re starting to hit Walmart shelves in the U.S. right now. Expect them in mass in a few weeks.