Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Vision Falcon Captain America!

And the hits keep right on coming this week on the Marvel Legends front! Hasbro showed off a number of exclusives to the press at the 2016 Toy Fair last month, but wouldn’t allow photography at that time. One of those exclusives was a comics-based three-pack including Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Sam Wilson Captain America and All-New Vision. Well–surprise! That exclusive Marvel Legends 3-Pack has now appeared in a Hong Kong Toys R Us!
Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America Kate Bishop Hawkeye Vision Pack

Get ready, Marvel Legends 6″ collectors! The most loaded year for Hasbro 6 Inch Marvel action figures is about to roll on with a new three-pack scheduled to hit United States stores in late April/early May 2016!

While this set is going to be hitting stores just in time to take advantage of the hype and excitement surrounding Captain America: Civil War, the set isn’t based on that movie–or any movie–at all! All three figures in this set are based on the modern Marvel comic books.

There were so many Marvel Legends exclusives shown at the New York Toy Fair 2016 last month that I legitimately thought we were seeing all of the exclusives planned for the entire year. But as more of the announced figures creep out of the factory, I’m increasingly convinced that we’ll be seeing a whole other wave of exclusives announced at San Diego Comic Con 2016 this summer.

Marvel Legends 2016 Sam Wilson Captain America Falcon 6 Inch FigureThe headliner for this Toys R Us exclusive set is Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America. I was psyched at Toy Fair when Hasbro confirmed we’d be getting this 6″ Falcon Captain Americs figure in addition to the 4″ version in the comic packs, but seeing that this version is also missing Falcon’s iconic wings was a shocking disappointment.

The ML 6″ Sam Wilson Captain America figure itself looks sensational, but the omission of the wings is definitely a blow. Customizers are going to have a lot of requests coming in this spring!

2016 Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Hawkeye Figure Toys R Us ExclusiveMarvel Legends Kate Bishop Hawkeye is the obscure/female figure in this pack. Young Avengers was never a favorite of mine, but Matt Fraction made me love Kate Bishop in his Hawkeye comic book series, and I believe this will be her first action figure ever.

Note that it looks like a string has been added to the bow this figure comes with–a feature I can’t recall seeing on that weapon in any previous release. I also really love the new waist quiver Hasbro tooled just for this figure!

Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends 2016 Vision FigureFinally, we’ve got a new Marvel Legends Vision figure in his costume from Uncanny Avengers and All-New Avengers. This is one of the most eye-grabbing costumes ever for the Vision, and Hasbro has captured it splendidly. I do have to admit, though–it’s kind of crazy that we’re getting three new Vision figures in under a year, and none of them are the Avengers Age of Ultron movie Vision Marvel Legends figures fans have been asking for…

Big thanks to Billy Bonzo for sharing these photos from his Hong Kong Toys R Us store with the Marvel Legends Community!

What do you think of this upcoming Toys R Us exclusive Marvel Legends 3-Pack, collectors? Will this set be joining your collection at its $50 MSRP when it arrives this spring, or will you be waiting for a sale (or skipping over this comic-based set altogether)?


Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Vision Falcon Captain America! — 22 Comments

  1. I’m slightly underwhelmed at the Kate/Hawkeye figure. It seems so bland and empty. A scarf of hip sash would have made it feel more balanced, but as is it feels like it is missing something. Not as glaring an omission as the lack of wings on a Falcon figure, but still. I guess we shouldn’t come to expect too much from the TRU exclusives, but at least it gets extra figures on the shelf. Time for custom additions, indeed.

  2. The bow’s string was just painted black, it’s not an actual string sadly. And NO FALCON WINGS 🙁

  3. Waiting until this pack drops to 30 bucks on the shelves. I hope we get a classic falcon soon. Not really a fal-cap fan. Like the vision though.

    • Hope that does happen. However,it’s highly unlikely tRu will place this on clearance discount of $30 like the savvy and reasonable Target would.
      I was disappointed when I got the news it would be a tRu exclusive!
      Maybe they will have a sale and or I will get a Rewards coupon for %20 off?
      One can only hope.

  4. The lack of wings is impossibly dumb….

    Kate’s cool, but not remotely the costume I would’ve preferred.

    Vision is awesome, and EASILY the star of this set. Screw MCU Vision and his janky colors, THIS is the best design Vision has ever had.

    • Cap’s mantle being politically/ethnically cleansed is infinitely dumber.

      Cue Ric’s PC Principal social justice warrior rant in 3… 2….

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        God does not show partiality or favoritism (Deuteronomy 10:17; Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; Ephesians 6:9), and neither should we.
        James 2:4 describes those who discriminate as “judges with evil thoughts.” Instead, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves (James 2:8).

        He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near.
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        “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” 
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        Allow to paraphrase the Green Lantern Oath;
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        “Love you,Dinah B.
        Hope you had fun!
        I’m Ric Kage and I endorse this message.” LOL?
        Peace be unto you!

  5. Kate is pretty much my sole reason for buying this now.

    How do you mess up something so easy as giving Sam his darn wings?

  6. Has anyone else noticed the lack of ab crung on the cap falcon? What’s up with that?

    • There is ab crunch. It is the same old of Marvel Now! Captain America. Look closely next to the red stripes and you will see it.

  7. I’m going to pass on this entire set. I could take or leave the Falcon-Capt if I found him solo and at a decent price, but there’s nothing about the other two I want at all.

  8. It’s not a string. It’s still just plastic entirely but that part’s painted black. And Kate’s torso is the same old one as hope summers and madam masque.

  9. Kate looks awesome although the lack of Wings on Cap Falc is disappointing!

  10. Captain Falcon’s wings missing is a major fail, it’s literally the most important thing to a figure. It would be like a Thor without Mjoinir and hair. I like the other 2 but, Sam just sucks.

  11. Seria un pack espectacular si falcon tubiera alas …. de verdad … falcon sin alas ???? En que pensaban ?? Es como … cap sin escudo … wolvi sin garras … fury sin parche … cable sin armas

  12. So happy to finally have a Kate figure.
    Happy to be getting a Sam as Cap figure too.

    Couldn’t care less about Vision.

  13. I just saw a USA seller selling them on eBay!!
    Sam Cap is awesome!!! Kate is also hot!!! I think they are using a New sculp for her. In between teen girl & mature woman. I’m pretty sure it’s what they are using on SILK.

  14. Posted this elsewhere, but I actually wished we got classic!Kate rather than NOW!Kate. Classic!Kate has some issues in her design, but the Now!Kate costume is just visually rather dull; I get it was meant to be ‘more practical’, but the hip-holes really undermine that.

  15. Not giving Cap his wings is beyond stupid….why even make the figure at all? Also, to those complaining about “PC”….get over it. There’ve been over 10 people to take up the mantle of Capt America. Including Bucky (who was brought back from the dead) and the Red Skull. So why NOT his partner that he served the longest with? There’s never been this much flack over a replacement, and its sad and hypocritical. Besides everyone knows its not permanent, at some point Sam goes back to being the Falcon, Steve will recover and become Cap again. What you guys should be upset about, is that this set isn’t available on the Toys R Us website. My local store knows nothing about it being “exclusive” to TRU, and can’t find it anywhere in their manifest or database, so they don’t know when or even if they’ll ever get it. Which makes no sense, but there it is.