Marvel Legends Namor War Machine Mark III Disco Iron Man!

Fresh off of Hasbro releasing long-awaited official hi-res photos of the Giant-Man series yesterday, we’ve got our first good (totally unofficial) look at a trio of upcoming Marvel Legends exclusives! A scrapper has posted photos of a trio of upcoming exclusive Marvel Legends figures including a non-glam shot for the first time of the Marvel Legends Namor figure–and the Submariner has also brought along the first images of Civil War War Machine Mark III and Disco Iron Man!

UPDATE 3/25/2016: Packaged photos of all three figures have now been added!

Packaged Marvel Legends Namor Walgreens Exclusive Figure

Okay, let me get the usual disclaimer out of the way first: these photos come from the eBay auctions of known Hong Kong scrapper viperskingdom. The figures are almost certainly illegally-obtained from the factory and Hasbro makes nothing off of the sales of these figures. In other words–don’t buy them.

But while I absolutely do not endorse or advocate buying from these sorts of listings, we’d be crazy not to check out the photos, right…?

Marvel Legends 2016 Namor Figure Close-UpFirst up, we’ve got the Walgreens exclusive Namor Marvel Legends figure first seen in a dramatic, Photoshopped glam shot at SDCC 2015.

Cardback Walgreens Namor Marvel Legends FigureWe’ve known for a while from the Walgreens database that Namor was scheduled to arrive around April 2016, but I think this pretty well confirms that that timeframe is accurate.

Walgreens Exclusive Namor Marvel Legends Figure with TridentNamor’s trident looks, uh, “interesting”, but the exclusive figure itself looks pretty awesome. We can also see that the Walgreens Namor will include a pair of interchangeable flat palmed hands to swap with his grasping hands. It does seem like Namor should have fists, though, too, doesn’t it…?

Back of Hasbro Marvel Legends 6 Inch Namor Action FigureThe costume Marvel Legends Namor is wearing is very obviously his X-Men costume, with the one notable detail missing being the “X” belt buckle. I wonder if this figure was originally planned for the X-Men wave and got pushed out? Hmmmm.

Marvel Legends War Machine Disco Iron Man Target Exclusive Two-PackMeanwhile, Hasbro wouldn’t allow the glam photos of the exclusive Marvel Legends Disco Iron Man and War Machine Mark III figures to be photographed, but we can see all the details of this duo right here.

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Disco Iron Man FigureDisco Iron Man Mark XXVII is, of course, one of the Iron Man 3 House Party Protocol armors. If you guessed that Hasbro chose to do this particular armor because it would require no new tooling, you likely guessed right.

Disco Iron Man Marvel Legends Exclusive 6 Inch FigurePoor Iron Man Disco! While folks have already bid Namor and War Machine Mark 3 up to many times what the figures will ever actually be worth once they’re released, Disco is still at a meager $24.99 and without a single bid. Alas.

2016 Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark 27 Disco Figure Close-UpI love the garish colors and the wacky name, so the Disco Iron Man Mark 27 armor permutation is one I’ve really been looking forward to owning. I love that Hasbro is sweeping in and beating Hot Toys, King Arts and Comicave Studios to the punch with this release!

The colors on this Marvel Legends 6″ Disco Iron Man figure look way off in these photos from what they accurately should be, but I’m chalking that up to the (non-)skills of the photographer. Hopefully the actual figure will look accurate when it arrives and not washed-out like this.

Marvel Legends War Machine Mark III FigureFinally, we’ve got the Marvel Legends 2016 War Machine Mark 3 from Captain America: Civil War.

War Machine Marvel Legends 2016 Figure with Baton

I think it’s really weird to see a popular and key character like War Machine Mark III being released solely as an exclusive–especially when Hasbro had to tool new parts for him–but Civil War Falcon is getting the same treatment. Odd.

On the bright side, baton-carrying Marvel Legends War Machine Mark III is in a two-pack with Disco Iron Man as a Target exclusive, so he should be very easy to find in stores and quickly discounted in the manner that Target exclusives almost always seem to be.

Marvel Legends War Machine Mark III FigureYou can check out viperskingdom’s auctions to see the original images of these figures, but again–his figures are likely stolen and/or scrapped for defects. Don’t buy them. The legit figures should be here in a month or two, and you’ll be happy you waited.

What do you think of this trio of Spring 2016 Marvel Legends exclusives, Marvel collectors? Are any of these figures destined to be joining your shelf this year, or are you unimpressed with this exclusive triad?


Marvel Legends Namor War Machine Mark III Disco Iron Man! — 35 Comments

  1. Namor is part of the Cap wave. just because he was one 1 team of X-men people think he is a X-men central character. he is not. he is more Avengers, Cap and Fantastic 4 then X-men.

    • I’m well aware that he’s part of the Captain America wave, but that’s the exact costume Namor was wearing in the X-Men comics at the time this figure was being developed. It’s not a jump to think that the “X” was left off his belt purposely so he wouldn’t be associated with the X-Men here.

  2. I find it amusing (read: frustrating) that of aaaaaall the armors they could have picked, they went with Disco, not because of the eye-bleeding colors, but because it WOULD require new tooling- a lot of it, actually. Like, 100% new tooling for it to be any kind of accurate. See, Disco Armor Iron Man is largely based on the MkVII armor, which is my favorite MCU Iron Man design and has had the grave injustice of never having a Legends figure released (the Wal-Mart line opted to give us a lazy, kinda-dirtied MkVI instead). So of all the armors they choose to repaint into the Disco armor, they choose… War Machine? What?! I mean, it’s got the same head shape as WMmkII, but the resemblance really ends there.

    Minimal new tooling is to be expected in exclusives, but they just painted a circular arc reactor inside the square one of War Machine MkII, and left the shoulder gun right where it is. (Which… Disco Iron Man does not have a shoulder gun.) When I heard about this exclusive set, I had my fingers crossed that Hasbro was planning on tooling up new parts for Disco Iron Man, because that would mean they would have to reuse those parts for a MkVII figure, which is what I really want… but no, they opted to just paint War Machine in Disco colors.

    I don’t get the logic behind the choice, either. If Hasbro was looking to repaint an older Iron Man into a newer one, I’d have gone with the Hot Rod armor- that one IS based on WMmkII, and it’s got a less hideous color scheme. Hot Rod isn’t my favorite either, but as a repainted War Machine I’d have gladly accepted that figure over this one.

    I get the feeling Disco Iron Man is going to show up on eBay in droves almost immediately after release, with aftermarket prices nosediving shortly thereafter. But if you’re happy to see this figure, then I am honestly, completely, 100% sincere when I say that I am happy for you, because it means that at least someone will love him.

    But hey, War Machine looks pretty great.

  3. Namor looks legit. Rhodeys ok but that Disco armor licks balls!
    Ol Shell Heads one of my top 5 favorite characters of all time and seeing this half assed repaint makes me sick! WTF Hasbro. Just when they redeem themselves they go and do some stupid sh*t like this.

    • Redeem themselves with what? I feel they’ve been doing good but it’ll take an AoU Quicksilver to fully redeem themselves. If you mean the higher quality of figures lately them yeah I agree.

      • Oh mg gosh yes!! A Avengers age of ultron Quicksilver would be amazing!!! I would totally buy him he was such a badass character in aou and where getting Scarlet Witch so why not Quicksilver!!

    • I wonder, also. The device he holds in his hand reminds me of a folded hand fan! Or, else, a battery clip! What, does he give stalled cars a jump as one of his military functions? “Rhodey, we got a stalled HUMVEE at your nine. Mind giving it a sip of Red Bull?”

  4. Odin’s spear as Namor’s trident doesn’t impress me. At the very least, the handle is so thick it will stretch any normal-sized figure’s hand too far.

    I like Namor, otherwise, though a sculpted vest would give the character a better look.

  5. If I grab one of those Disco Iron fellas, I will, like most I assume, repaint it as the Hot Rod armour.

  6. Namor seem a little too bulky to anyone else? The Grim Reaper body seems too big to me.

  7. Nah. The Reaper mold is more ideal. Namor weighs 278 lbs. The only reason Bucky weighs as much as he does (260) is because of his bionic left arm.

  8. It looks like Hasbro needs to sure up security in their factories again. Another reason why we need to stop giving the Chinese all of our factory work. Considering the cost of these guys have doubled over the last few years (American wages have remained nearly constant in the same timeframe) I would think that they wouldn’t need increase prices again if they did move production to the States. They would, of coarse; but not because they need to, but because of corporate greed…which needs to be stopped through legislation.

  9. I’m surprised that no one wants disco, the movie figures (im2 I believe) had a bunch of wacky ironman armors and they go for big money on eBay. Weird

    • I love to get each and every armor from Iron Man 3. They were the movie’s saving grace. Pepper’s and the Mandarin’ s roles in this film were huge disappointments.

  10. Namoe me encanta .. el tridente es …. eeeeee … feo … warmachine no me desagrada pero ironman disco que?? Horrible … si quieren seguir aburriendo con ironman podrian hacer aquella armadura … ironman hydro armor .. que era dorada de los años 90 … coincidiria con blizzard y whirlwind

  11. The namor looks great but damn his funny cat ear hair. Look at him and how he looks. I just know that dudes gonna be repainted and released as starfox. That costume looks almost exactly the same.

  12. I have a question for the power of this site or anyone who wants to respond. Doesn’t have anything to do with this, but this is the latest article.

    Last year, while collecting the Odin set, in wal mart, I bought an iron fist, good box condition, Odin BAF piece, good toy condition, all the hands, fit perfect in the box…..but it was the GREEN iron fist. I got the white one too just in case, but how did I come across that n what does it mean?!?!?!

    • It means that someone wanted the new Iron Fist and decided to buy the white version, put the old green Iron Fist back in the package, and return the figure to the store.

      But hey–I really like that old Iron Fist figure, so I think you’re the real winner in this instance, honestly!

      • It used to be that I just had to check the paint apps and mold lines in the store to make sure I wasn’t getting a dud, now with “aftermarket repacks” I have to make sure that when I shop at a major retail chain I’m actually getting the figure and accessories that are marketed. The old solid clamshells were a pain to open, but you knew it was sealed by that gloriously intoxicating ToyBiz plastic smell. I’ve stopped shopping at certain stores due to excessive numbers of repacked returns. Some people are jerks, nothing we can do about it.

  13. Haha. Thank you for the reply, that is also why I made sure to buy both. N the green one looks brand new(I’m not taking any of them out if the box), so I don’t truly know. Thank you!! Love the site!!

  14. Does anybody know the retail price on the War Machine and Disco Iron Man set? This is going got $65-80 on eBay and I’m curious to know the markup. Thanks!

  15. Namor is all over the Omaha, NE market as of today and you can order it and ship it off the Walgreens website or check if it is at a nearby store. I found 3 at the first Walgreens I visited. The paint aps are very inconsistent so be sure to look through them to choose the best, especially examining the eyes and borders along the “V” of the shirt. Happy hunting.

  16. Namor showed up in SC a couple of weeks back. Disco/War machine showed up this week at Target and is online for $40.