Play Arts Kai Black Panther Figure Photos & Up for Order!

Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Black Panther Figure

Although it’s far from the cheapest line of Marvel import figures out there, the Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant line has managed to survive longer than most PAK series and is offering a more diverse assortment of characters than almost any other import Marvel toy line in the land. And while I didn’t expect to see any new figures revealed for the lineup until SDCC 2017, Square-Enix has one that they wanted to get solicited and produced before the end of the year for a very smart reason–the Play Arts Kai Black Panther is now up for order!

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Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Black Panther Up for Order!


UPDATE 6/17/2016: Over six months after the figure first leaked onto the internet and over five months since he started popping up for sale on the aftermarket, the promised day has finally come. Believe it or not, the time to order a new comics-based version of Wakandan King T’Challa is here at last–the Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Black Panther figure is finally up for order online!

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Marvel Legends Civil War 4″ 2-Packs Released! Agent 13!

Marvel Legends Civil War Exclusive 2-Packs Released

Having grossed over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office thus far, it’s easy to assert that Captain America: Civil War has been the blockbuster success it was intended to be. What hasn’t been so easy, however, is finding collector-level Civil War toys in retail stores thus far. But while the Marvel Legends 6″ figures are still few and far between at retail, at least some new movie toys are making it out: the Toys R Us exclusive Marvel Legends 2-Packs containing Black Panther, Agent 13, and comic-based Iron Man and Captain America have now been released!

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Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther 6″ Figure Review

Marvel Legends Black Panther Review Civil War

I can only dance around talking about the most popular figure in the Marvel Legends Civil War series for so long, so after many, many requests, it’s finally time to talk about T’Challa! The Civil War Marvel Legends Black Panther figure is selling for $30+ online and is next to impossible to find in retail stores right now.

For all the effort finding him requires, it’d be a huge letdown if this Black Panther 6″ figure wasn’t exceptional. Luckily, he absolutely is…

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SH Figuarts Black Panther Figure Photos & Order Info!

Bandai SH Figuarts Black Panther Figure Revealed

Ever since Bandai Japan teased some of the characters that would be included in their SH Figuarts Captain America Civil War figures series, MCU collectors have been practically wetting themselves with anticipation of the S.H. Figuarts Black Panther figure. And today, there’s good news for those collectors–and also bad news. The Black Panther SH Figuarts figure will go up for order next week–but he’s not gonna be cheap. The Bandai Black Panther Figuarts figure will be yet another Asian Bandai Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive!

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Hot Toys Black Panther Figure Up for Order!

Hot Toys Civil War Black Panther Figure

Although T’Challa wasn’t shown amongst the first batch of Captain America: Civil War sixth scale figures prototypes, it was a question of when–not if–a Hot Toys Black Panther figure would make its debut.

I thought we might be waiting until after more of the returning heroes went up for order until we saw him, but the hype for Black Panther is hot and so his sixth scale figure: the Hot Toys Black Panther figure is now up for order!

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Civil War Funko Black Panther POP Vinyl Review & Photos

Funko Black Panther POP Vinyl Figure Review

While I knew that Black Panther making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as part of this summer’s Captain America: Civil War movie was going to be a big deal, I was totally unprepared for the overwhelming hype and demand for Black Panther toys that has manifested over the last few months. Not only is the Marvel Legends Black Panther selling for hundreds on the aftermarket, but even his POP Vinyl has been a tough grab. In fact, I had to grab my Funko Black Panther POP Vinyl online: was be worth it?

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Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Up for Order!

Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther Figure Packaged

Things didn’t go as planned as far as secrecy goes with the soon-arriving Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War figures wave. Images of both the figures and the top-secret Giant-Man Build-A-Figure leaked out long before they were meant to. But now Hasbro is finally ready to show all their cards, and has released official photos of the entire Marvel Legends Civil War wave!

UPDATE 3/23/2016: Some online retailers are now taking pre-orders for the Marvel Legends Giant-Man Series!

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Funko Dorbz Civil War Unmasked Black Panther Chase!

Funko Dorbz Chase Black Panther Unmasked Figure

By the time New York Toy Fair 2016 rolled around last month, it seemed that Funko had already shown off its entire range of Captain America: Civil War POP Vinyls, Dorbz, Mopeez and Mystery Minis.

But upon entering the Funko booth, my eyes immediately shot to an item that I instantly knew hadn’t been previously shown or announced anywhere else in the world: a rare Chase Dorbz Unmasked Black Panther figure!

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Marvel Select Black Panther & Avenging Cap Up for Order!

Marvel Select Black Panther Figure Packaged

Ordinarily I’m not a Monday person, but when Diamond Select Toys announced that two new comics-based Marvel Select figures would be revealed on Monday, February 1st 2016, I knew that this Monday was gonna be a good one–and so it is! After DST announced there was no Black Panther in the Civil War movie line, I knew it was a matter of time until a comics Black Panther was announced. And now he has been–the exclusive Marvel Select Black Panther figure is now up for order… and he’s brought a new Avenging Captain America with him!

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Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Announced! Black Panther!

Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther Figure

Considering the entire reason that the “Captain America Legends” line is returning this year in place of the popular “Avengers Legends” is the upcoming release of the “Captain America: Civil War” movie, I don’t think that any Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figure collector out there hasn’t been expecting the imminent announcement of Civil War 6″ figures. And while I thought Hasbro might make us wait till Toy Fair 2016 for that reveal, I was wrong: the Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther, Captain America and Iron Man figures have now been revealed!

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Funko Civil War POP Vinyls Revealed & Up for Order!

Funko Crossbones POP Vinyl Figure

While things have been a mite quiet on many manufacturers’ fronts since we crossed over into the new year, Funko isn’t one of those companies! The “Captain America: Civil War” movie is coming our way in just a few short months, and there’s no way that Funko would miss this golden opportunity to wage war on collectors’ wallets: a full series of ten mass-release Funko Captain America Civil War POP Vinyls are now up for order–including Black Panther, Agent 13, Crossbones, and a 6″ Giant-Man POP Vinyl!

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2016 Marvel Legends Black Panther… and 4″ Price Increase?

Marvel Legends 2016 Black Panther Figure Packaged

A couple of unannounced Marvel Legends 2016 4″ figures turned up on eBay last week, leaving fans wondering whether the figures were legit. Well, we Marvel Universe-scale collectors didn’t have too long to wait to find out: Hasbro has officially confirmed two upcoming new Marvel Legends 3.75″ figures–Black Panther and House of M Spider-Man! But there’s one other bit of news: a troubling potential price increase to $19.99 per figure…

UPDATE: And rejoice–Hasbro has confirmed that the price increase on their site was an error: 4″ figures will remain $12.99 in 2016.

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