Kotobukiya Black Panther Movie ARTFX Statue Up for Order!

Kotobukiya Black Panther ARTFX Statue Movie

It’s mostly been an uneventful start to 2018, as manufacturers seem to be saving most of their big reveals for next month’s New York Toy Fair 2018. But one branch of merch that literally cannot wait is the various Black Panther movie collectibles, as the movie debuts a day before the 2018 Toy Fair begins! We’ve seen most companies’ wares for the movie by now, but Kotobukiya just played their own card: the Kotobukiya ARTFX Black Panther movie statue is now up for order!

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Black Panther Marvel Legends Killmonger Figure Review

Marvel Legends Killmonger Review

Lightbulbs will not be going off in the heads of the vast, vast majority of the billions of people in the world when they hear the name “Erik Killmonger”. Maybe that will change significantly after he appears in a major movie release next month (or maybe not–poor Malekith!), but for now, Killmonger is a bit of a no-name among all but the most hardcore comic fans. Even so, the first super-articulated Marvel Legends Killmonger figure is now available–and he just may end up being one of the surprise hit best figures of 2018…

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2018 Marvel Legends Shuri & Klaw Figures Two-Pack Released!

Marvel legends Klaw and Shuri Toys R Us Two Pack Released

2018 has arrived, and with it has come a plethora of new Marvel toys and collectibles to buy! Well… theoretically, at least. Many collectors’ stores (including mine) simply haven’t started resetting the toy aisles and restocking the shelves just yet. But some fans are luckier than others, and have begun finding all of the Black Panther movie toys on shelves… including the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Shuri & Klaw two-pack!

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Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 2 Revealed & Photos! Black Panther!

Marvel Mighty Muggs 2018 Wave 2 Case

What better way to greet the new year than by welcoming back an old friend, right? I was astonished to see a new line of Mighty Muggs displayed at the Hasbro NYCC 2017 press event in October, and now the official street date of 1/1/2018 has arrived. But not only is Wave 1’s on-shelf date today—it’s also the day we get our first photos and info on Series 2! Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 2 is now up for order, including Black Panther, Rocket Raccoon and Doctor Strange!

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Iron Studios Black Panther Battle Diorama Statues Up for Order!

Okoye Iron Studios Statue Side View

The clock is ticking down on 2017, and when we pass the threshold into 2018 next week, the focus on the Black Panther movie is about the intensity in a big way! I’ll be posting my first Marvel Legends Black Panther movie figure reviews next week—but this week, we’ve got more collectible reveals for the movie to look at! The 1/10 Iron Studios Black Panther Battle Diorama Series statues are now up for order!

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Marvel Gallery Netflix Punisher Season 1 & Killmonger Statues!

Close-Up of Marvel Gallery Season 1 Punisher Netflix Statue Figure

Christmas has come and gone, and now we’re just a few short days away from the arrival of 2018, which will bring us the most-hyped Marvel movie ever: Avengers Infinity War! But before we get to Avengers 3, there’s another MCU movie just two months away: Black Panther! Diamond Select Toys is set to capitalize on the hype with the only statue of the movie’s villain—the Marvel Gallery Killmonger Statue is now up for order, along with a Netflix Punisher Season 1 Statue!

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2018 Marvel Legends Pink Black Panther & Rainbow Deadpools!

Marvel Legends 2018 Vibranium Armor Black Panther Figure Exclusive

It’s been all quiet on the Marvel Legends front lately while we wait for the first wave of 2018 to arrive at mass retail (the Marvel Legends Black Panther movie series!), but word broke today about a pair of exclusives coming our way in just a few months. Not only did we get our first look at the packaging for Rainbow Deadpool (Deadpool Corps) box set shown at SDCC 2017, but also the first-ever reveal of a comic-based… pink and black Black Panther figure?

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LEGO Black Panther Movie Sets Up for Order & Photos!

LEGO Black Panther Rhino Face-Off by the Mine 76099 Set Box Front

Traditionally, LEGO has only released a singular set for the “riskier” Marvel Cinematic Universe movies like Doctor Strange and Ant-Man. But The LEGO Group must be feeling pretty good about the Black Panther movie, because they’ve got not one, but two LEGO Black Panther Movie sets on the way and now up for order! If there doesn’t end up being a Robo-Rhinoceras in the movie now, I am gonna be severely disappointed…

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Marvel Select Black Panther Revealed + Minimates & Gallery Figures!

Marvel Select Black Panther Figure Revealed

Thanksgiving is just two days away, and we’re getting something to really be thankful for in advance: lots of fresh Marvel toy news! There’s a lot I want to talk about before the holiday, but I want to start with something that’s been a long time coming: the Marvel Select Black Panther went up for order in the fall despite just being a silhouette then. Now it’s finally been revealed—along with multiple series of Black Panther Minimates and even DST Marvel Gallery statues!

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Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Figures Up for Order! Case Ratios!

Marvel Legends Black Panther Series Case Ratios

UPDATE 11/11/2017: Those who don’t mind a little bit longer to get their Marvel Legends Black Panther series figure have another option: Amazon is now taking orders for all six individual figures in the Black Panther Legends wave! The catch is that the figures won’t ship until 1/1/2018, whereas other online retailers have a December 2017 ship date.

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Funko Black Panther POP Vinyls Dorbz & More Up for Order!

Funko Black Panther POP Vinyls

While the biggest Marvel toy news this week is Hasbro launching their Black Panther Marvel Legends series overnight, Hasbro isn’t the only one launching pre-orders for their line for the movie this week! Funko has big plans for Black Panther movie toys as well, as evident by the fact that Funko Black Panther POP Vinyls, Dorbz and more are now up for order!

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2018 Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Series Figures Photos!

Marvel Legends Nakia Packaged Black Panther Series

Well, here’s a surprise worth waking up to! From the United States to Canada and now to the United Kingdom, the Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals world tour rolls on this week at MCM London Comic-Con! At NYCC 2017, Hasbro said that we’d be seeing the Marvel Legends Black Panther movie figures revealed soon, and by that, it turns out they meant at London Comic-Con, where Killmonger, the Dora Milaje and more were revealed!

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Marvel Gallery Black Panther Netflix Daredevil & Punisher Statues!

DST Black Panther Gallery Statue

Diamond Select Toys has slowly but surely been building one of the largest presences in the modern Marvel statue collecting world, with multiple new resin and PVC statues being released practically every month of 2017. DST is becoming a major player on the statue scene with their low-priced, high-quality releases–and this fall, they made an impact with three more major statues! The Marvel Gallery Civil War Black Panther, Netflix Daredevil and Punisher statues have now all been released! Let’s take a look at the finished products…

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HasCon: Marvel Legends Shuri! Paladin! King Cobra! Thanos!

Marvel Legends Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet Walmart Exclusive

I posted earlier today about the megaton lineup of the first half of the 2018 X-Men Marvel Legends Apocalypse series, as well as the new Spider-Woman, but that’s far from all Hasbro had up their sleeves at the HasCon panel tonight! In addition, we saw the debuts of Marvel Legends Shuri, King Cobra, Invincible Iron Man, Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet, Paladin and more! I stopped by the Hasbro booth one last time tonight to snap photos of them all up-close…

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HasCon: Marvel Legends Black Bolt & Namor Photos!

As expected, all of the Marvel Legends figures that were revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2017 are also on display at HasCon 2017 this morning. There aren’t any new figures on display yet, but we do have confirmation of alternate heads coming with two of the figures first shown at SDCC 2017: Black Panther Marvel Legends Black Bolt and Namor!

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