Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Announced! Black Panther!

Considering that the entire reason that the “Captain America Legends” line is returning this year in place of the popular “Avengers Legends” line is the upcoming release of the “Captain America: Civil War” movie, I don’t think that there’s any Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figure collector out there who hasn’t been expecting the imminent announcement of Civil War 6″ figures. And while I thought Hasbro might make us wait till Toy Fair 2016 next month for that reveal, I was wrong: the Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther, Captain America and Iron Man figures have now been revealed!

Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther Figure

Prior to New York Toy Fair 2015 last February, Hasbro announced a trio of movie figures that would eventually be released as the core of Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 2: Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man Mark 43. As it turned out, these would be the only three six inch Avengers Age of Ultron Marvel Legends that Hasbro released at mass retail.

I was definitely expecting a larger showing for the Civil War 6″ line–including Falcon and possibly Scarlet Witch and Vision–but if this is all we get as non-exclusives in 2016, at least Black Panther will be getting a solid push as the only new movie character included in the lineup!

Clearly the movie design Black Panther costume, I reckon that this figure will still be “close enough” to fill in for Black Panther in the collections of those who don’t want to shell out the dollars for the increasingly-expensive comic Black Panther figures that have gotten really scarce on the aftermarket over the past year or two.

Marvel Legends Civil War Captain America FigureAt a glance, the Civil War Marvel Legends Captain America 6″ figure appears to be another repaint of the Winter Soldier Cap figure that was first released two years ago (unless someone can spot obvious differences that are eluding me). That was a good mold, and I suppose I don’t really mind seeing it again so long as it frees up the tooling budget to create some really great new tools for this wave (whoever else may be in it).

Marvel Legends Civil War Iron Man 6 Inch FigureFinally, we’ve got the Civil War Iron Man Marvel Legends 6″ figure. I think it’s very peculiar that Disney seems to have given up on labeling the specific armor permutation of Tony Stark as of this movie, as I can’t recall having seen this armor referred to as the “Iron Man Mark 46” anywhere. Hmmmmn.

It’s sleek and good-looking, and I’ll definitely be buying it (as I buy every 6 inch Iron Man figure Hasbro puts out), but what I’ll really be looking forward to is the Hot Toys version of this armor.

Marvel Legends Captain America with Motorcycle 4 Inch Figure Set

In addition to the trio of six inch action figures, two Hasbro 3.75″ Marvel Legends figure box sets have been revealed as well: Captain America (in his Civil War costume) with a motorcycle, and a new 4″ movie Falcon figure with Flight Tech Gear and “Redwing”.

Meanwhile, if I wasn’t suspicious enough after the LEGO Crossbones’ Hazard Heist set showed Falcon with a drone, I certainly am now–it definitely seems like in the MCU movies, Redwing is going to be a robot drone instead of an actual Falcon! Weird!!

I suppose Sam Wilson controlling a mechanical Redwing makes more sense than an actual falcon, but it will definitely take some getting used to for comic book readers.

Marvel Legends Civil War Falcon 4 Inch Figure HasbroI’ll post updates here and to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages as more information regarding the Civil War toys is revealed, so stay tuned. I expect that plenty of news will be held back for New York Toy Fair 2016 next month, but luckily, I’ll be present in New York City next month to provide coverage of that as well.

What do you think of the first announcements for the Captain America: Civil War Marvel Legends lineups, Hasbro collectors? Are you pleased with these initial showings, or are you already disappointed with the toys that have (or haven’t!) been shown for the biggest MCU movie of 2016?


Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Announced! Black Panther! — 30 Comments

  1. Rumor has it that the Black Panther, Captain America, and Iron Man marvel legends are three pack.

      • You know, IF the Civil War Wave is nothing but movie figures, AND it has the maximum 8 figures that fit in a case and 1 BAF……and IF the Cap, Iron Man and Panther ARE separate Civil War 3-pack, they COULD pretty much make a perfect Civil War Wave.

        1. – Falcon (no BAF parts due to wings and Redwing)
        2. – Black Widow
        3. – Vision
        4. – Scarlet Witch
        5. – Hawkeye
        6. – War Machine
        7. – Winter Soldier
        8. – Crossbones
        BAF – GiAnt-Man (Head, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, body)

    • I would be okay with that if it freed up space in the actual Civil War Wave for figures that AREN’T a Captain America repaint and ANOTHER Iron Man, and maybe opened up more chances to get characters like Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon.
      Hell, I want a Civil War Hawkeye. That costume looks badass.
      And how about GiAnt-Man, or Agent 13?
      Or Zemo?
      Or, of course, Spider-Man. Spider-Man would be a teenage-size figure. The only male one I can think of.
      (Fingers crossed to get a MCU Quicksilver one day, somehow….)

      And if the Civil War Wave is actually just a Captain America Wave with some movie stuff, we might really limited on slots for MCU characters, which would make freeing them up by putting Cap and Iron Man in a 3-pack a good call.

      • The Russo brothers recently said there’s some issues with Sony when it comes to marketing the character, which is why so far he hasn’t been on any of the promo images or any of the announced toy lines. I think if we get a Civil War Spider-Man it’ll be much later in the year.

        • This shouldn’t be a part of those problems.
          Marvel has the toy rights no matter what.

          • This was what they said in reference to Spider-Man being left off the promo images and merch.

            “The reason why we still won’t talk about [the costume] is that Marvel and Sony still have to work out what uses they have for the character, on a promotional level, on a commercial level. There’s still complications as far as that goes that involves business deals.”

            Marvel has the toy rights but it sounds like what is done with the likeness of the new suit is still at Sony’s discretion. The makers of the recent hoodie that was released even said Marvel didn’t let them see the new suit or make a reproduction of it.

    • Theres another rumor from a source I have that is in the know that these 3 packs, are going to be the new norm for movie figs to make room for more comic figs in the regular waves. Which is ok with me because movie figs suck. That iron man makes me want to puke, although t challa is looking pretty good, I just imagine him as a modern comic fig.

  2. Well, that Black Panther is awesome as hell.
    Maybe good enough to take over as the best Black Panther from the Toy Biz version.
    A hell of a lot better than the disappointing blue Hasbro one.

    Cap looks like a repaint of the Age of Ultron mold (moreso than the Winter Soldier mold that shares parts with it).
    Almost entirely redundant, aside from more blue on the sleeves, basically.

    That Iron Man figure looks EXTREMELY familiar, and I’m not fully convinced that it really matches the Bleeding Edge Armor we’ve seen from Civil War….
    I’ll have to investigate that when I get back to a real PC.
    Strikes me as a repaint of…..something.

    I REALLY hope we get a Falcon figure….

    • Okay, I was wrong. That Bleeding Edge armor Iron Man figure does seem to be entirely new.
      It just seems to be lacking the blue paint for the glowing repulsor nodes all over the armor….

  3. Wonder if we’ll ever see a ML figure for Spider-Man’s film design, once it’s revealed of course. I’m a huge Spidey fan, so I’d definitely want to add an MCU Spidey to my collection.

    • It takes about a year of lead time for Hasbro to develop a new figure and bring it to market, and since Sony and Disney apparently haven’t agreed on the costume issue 100% just yet, I doubt we’ll see an MCU Spidey before 2017 (though I’m -certain- we’ll see one in 2017).

  4. That isn’t quite true. Sony and Marvel haven’t agreed on who gets to reveal his look, the costume is already done.

  5. That Black Panther looks insanely badass.

    Do you think there’s a chance we’ll get Scarlet Witch and Vision as exclusives? We never get AOU Legends figures for them, did we?

    Also I know there’s no chance in hell, but I think it’d be insanely awesome if they did an MCU Giant-Man Build A Figure down the line.

    • I’d say we have MUCH better than no chance in hell of getting a GiAnt-Man BAF, because what the hell else is the BAF going to be for a Civil War movie wave?
      It’s gotta be either GiAnt-Man or Falcon.

      • I agree with the BAF either being an MCU Giantman or Falcon. I Really really really hope that this is a full movie figure wave. No comic figures this time since theres a full Cap comic figure wave imminent. Im not a fan of the mixed waves.

        • We have never gotten a full movie wave… I kinda expect some much needed comic updates Captain Falcon, Girl Thor, White suit Tony, A new She Hulk, & maybe Blue Marvel w/ BAF Khan Ms. Marvel

  6. The Captain America motocycle set and that Falcon figure loos really cool, a must buy to me!! B0ut, will Hasbro do more 3.75″ Legends based on Civil War?

  7. I’m pretty pleased with these. Them revealed together makes me put some credence in the 3 pack rumor. I’d be completely okay with that. Missed/skipped out on the Ultron Capt, and I’ve some how dodged getting many Iron Man legends except the Space one from Groot baf. Black Panther looks shockingly good. If the silver paint apps come out near that good he’s going to get a prominent place on my shelf. Really want to know what the second 2016 wave is going to have and what other movie figs we’ll get. Vision, SW, and Hawkeye are at the top of my list. Epseically since the bucky capt vision didn’t really do it for me.

    Hasbro has run me off from 3.5 but I’m liking the bike.

  8. Captain America looks okay considering he’s a retooled figure but Black Panther dam!!! He looks frickin badass I love how he looks!! Iron Man Mark 46 is meh… he looks okay the SHFiguarts looks way better, considering this is a Captain America I’m we are getting a Winter Soldier May be the same mold but we’re getting one and due to the fact Sam Wilson is a crucial part of Cap were definitely getting a Falcon figure or at least I think we should get one. As for Scarlet Witch who knows I really want it would frickin amazing if we got one, but Black Widow were definitely getting her considering many Marvel fan girl’s want some more black widow merch. Which then leads to The Vision, War Machine, Ant Man, Hawkeye and Spider Man which who knows if we’re getting any figures of this super hero’s maybe we should each write to Hasbro showing how much we want the rest of the Civil War characters and the more people will lead them to making a action figure for each figure…..

  9. Me gusta mucho la figura de pantera negra …. el cap es mas de lo mismo .. era obvio que debido a la pelicula ibamos a ver otra figura del cap y otra de ironman … no me causa emocion ni sorpresa … me gusta pantera negra espero que las tres figuras sean parte de ya el clasico pack edicion de colleccion porque ocupar espacios en una serie con tres figuras que ya tienen varias versiones seria un desperdicio

  10. What are the chances we might get some other Civil War movie figures spread out among other wave, like how we got War Machine in that Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure wave?

  11. The Bushmaster Cruz or Black Goliath series featuring yellow shirt & blue tights Mighty Avengers Luke Cage,made from Bishop’s chase figure mole from the (Apocalypse series), green & gold outfit with gold dragon logo on chest Iron Fist, Powerman 2.0, Spectrum, lnfinite series Blade, (Sam Wilson) Captain America, Jessica Jones, & old school villains Hardcore or Willis (Diamondback) Stricker .