2016 Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Series Up on Amazon!

Marvel Legends collectors were thrown a huge curve-ball yesterday, when the entire Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure wave (which, by the way, is called the “Red Skull” wave on the packaging) popped up for order on Amazon–despite the fact that they hadn’t even listed the Spider-Man Legends Absorbing Man wave yet that started hitting stores weeks ago! But it turns out the Captain America wave just happened to be posted first yesterday–the Spider-Man Legends Jack O’ Lantern, Morbius, Spider-Carnage and more are now available with free shipping!

Marvel Legends 2016 Venom Figure Packaged

I’m a little crazy when it comes to collecting (shocker), so I had already ordered my full case of Marvel Legends 2016 Spider-Man Absorbing Man Series figures within a few minutes of the wave going live for pre-orders online. But believe it or not, not everyone wants to buy a whole case of each Marvel Legends Series (!!!!). I know, right?!

Some folks just want to pick-and-choose their favorites from each wave, which can be tough when the majority of the characters are packed at just one-per-case. Thankfully, Amazon has gotten very dependable at stocking individuals of the figures in each Marvel Legends series, and it’s finally the Absorbing Man wave’s turn!

Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Series Spider-Gwen PackagedThe series was initially posted “Ships from and Sold By Amazon.com” on the afternoon of 1/19/2016, but only in limited quantities of a couple dozen of each character. As such, the new 6″ Venom and Spider-Gwen figures were sold out within minutes, and have remained so ever since.

You can still find Spider-Gwen and Venom being sold by third-party sellers at ridiculous prices on the site, but if those are the characters you’re wanting, be patient–you will get them for the regular MSRP of $21.99 when they’re restocked in the next week or so. This year’s ML Venom especially should end up being pretty easily obtainable, as he’s heavy-packed at two-per-case in the upcoming revision case of this series.

2016 Marvel Legends Ben Reilly Spider-Man PackagedFor the moment, the Marvel Legends Ben Reilly Spider-Man figure is reasonably easy to obtain because he’s double-packed in the first case assortment, but I have a hunch that this figure is going to end up being tough to grab in a few months’ time.

The Spider-Carnage accessories included basically make this a two-for-one figure, and I think that a lot of collectors are going to want to have two of this figure for that reason. Once he’s one-per-case in the revision case, that could be a real problem for fans who waited on him.

Marvel Legends Superior Foes of Spider-Man Speed Demon PackagedMeanwhile, the female Beetle and Speed Demon figures are probably the coldest figures in the assortment. I loved “Superior Foes of Spider-Man”, but its sales didn’t exactly set the world ablaze–and these figures are likely produced in quantities far, far greater than any issue of that comic book. Beetle may ultimately sell well because of being a female Marvel Legends action figure, but I think poor Speed Demon may be doomed to eventual discount.

Marvel Legends Villains of the Night Morbius Figure Packaged

That leaves the final two characters in this series, who share the “Villains of the Night” moniker: Morbius and Jack O’ Lantern. I reviewed the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Morbius figure last week, and though mine was defective, I was pleased to see that it’s basically the “perfect” Morbius his legions of fans have been waiting for. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait too long to order him individually and get a replacement.

Meanwhile, I’ll get to reviewing the 6″ Jack O’ Lantern figure in a few days, but spoiler alert: This figure is awesome. To my surprise, this is my runaway favorite figure in the series thus far, and my overall favorite 2016 Marvel Legends figure that we’ve seen for the year. Great stuff!

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2016 Jack O' Lantern Figure PackagedThe Spider-Man Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Series is now available online with free shipping, although any of the figures could run out of stock at any time, so be aware. I don’t recommend buying any of the figures in this series for higher than the $21.99 and free shipping MSRP–I think that they will all eventually be available for regular price: even Spider-Gwen and Venom.

Which figures did you buy from the Absorbing Man Infinite Series, Hasbro collectors? Are you building a full Absorbing Man BAF yourself, just picking up the best figures from this wave (whichever ones you may think those are), or skipping the first Spider-Man Legends 2016 series altogether?


2016 Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Series Up on Amazon! — 8 Comments

  1. Naturally Spider-Gwen has been spirited away to the $40 back-alleys. 😉 Talk about an invented demand! She’s not rare at all–Hasbro will spit her out as fast as Hasbro can sell her for the next six months at least… but I gather the scalpers are buying her up at $22 and re-listing for $40 as fast as they can move…

  2. Is it wrong that I’ve never read a book with Jack O’ Lantern in it but I want him anyway because I think pumpkin headed things are adorable?

    • Jack O’ Lantern’s heyday was in the late 70s and early 80s when Green Goblin was dead and Marvel kept him that way! Jack O’ Lantern was a sort of Green Goblin surrogate if I remember him correctly. Now that there are so many Green and Hob and even Demo- goblins, he doesn’t have his own place anymore. I mean, back in 1980, there was no Hobgoblin, Harry Osborne was in rehab, and Norman Osborne was dead and buried with photos to prove it! There was nobody else to take up the pumpkin bomb!

      • The current Jack O Lantern is Agent Venom’s archenemy (as Green Goblin is to Spider-Man), and like a combination of a “Goblin”, the Headless Horseman, and Jack the Ripper.
        He’s a master assassin/murderer who scoops out people’s brains and puts candles in their emptied out skulls to turn their heads into jack o lanterns as his calling card.

        • Well that’s a novel interpretation of Jack O’ Lantern! Thanks for the information–I am behind the times.

  3. Yesterday i came home to find that Fed ex had delivered my BAF wave from Hasbrotoyshop… man was i excited!!! To my surprise none of them were bent, torn, or folded in any way. Usually most of the figures i order come damaged. Not this case! Thanks Hasbro. I take back all the things i said this past year.

  4. Got my Absorbing Man wave from Amazon today.
    It really must be said that this wave has an INSANE amount of extra parts.
    Especially heads.

    Extra Absorbing Man head
    Venom head
    Gwen head
    Spider-Carnage head
    Like 4x extra Spider-Man Reilly hands
    Spider-Carnage hands
    Venom hands
    Speed Demon hands
    Extra Absorbing Man arms
    Extra Morbius cape
    Extra Gwen hood

    Enough spare parts that you could probably melt them down and make another whole action figure.