Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther 6″ Figure Review

I can only dance around talking about the most popular figure in the Marvel Legends Civil War series for so long, so after many, many requests, it’s finally time to talk about T’Challa! The Civil War Marvel Legends Black Panther figure is selling for $30+ online and is next to impossible to find in retail stores right now. For all the effort finding him requires, it’d be a huge letdown if this Black Panther 6″ figure wasn’t exceptional. Luckily, he absolutely is…

Hasbro Marvel Legends 2016 Black Panther Six Inch FigureThe Right:

Captain America: Civil War is only a week and a half away from hitting movie theaters, but Hasbro only has three Marvel Legends 6″ figures (and one Giant-Man) that will be on shelves in time for the movie’s arrival.

Two of those characters are the obligatory Iron Man and Captain America variants (both of which are quite good this time, by the way), but one is giving fans and collectors the most-requested new character from the film: MCU movie Black Panther!

Hasbro could have very easily given T’Challa the shaft like they did to movie Vision, Quicksilver and Falcon in previous years, but they’re giving the King of Wakanda the respect he deserves right out of the gate. Kudos.

Back of Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther FigureOf course, in this instance, a new head on a reused buck simply would not do. Civil War Black Panther has way too much intricate detail on his movie costume, and there was only one way to faithfully recreate that in figure form: with an all-new mold.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Civil War 6" Figure ReviewTo their credit, Hasbro has created what is basically a 100% new tool for this Captain America Legends Black Panther figure–and there’s very little tooling here which is reusable for other characters down the road. Hasbro deserves props for the expense they went to for this figure.

Comparison of Toybiz Marvel Legends Black Panther and Hasbro Civil War FigureThis Black Panther six inch figure reminds me a lot of the awesome Marvel Knights Black Panther Toybiz released a decade ago, with its enormous amount of costume sculpting detailing, which is high praise–that’s one of my favorite Toybiz Legends to this day.

Hasbro Black Panther Marvel Legends Civil War 6" FigureSeeing as how the tooling for this figure cost tens of thousands of dollars, I’d forgive Hasbro if they skimped on the articulation.

But they did not–almost every point of the “usual” Marvel Legends super-articulation is present, including ankle rockers, double-jointed knees and elbows, upper torso ab crunch and swivel waist, ball-hinge head and shoulders, and so forth.

Captain America Legends Black Panther vs. Captain America FiguresThe only articulation lacking that’s immediately obvious to me is swivel calves, and while I always like it when joints are present there, it’s an omission I can live with.

Comparison of Funko Black Panther POP Vinyl & Marvel Legends Black Panther Civil War FigureWhere Hasbro was able to save some dough was the paint deco on this figure, as only a little bit of silver paint was necessary to complement the black plastic body. The silver paint is primarily on the hands, feet, face and necklace, and I particularly like how the silver looks on Black Panther’s claws and knuckles.

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman Head Marvel LegendsMarvel Legends Captain America Civil War Black Panther comes with one accessory (besides his Giant-Man Build-A-Figure piece), and it’s a good one: an unmasked T’Challa head.

Now, while this Chadwick Boseman portrait isn’t exactly Hot Toys quality, I think it’s a really good likeness by Hasbro 6″ figure standards. And frankly, since Hot Toys isn’t even offering a Chadwick Boseman head, Hasbro clearly wins the likeness battle in this instance.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Unmasked Chadwick Boseman T'Challa HeadThe Wrong:

There are only a few minor quibbles holding back this figure from being a perfect Marvel Legends entry. One of which is the aforementioned missing calf articulation, which is a bit of a limitation with the “stalking” poses T’Challa can do.

Another limiting factor is that Black Panther has his default “clawing” hands, but that’s it. While these are definitely the most dramatic hands and the most necessary ones, I’d have liked some interchangeable alternate hands like fists or neutral hands to change up the poses a bit with.

Even with the unique tooling costs, just one accessory and a Build-A-Figure part for a $22 action figure feels a bit stingy to me.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Figure Packaged Finally, perhaps the most serious drawback to this ML Black Panther figure is that it’s been horribly underproduced thus far.

I don’t know what would possess Hasbro to shortpack the debut figure for a highly-anticipated MCU hero whose figure uses a unique sculpt, but one-per-case is predictably far too few of this figure to go around right now. Hopefully Hasbro has a revision case ready to go sometime soon to remedy this situation.

Marvel Legends Black Panther Review Civil WarOverall: The Civil War Black Panther Marvel Legends action figure was one of the most hyped Hasbro action figures of 2016, and it does not disappoint. While I’m not utterly blown away in the manner that I was by Nuke, this is an excellent action figure that only suffers from missing calf articulation, poor distribution and a lack of interchangeable hands. There’s a good reason this figure is selling for around $40 online right now: it’s because it’s not just rare–it’s outstanding. Highly recommended.



Marvel Legends Civil War Black Panther 6″ Figure Review — 17 Comments

  1. The absurd Panther and Fury prices are the only things keeping me from having a complete GiAnt-Man right now….

    Hasbro double packing Iron Man and Cap instead of Panther and Fury is incredibly stupid.
    I get that Cap and Iron Man are the main characters of Civil War, but we are absolutely overloaded with Cap and Iron Man figures.
    I think I personally own like 10 “Captain Americas” (including US Agent, Bucky Cap, and Red Guardian), and like 23 “Iron Mans” (including War Machines and Iron Patriots).
    Nobody really NEEDS more of either of them. They’re a dime a dozen.
    Panther and Fury were always going to be in HUGE demand in comparison. That much was obvious.

    Hopefully the revision case double packs Panthers and Furys, because this is dumb.

    • Just be patient man. They haven’t even hit mass retail yet. Do not give in to scalper prices, these are going to be available everywhere eventually. Legends are in a new era, it’s not like roml. I have seen every wave multiple times at retail when they eventually made it out. It’s so stupid how these retard scalers get what they ask for these things, toys that are not exclusive, mass retail toys.

  2. I have the Black Panther figure,I must agree that is very well done,but he seems shorter/smaller than the rest of the figures from this series(Nuke)..

  3. I dont’t think Hasbro enjoys making money. Hah, if they truly love money then Panther would’ve been double packed already AND we would be hearing news of an all new 6-inch G.I. Joe lineup. That would easily make them a shit ton of money. It’s easily due for an upgrade.

    Now back to BP, an extra pair of hands would’ve been nice. Can’t wait to get it. The second release can’t come soon enough.

  4. Panther and fury both popped up on hts and dork side tots today very briefly. I grabbed a few more gurus and panthers for trade bait, I was shocked I had enough time to check out.

    • B, I’m looking for at least 3 more nock fury figures. Do you still have any left?

  5. Yes I do actually, let me think of there is anything I need right now and I’ll get back to you because I bought them for trade bait only.

  6. Apparently hasbro thinks the best time to make fury and panther available for order is at 1-2 am. What a bunch of a holes. they went up again last night and sold out within minutes

  7. is there anywhere to get him instead of a full case ? someone please help me.

  8. Dorksidetoys has a wave revision case up for preorder. The new case ratio is:

    Black Panther x2
    Cap x2
    Iron Man x1
    Nick Fury x1
    Nuke x1
    Red Guardian x1

    • The DPCI code will do you no good, as all Captain America Legends–including the Onslaught series–share the same Target DPCI code, unfortunately.

    • I have no idea, unfortunately. I don’t have any affiliation with Hasbro Toy Shop.


  10. Hey I found this entire wave in a new box on the top shelves at Walmart. It said “Marvel Legends Ca wave 2” so if you are looking make sure to check walmart.

  11. I ordered mine from BBTS. They have it in stock now. And my walmart in NJ gets marvel legends late.