Marvel Play Arts Kai Carnage & War Machine Revealed!

Given that it’s been almost an entire year since the last two Square-Enix Marvel Play Arts Kai figures were revealed–and also how the whole line is among the most copiously bootlegged Marvel toys I’ve ever seen–I thought that perhaps we’d seen the end of Marvel PAK. But it turns out that Square-Enix had at least three more releases up their sleeves that they’ve now put up for order–all of which repaints, but two of which might as well be Play Arts Kai Carnage and War Machine!

Play Arts Kai Venom Limited Color Version Carnage Figure

Square-Enix has quite an affinity for releasing Limited color variants of action figures in their various Play Arts Kai lines, so as soon as they revealed their Play Arts Kai Venom figure well over a year ago, I suspected we’d be seeing that figure repainted into a PAK Carnage.

That said, I thought perhaps Square-Enix had missed their chance at a sure-fire best-selling repaint–right up until they solicited a trio of new figures up for order today out of absolutely nowhere!

Marvel Play Arts Kai Carnage Red Venom FigureWhile it’s officially being labeled as the “Venom LIMITED COLOR VER.” because of the etched spider on the preexisting torso mold, this red Venom figure is very obviously meant to fill in as Carnage in our collections.

Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Marvel Limited Carnage Figure Venom RedAnd while the spider on his chest does look a mite peculiar, I have no doubt that this one-run only Limited Venom is going to ultimately be the most sought-after figure in the whole Play Arts Kai Marvel line.

Venom Play Arts Kai Limited Color Version Carnage Figure and AccessoriesAlthough I was a big fan of the purple-colored Venom Play Arts Kai colors, I can’t deny that the red and black paints on this “Carnage” repaint are not only eye-grabbing, but also more likely to be in-line with what many fans are looking for color-wise.

War Machine Play Arts Kai Iron Man Limited Color Edition FigureBut while (not-) Carnage is clearly the headliner of this range of limited repaints, he’s not coming alone! There’s also a silver and grey Iron Man repaint which is obviously meant to fill a gap in our collections as a Play Arts Kai War Machine.

Play Arts Kai Limited Iron Man War Machine Figure Effects PiecesAgain, this figure is being sold as “Play Arts Kai Iron Man LIMITED COLOR VER.”, the color scheme on this figure is obviously meant to evoke War Machine. And seeing how many War Machine armor permutations there have been over the years, I have no trouble believing that this silver iteration of the Play Arts Iron Man is one of them.

Iron Man Limited Color Ver Play Arts Kai Marvel War Machine FigureI’m not gonna lie–I think that this mold looks way better in War Machine colors than it did in that bizarre mixture of black, gold and crimson that Square-Enix picked for Iron Man. And those blue energy effects are really rockin’!

Play Arts Kai Black Costume Spider-Man Figure and Accessories

Rounding out the series is one of the most obvious–and desirable–repaints out there: a Black Costume Spider-Man Play Arts Kai figure!

The Limited Color Ver. Spider-Man will come with the same interchangeable hands, web lines and web base as the regular version. But more importantly, he’ll come with a sharp-as-hell black paint job with silver webbing painted on his costume. This Spidey figure looks awesome.

Square-Enix Play Arts Kai Variant Spider-Man Black Costume FigureThe Play Arts Kai Marvel Limited Color Ver. figures are now available for order via import from sites such as Amiami, and are all scheduled to be released in October 2016 overseas. No word yet on when or if these figures will be available domestically, as Square-Enix Limited releases are often not made available in the United States at all.

UPDATE 6/22: The Limited Color Ver. Play Arts Kai Marvel figures are now available for pre-order domestically from BBTS!

What do you think of these Marvel Play Arts Kai Limited Color Version figures, Marvel collectors? Are you excited about these repaints filling in for Carnage and War Machine, or are you just not enthusiastic about repaints of old figures?


Marvel Play Arts Kai Carnage & War Machine Revealed! — 4 Comments

  1. I remember the days when Play Arts Kai figures were like $40-$50…I can’t justify these things at $150+.

  2. Repaints….. They just want our money…. without any real investment……I can’t imagine anyone paying $150 for re-paints.

  3. Crazy as hell…. SPIDERMAN and VENOM are looking sick!!!…I’m totally gonna have them as soon as they have released..!!!:O….XD