Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Unboxing Review!

Returning home from a little bit of late holiday shopping, I discovered what just may constitute a Christmas miracle: UPS had made a Sunday morning delivery of my December 2015 Funko Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Collector Corps Box! I’d heard some early criticism about the contents of this box, so I was skeptical, but after unboxing the Guardians of the Galaxy box, this turns out to be my favorite Collectors Corps box so far…

December 2015 Collectors Corps Guardians of the Galaxy Box Review

WARNING: This is a review and unboxing, so from this point on, there be spoilers. Be forewarned!

As hard as I try to remain unspoiled for the contents of each Funko Marvel mystery box, it’s next to impossible to avoid hearing anything and remaining active on social media these days.

And so, I did know that some folks were disgruntled with this month’s Marvel Collector Corps Guardians of the Galaxy box, and I had heard the word “ornaments” tossed around. Let’s begin…

Marvel Collector Corps December 2015 Pin and PatchOpening up the December 2015 Collector Corps box, the first thing we see is the obligatory metal pin and patch. As most people had guessed, these items are of the two most popular members of the GOTG…

Funko GOTG Collector Corps Groot PinThis month’s pin is a Groot head. It’s not the cutest Groot I’ve ever seen, but as Groot is a character I genuinely love, this is easily my favorite of these MCC pins this far.

Marvel Collector Corps Rocket Raccoon PatchMeanwhile, the patch is Rocket Raccoon this month. Better yet–it’s based on Skottie Young Rocket Raccoon artwork! This is just so adorable. I really will have to find a messenger bag or something to attach this Rocket patch to. Nice choice!

Marvel Collector Corps Guardians of Infinity #1 Variant Cover Comic BookFurther opening the box, we see this month’s comic: a Guardians of Infinity #1 exclusive variant cover comic book!

This comic just hit recently and I didn’t buy it, so I’m thrilled not only to have it to read without having to pay for it (sort of), but also to get the best cover for it. If this isn’t the most heartwarming cover ever for a GOTG comic book, I don’t know what is.

Funko Guardians of the Galaxy Box Contents December 2015Removing the comic, the final three items are revealed–and two of them are ones I was totally not expecting (particularly the demonic-looking red eyes on that soft-goods Star-Lord item)!

Funko Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy MugFirst, we’ve got a way-cool exclusive Funko Star-Lord mug from the new POP Home line.

Star-Lord POP! Ceramic MugI have the Rocket Raccoon and Groot mugs on order, but I assumed those would be the sole Guardians mugs released. I guess not! If you want a complete collection of POP! Ceramic mugs, looks like you’d better make sure to renew your Collector Corps Subscription! Ha.

Marvel Collector Corps POP Home Star-Lord MugThe sculpting and paintwork on the ceramic Star-Lord mug are terrific, and I’m really looking forward to drinking hot chocolate out of Star-Lord’s head.

Marvel Collector Corps Baby Groot ScarfThe second-to-last item in the box totally blew my mind: in place of a T-Shirt in this month’s box, it’s an incredible double-sided Guardians of the Galaxy scarf!

One side has a Baby Groot AKA Dancing Groot on it, and while super-cute, isn’t quite my style.

Dabid Wearing Guardians of the Galaxy Scarf from Funko Collector CorpsBut the alternate side’s Funko POP Guardians the Galaxy vinyls silhouettes are totally my style!

It’s a bit of a bummer that this scarf is the only representation for Gamora and Drax in this box, but it is super high-quality and put a huge smile on my face. Love it!!

Marvel Collector Corps Ornaments Rocket Raccoon Baby GrootFinally, we come to the “main” item of the Collector Corps Guardians of the Galaxy unboxing: a pair of Funko POP Bobblers: Rocket Raccoon and Groot!

Guardians of the Galaxy POP Bobblers Ornaments Box BackThe spoilers I didn’t want to see (thanks person who posted spoilers in the comments on my site without tagging them as spoilers) were true: instead of a POP Vinyl or Dorbz, this month’s MCC figures are Funko ornaments!

Funko POP Bobblers Rocket Raccon and Groot OrnamentsI know some folks are annoyed by this choice, but I’m a Christmas nut and totally adore this selection.

Funko Dancing Baby Groot POP Bobblers Vinyl Ornament

I probably could go my entire life without needing another Dancing Baby Groot POP Vinyl repaint (I’ve lost track of how many I have at this point, but I believe at least five), but an ornament version…? Count me in!

And Rocket… dear Rocket! Chibi Rocket Raccoon happily clutching the blaster he got for Christmas (bow and all!) is now proudly displayed on my Christmas tree.

Great, unique items!

Funko Rocket Raccoon Ornament POP BobblersOverall, I can say without hesitation that this is my favorite Marvel Collector Corps box yet, and I really feel that Funko did right by Marvel fans by thinking outside-the-box with this month’s “presents”. From the scarf to the mug and ornaments, this box is totally full of fresh and fun ideas, and doesn’t feel like a rehash of past boxes in the slightest.

POP! Vinyl collecting purists may have a gripe with this month’s box, but for my money it’s downright perfect. Thanks, Funko!



Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Unboxing Review! — 13 Comments

  1. They promised a POP in every box and yet it’s the 5th box and here we are already getting “Bobblers”. Also, a scarf is seasonal at best. Next box better step up or I can see a lot of people dropping their subscriptions, especially after this and the last box.

    • I mean, there’s “POP! Bobblers” and a “POP! Mug” in this box. The Bobblers -are- vinyl figure Bobble-Heads, just like all the Marvel POPs. They just happen to have ribbons on them.

      • Yeah, but we could have gotten a Nova corp guy, Space Armor Gamora, or classic depictions of the characters, instead they legit re-hashed the same POPs in a mug and two christmas ornaments.

    • Due to licensing Marvel and Star Wars has with other toy companies, Funko can only produce Bobble head figures in these lines. This dose not apply to Disney pops because of prior contract arrangements before the Disney bought both properties.

  2. I’m kinda angry at myself for not ordering this box. I was on the fence about it, and almost ordered it because of the miniscule possibility of receiving some sort of Thing or Kitty Pryde GotG merch, but changed my mind at the last minute, since I figured those characters were a longshot, and I have too much GotG merch as it is.
    But now, I’m really kicking myself. Like you, Dabid, I’m a huge Christmas nut, so those ornaments look so cool to me. Plus, I really would have liked to have that scarf and the Guardians of Infinity variant.
    It’s a shame I have to order that upcoming Deadpool box in order to have the opportunity to order this box. Lol, maybe April’s box will be worthwhile and I can order this holiday themed box in the spring, lol 🙂

  3. Super Disappointed with this box, was really hoping for something better. I think my main disappointment is the fact there is no tshirt, it was a large part of the reason I bought this box, think this is my first and last one I will get…

  4. Iafter reading your post, I am way more excited for my boxes arrival! I love ornanents,winter,etc do these ornaments can go right next to my spiderman ones lol and the mug and scarf rock my socks. I dunno…maybe I’m of the minority but I am loving this month’s box.

  5. I did not like the fact that it didn’t have both a t-shirt and a full-size pop. I could have handled it better if it was not all Groot. I’m sorry but GotG is not all about Groot. The scarf would be cool if it did not have Groot on the one side. And the ornaments could have been Gamora and Drax or 2 diff characters, not Groot and Rocket yet again. If you’re going to not give a t-shirt/full-size pop, you need to think about really pleasing people. had to know people would not be happy. and frankly, the only thing female thus far has been
    Thor…Gamora or Nebula even would have been nice.

    • I really like the scarf. 2 of the 4 shirts released have been really “blah”, IMO, but the scarf is wonderfully designed and well-made. I don’t think Funko should put a scarf in every month, but for a one-time only Christmas box? I love it.

      I’m sure Rocket and Groot were planned for the ornaments from day one, but I do think Drax and Gamora should have been the pin/patch. Alas.

  6. What a pleasant surprise of box this month. I don’t know why but the scarf just made me laugh and laugh.