NYCC 2015: Deadpool Marvel Minimates Series 65 Revealed!

Diamond Select Toys really brought the Marvel goods to New York Comic Con (well, provided you’re a Minimates collector and not a Marvel Select guy). Not only was the next series of Animated Marvel Minimates shown–plus Spider-Gwen–but an all-new series also debuted: Marvel Minimates Series 65 is all Deadpool, all the time! And hey–it’s the first action figure of X-Force’s Siryn ever!!


We’ve had Minimates waves dedicated to the X-Men, the Avengers, Thor, the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, but we’ve never had an entire series dedicated entirely to Deadpool–until now!

The lineup for Marvel Minimates Series 65 is as follows:

  • Classic Deadpool & Copycat (with alternate Domino head)
  • Mascot Deadpool & Bob Agent of Hydra
  • Zen Pool & Messiah War Cable with Baby Hope (in Deadpool costume)
  • Secret Wars Deadpool & Siryn

The big winner in this series for many fans is going to be Siryn, Banshee’s daughter. Collectors have been asking for Theresa Cassidy to finish off X-Force for years, and now she has finally arrived!!

According to Zach at the Minimates panel, Siryn will include the sonic scream effects piece that Banshee came with (of course!).   I also totally dig the number of extra torsos and heads included with this wave! The Deadpool’s Secret Wars Minimates with mustachioed, bare-chested Wade Wilson is hilarious, and it’s a treat for collectors who missed Domino that Copycat comes with a bonus Domino head. 

And hey–who would have thought that Bob, Agent of Hydra would ever get his own action figure?! He comes with an interchangeable terrified head. 

Finally, I could have lived without another modern Cable Minimates figure–if he didn’t come with that “Baby Deadpool” accessory. Amazingly fun, clever stuff here from DST. In my opinion, there’s not a bad figure in this whole bunch.   

The Deadpool Marvel Minimates Series 65 figures are scheduled to be released in winter 2016 (Q1 2016), and should be up for pre-order later this month. I’ll post an update here and to the Marvel Toy News Facebook/Twitter once this stellar lineup goes up for sale. 

What do you think of the 65th wave of Marvel Minimates, collectors? Does this all-Deadpool themed wave totally blow you away, or would you have preferred this had been a “no-Deadpool” themed wave instead?


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  1. Wow! That Secret Wars Deadpool has to be one of the fastest page-to-plastic conversions I’ve ever seen! Such a great mini series and I love that he comes with Siryn! Best two-pack of the bunch to be sure!