NYCC 2015: Spider-Gwen Minimates Figure Revealed!

Though I was progressively getting sicker as the day went on yesterday, there was no way I was leaving the Javits Center before the Minimates panel from 6:45-7:45 last night. And a good thing I didn’t, because Diamond Select Toys showed some great stuff at that panel–including the Toys R Us Minimates Series 21 exclusive Spider-Gwen & Iron Spider two-pack!

We’ve known since summer that DST is releasing a specialty-store Minimates Secret Wars set at the end of 2015/start of 2016. What we didn’t know for sure–until last night–is that Toys R Us will be getting their own remixed version of that set! 

Poor Dazzler/Howard the Duck and Lady Thor/Captain Marvel are out for the Toys R Us wave, and an exclusive two-pack of Minimates Iron Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen figures is in!  
Now, I think it might be blasphemy that Toys R Us doesn’t think Howard the Duck belongs on their store shelves as a mass release figure, but I can’t fault them for the killer two-pack replacing the Howard (and Lady Thor) packs in their lineup. 

The Iron Spider-Man Minimates will be a comics-based repaint of an upcoming Walgreens Exclusive Animated Iron Spider (which I’ll be talking about later). I actually think I prefer the bright colors on the cartoon version, but I know many fans will want the comic Iron Spider-Man.   
Meanwhile, Spider-Gwen will come with not only an extra unmasked Gwen Stacy head–but also a whole other interchangeable torso for a civilian Gwe Stacy! So this exclusive set is like getting two Gwens in one!  

I really thought that Hasbro had the race to produce the first Spider-Gwen action figure won when they debuted the Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen at SDCC 2015, but Diamond Select Toys may pull off the surprise upset if they can get this Spider-Gwen out on-time in late 2015/early 2016.   

Joining the Gwen/Iron Spider pack in Toys R Us Minimates Series 21 will be the specialty-store packs of Maestro/Old Man Logan and Iron Man 2020/Ultron. I suspect that Ultron pack will shelf-warm like crazy, but it is what it is. Always nice to see the Maestro at retail, though!

Who else is planning to stalk Toys R Us for their chance to buy one (or two) of their exclusive Marvel Minimates Spider-Gwen and Iron Spider-Man pack this winter? 


NYCC 2015: Spider-Gwen Minimates Figure Revealed! — 3 Comments

  1. How is it any different from the Amadeus Cho Walgreens Iron Spider? Is it just a different shade of red?

  2. Oh no,DST. You have to do better. I only buy mm in the first place for rare characters that the other standard lines don’t go near.
    However,the way Hasbro is hitting on all cylinders lately,with 6inch and 4inch legends lines mm seems to be outmoded now.?
    Give me something I can use!?
    Like more troop builders or rare characters that Hasbro won’t touch or go near.
    (Good luck with that) after Misty Knight,Thundra,Valkrie,Chameleon etc that is going to be tough to beat!?
    Tell you what,make a New Warriors,Secret Wars2015/1980s(expanded edition), box set, Kamala Khan,Blade/SpiderHero,Powerman(Alvarez),Spectrum/Photon,
    Blue Marvel, just make a Mighty Avengers Infinity box set!? Before Hasbro beats you to it! Lol?

    • It’s pretty random that I happened to read this comment, but if you want to ask the guy who does the line plans, Ask DST! (I’d say the newer characters you mentioned need to break out a bit more, like Kamala on Avengers, but classic characters like Misty Knight might have a decent shot.)