Amazing David Vonner Interview on Marvelicious Toys Podcast

I listen to about four total different podcasts. Not every week, or even month–but total, overall. Three are toy-related podcasts, and one is a Disney podcast (yeah, I’m a nerd, if you can believe that). I don’t typically try to pander my taste in podcasts to others, but every once in a while I’ll listen to a show that will just knock my socks off. And to my delight, I listened to one last week–a recent episode of the Marvelicious Toys podcast, in which the hosts interviewed former Hasbro Senior Product Designer David Vonner about all things Marvel Universe…

David Vonner Hasbro Senior Designer Marvel Universe Dave Vonner

David Vonner is basically the icon when it comes to Hasbro folk responsible for the Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ action figure line. Up until last year he helmed Marvel Universe, steering its character selection and design (in fact, figures hitting stores right now like A-Bomb and Cloak & Dagger are figures Vonner himself cooked up!). Vonner made Marvel Universe one of the deepest and most well-rounded Marvel toy lines ever made.

So when I finally tuned in to Marvelicious Toys Issue 94: The Vonner Files and found out that it was a show-length interview with David Vonner, I knew I was in for something good (albeit late–I run about a month behind on every podcast I listen to). And I wasn’t disappointed–this was easily one of the most insightful, content-rich interviews with a toy designer I’ve ever heard.

Marvel Universe Fin Fang Foom Red Figure from SDCC 2011Some of the topics covered in this Marvelicious Toys one hour plus interview with David Vonner include: Howard the Duck and Fin Fang Foom in Marvel Universe, collectors not liking changes, Dr. Bong, the current culture trend of it being cool to be a geek, ankle rockers (sorry, I refuse to call them “Vonner ankles”), the threat smart phones pose to action figure manufacturers, the end of the Marvel Universe figures toy line and more!

Marvelicious Toys Podcast BannerInterested in hearing stories, opinions and insight from the legend himself, David Vonner? Haven’t listened to Marvelicious Toys before, hosted by the legendary Justin, Marjorie and Arnie? Check out Marvelicious Toys Podcast Episode 94: The Vonner Files. You’ll be glad you did!

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