Avengers Figma Captain America Figure Photos & Order Info

For those collecting the Good Smile Company Figma Avengers like I am, the holy trinity is now complete! The Figma Thor and Iron Man Mark VII figures are arriving this summer, and they now will be officially joined by the leader of the Avengers in Fall 2014! Though he’s not as impressive as his counterparts, you’ll need him anyway if you plan on completing the Avengers Figma lineup: the Figma Captain America figure is now up for order!

Captain America Avengers Figma Action Figure Holding Shield

Max Factory and the Good Smile Company have definitely knocked it out of the ballpark with their first two excellent (and expensive!) Avengers Figma figures: Iron Man Mark VII and Thor. The $80-$90 retail that it’s costing for each figure is certainly exorbitant, but they really are outstanding looking action figures.

But it’s not a duo that Max Factory has planned for the Figma Avengers–it’s a triumvirate! And the third and final Marvel Figma figure coming this year is Captain America!

Captain America Figma Figure from The Avengers RunningIt’ll sound nuts, but the main thinks that jump out at me about this figure as being outstanding are Figma Captain America’s boots. The level of sculpting detail that Max Factory put into the Figma Captain America figure’s booths is outstanding, and while they’re not quite up to the Hot Toys level, they absolutely blow away any other Avengers movie Captain America figure’s boots. They don’t impress me enough to get 80 bucks out of me, but they are pretty slick-looking.

Figma Captain America Figure Throwing Shield PoseCaptain America will include his iconic shield, several alternate hands, and also a figure stand. Thanks to the figure support stand included, you can get some really great shield-slinging poses out of Figma Captain America that it would otherwise be impossible to get Cap standing stably in. This is probably the best shield-throwing pose I’ve ever seen a Captain America figure in this scale able to achieve.

The Avengers Figma Captain America and Thor Figures

Unfortunately, one thing not in this Captain America Figma action figure’s favor is that we’ve already gotten some really great movie Captain America Marvel Legends figures released by Hasbro. While we never got Marvel Legends Thor or Iron Man Mark VII figures in their costumes from “The Avengers”, we did get a very nice The Avengers Marvel Legends Captain America figure.

And while the costume on that figure may not have been quite as well-done as on this one, that figure certainly didn’t cost close to $80 after importing.

Close-Up of Figma Captain America Avengers Action FigureWhen I saw the prototype for this Captain America Figma Avengers figure, I instantly hated the look of Cap’s face and eyes. Sadly, those traits haven’t been improved for the official photos of the figure, so it looks like the final product Cap will also have that creepy serial killer look in his eyes. His eyes are apparently poseable so that Cap can look around, but that’s even creepier, so I’m not too excited about that feature.

Avengers Figma Captain America Action FigureThe Avengers Figma Captain America figure is now available for pre-order, and is expected to be released in September 2014. With the massive amount of Marvel collectibles I’ve got ordered for this year, I’ll be skipping Captain America myself, though I’m tempted to buy him anyway to satiate my urge for completion.

What about you, Marvel collectors? Is anyone looking forward to picking up the Captain America Figma figure, or are you satisfied with the Hasbro Marvel Legends-scale Captain America figures that are already available for far cheaper?


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  1. Nay! I say thee,”nay”to the good Captain! Just Tony’s armour. Thank you.