Figma Deadpool Figure Finally Revealed & Photos! DX Version!

Figma Deadpool Figure Leaping Super Articulation

It’s been a rather slow couple of days, but if there’s one character suitable to break us from the monotony of our humdrum lives, it’s the Merc with loads of merch–Deadpool! Believe it or not, this 6″ Deadpool figure was actually announced over 15 months ago, and Revoltech Deadpool has been announced, revealed and shipped in that period. But at long last, the time has come: the Max Factory Figma Deadpool figure is now up for order!

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Figma Iron Man Mark 42 & 43 Figures Revealed & Photos!

Figma Iron Man Mark 42 and Iron Man Mark 43

Due to being a complete repaint of Iron Man Mark 42, almost every Marvel toy company was able to cash in and get their Iron Man Mark 43 figure into collectors’ hands early last year. But one company that didn’t was Good Smile Company–because there was no Figma Mark XLII! But I guess GSC had decided that it’s better later than never, because both Figma Iron Man Mark 42 & Mark 43 are now up for order! But oh yeah–one of these is a limited exclusive figure not available to U.S. buyers… yay?

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Figma Deadpool! Nendoroid Deadpool & Captain America!

Figma Deadpool Figure Announced Winter Wonder Festival 2016

Before we get to the New York Toy Fair 2016 in less than a week (I’m so gonna get run over by a taxi cab), there was a little (huge) show in Japan this weekend called Winter WonderFest 2016 where loads of import Marvel figures were announced. There’s a lot to talk about, but let’s start with one of the cutest toy lines in existence: the Good Smile Company showed off Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America, Iron Man and Deadpool Nendoroids figures! And they also brought a new Figma: Deadpool!

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Figma Hulk Figure Photos & Order Info!

Close-Up of Figma Avengers Hulk Figure

Although most of the core movie Avengers became immortalized as Figma figures in 2014, one of the four characters originally shown off for the line a few years ago simply did not materialize.

But following up on Bandai releasing their SH Figuarts Hulk and NECA finally debuting their 1/4 Hulk, Max Factory is finally ready to get in on the Jade Giant action as well: the imported Figma Hulk figure is now up for order!

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Avengers Figma Captain America Figure Photos & Order Info

Captain America Avengers Figma Action Figure Holding Shield

For those collecting the Good Smile Company Figma Avengers like I am, the holy trinity is now complete! The Figma Thor and Iron Man Mark VII figures are arriving this summer, and they now will be officially joined by the leader of the Avengers in Fall 2014!

Though he’s not as impressive as his counterparts, you’ll need him anyway if you plan on completing the Avengers Figma lineup: the Figma Captain America figure is now up for order!

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Figma Iron Man Mark VII Figure Photos & Order Info!

Figma Avengers Iron Man Mark VII Figure on Stand

Considering the Iron Man Mark VII armor is featured in the most popular and top-grossing superhero movie of all-time (The Avengers), you’d think our shelves would be overflowing with a ton of great scaled 6″ Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark VII figures. Instead, we have zero. For whatever reason, Hasbro has never prioritized making a Mark VII Iron Man Marvel Legends-scaled figure, leaving a gaping hole in many collectors’ lineups. But it’s Japan to the rescue! Coming in August 2014, the amazing (and amazingly expensive) Avengers Figma Iron Man Mark VII figure is now up for order!

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Figma Thor Figure Photos & Order Info!

Figma Avengers Thor Figure with Flight Stand Max Factory 2014

Well that was fast, now wasn’t it? Over the weekend the first painted prototype images of the Figma Avengers Thor 6″ Figure surfaced from a Japanese magazine. Good Smile Company (the distributor of Figma figures) has now released hi-res images of the 6″ Figma Thor action figure, and pre-orders for the Figma Thor are now available!

But while this is one mighty fine-looking Avengers Thor movie action figure, the price he comes at is mighty high…

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Figma Avengers Thor, Iron Man, Captain America Photos & Details

Figma Avengers Iron Man Thor Captain America Figures

One of the few things that I was disappointed to see no-show last week’s New York Toy Fair 2014 was the longtime-coming Figma Avengers action figures. I thought these 1/12 scale figures might show up at the Good Smile booth, but no dice. But fear not, import figure fans! Fairly comprehensive photo previews of the Figma Avengers Thor, Captain America and Iron Man have started to appear in Japanese magazines, giving us our best look at the trio yet! Do they look good? Well, yes… and no…

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