Captain America Marvel Legends Nuke Figure Review

It’s become a bit of a tradition for Hasbro to blow me away with amazing action figures of characters that I frankly do not care about. And it looks like that tradition is about to carry over to another year, as Hasbro has granted us an action figure of a Captain America and Wolverine villain I never expected to see in toy form. The Captain America Marvel Legends Nuke figure is now available online for just above MSRP, and surprisingly, he’s worth buying for way more than the Giant-Man Build-A-Figure piece…

Marvel Legends 2016 Nuke Six Inch Figure Kills Captain AmericaThe Right:

Nuke has been the butt of my jokes ever since he was first revealed to part of this year’s 2016 Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends series, but now it’s time for me to pay the piper and confess.

Though I’ve never not grimaced when Nuke has shown up in a comic book story–and I’ve always found his character design hideous–I somehow managed to fall in love with this 6″ Nuke figure almost immediately after getting him out of the package.

This Hasbro Marvel Legends Nuke six-inch figure…? He is absolutely, undeniably… awesome.

Captain America Legends Nuke Wave 2 Figure 2016The fact that Nuke has an American flag tattooed on his face gives you an idea of the kind of psychotic character that this guy is, and the gritted-teeth, angry expression on his face drives home that Nuke is totally cray-cray.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Nuke Action Figure Flexing MusclesNuke’s brown best has a dark wash on it that makes the immense amount of texture and sculpting detail on it jump out at you, with the pouches and separately-painted ammo and grenades being especially eye-grabbing.

Box Back Nuke Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War FigureAs a bulky powerhouse character, Hasbro probably could have justified cutting back on Nuke’s articulation to lower production costs.

Nuke Marvel Legends Captain America 2016 Wave 2 FigureBut nope–he’s another Marvel Legends 6″ figure with a near-obscene amount of articulation, including everything from double-jointed knees and elbows to ankle rockers to a swivel waist and an upper torso ab crunch (usually we only get one or the other of those these days).

Nuke is articulated everywhere, and it’s easy to get him into whatever pose for the character you might imagine.

Close-Up of Nuke Cyborg Head Battle-Damaged Marvel LegendsNuke comes with three accessories besides his Build-A-Figure piece, and all three are fantastic.

The most important accessory is a totally different interchangeable head, which depicts a battle-damaged bald Nuke with cybernetic portions of his face showing through! The sculpt and paint here are killer, and this head is Terminator levels of cool.

Marvel Legends Nuke 6" Figure GunNuke’s also got two weapons, and both are pretty terrific. Not only does Nuke has a U.S. flag plastered on his face, but he even carries around a giant red, silver and blue rifle with a star on it. Nuke’s patriotism is so far over-the-top that it ventures into the “crazy fun” territory.

Marvel Legends Civil War Nuke Figure KnifeMarvel Legends Nuke also comes equipped with a lethal-looking serrated knife with two colors of paint deco on the plastic.

Nuke Marvel Legends Knife Sheath on Back of VestNuke’s knife can be snugly stores in the sheath on the back of his vest, which works perfectly.

Marvel Legends Nuke Figure with Giant-Man Torso BAFAnd the icing on the cake…? Despite being the largest and bulkiest figure in Marvel Legends 2016 Captain America Wave 2, and having the best accessories, Nuke also comes with the largest and most important piece of the Marvel Legends Giant-Man Build-A-Figure: the torso.

So for those who don’t like spending 20 bucks on an obscure character like Nuke, you’re getting a BAF piece with him that’s almost as big as a whole other figure! Nuke has so much going for him, it’s really sort of unfair to all the other figures in this Giant-Man Series.

Marvel Legends Nuke Figure Packaged 2016The Wrong:

Considering the sheer amount of apathy I have toward this character, you would think this section would be full of all kinds of nitpicks. The trouble is, Nuke is so good that I can’t find a thing to complain about.

I may have never wanted an action figure of Nuke, I can’t deny that this is one of Hasbro’s finest Marvel Legends toys ever.

So I guess what was “Wrong” was the sheer amount of crap I’ve been talking about this action figure prior to falling in love with it.

Nuke 6" Marvel Legends Action Figure ReviewOverall: I don’t much like giving out perfect grades like candy, but there’s no way I could give the ¬†Nuke Marvel Legends 6″ figure anything less. Excellent sculpting and paint deco, awesome accessories, plenty of articulation, one of the best alternate heads ever, and even the largest Giant-Man BAF piece–Nuke has got it all. Even if you don’t give a fig about this character–like me–you’re likely to be mesmerized with his action figure. Highly recommended.¬†



Captain America Marvel Legends Nuke Figure Review — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe it is the bright clarity of your pics–but he really looks like a 1980s He-Man or “Generic Army Joe” action figure, except for his extensive articulation.

    • Hmmm, maybe it is the lack of highlights or shadows on his muscles and green pants that reminds me of 1980s toys.

    • Yup! Nuke is basically Duke crossed with the lead evil guy from Small Soldiers. I hate the character, but it realtworks for this toy.

  2. My Nuke arrived today,I had mostly the same misgivings…but he now he is here and is AWESOME! Nuff Said…

  3. I always thought, and still do for these pics, that he looks made of cheap, shiny plastic with poor painting harking back to some of the original hasbro lines where highlights and washes never existed.

  4. He got a figure because his character showed up in the Marvel/Netflix show Jessica Jones. He was the Will Simpson character. I expect him to start showing up in Marvel comics now, that has been the trend with characters that appear in the MCU movies and shows.