Funko Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Box!

The growing popularity and number of female-centric Marvel comic books over the past several years has been met with a roar of positive approval from fans, with Marvel now having a record-high 20 series with female leads in them! Women are finally getting the limelight they deserve by Marvel Comics–and now, they’re getting their own Funko box! The June 2016 Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Box is now available for order!

Marvel Collector Corps June 2016 Women of Power Box

As you might expect from the editor-in-chief of Marvel Toy News, I buy a lot of comic books every single month. And over the past year, more of those comic books have had female leads than ever before. And I love it. 

I like gender equality in entertainment, and I love fresh and new female-led comics. So when I heard about the MCC Women of Power Funko box coming this June, it drew a bigger smile to my face than any theme Funko has announced thus far.

As for what’s going to be in this box, well… who knows? With a theme like this, the possibilities are nearly endless, but I do have some early guesses as to what we may be seeing…

Funko Spider Gwen POP Vinyls FigureAs we all know, the regular version of the Funko Spider-Gwen POP Vinyls figure is now available for order already. So obviously, that version of Gwen won’t be headlining this box, even though she’s on the box.

That said, ¬†with the Spider-Gwen mold already in production, I think it’d be crazy if we didn’t get a Spider-Gwen vinyl in this box. My top choice would be an exclusive Unmasked Spider-Gwen POP Vinyl, but I’d be happy with a glitter variant or even a Spider-Gwen Dorbz figure.

Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel, Carol Danvers, is also all over the advertising for this Funko Women of Power box. I noted last month that all of the solicitation listings for the regular version of the Captain Marvel POP Vinyl specify her as “Unmasked”. Could we be seeing the eventual Masked Captain Marvel POP Vinyls figure in this box…?

In addition, it’s worth pointing out that Carol Danvers Captain Marvel sometimes appears with long hair (in fact, that’s her classic look), but short-haired Captain Marvel is far more popular than the long-haired iteration right now.

Funko Captain Marvel POP Vinyl UnmaskedThere is, of course, also the possibility of an all-new character like Squirrel Girl, Red She-Hulk (no, she is not Jennifer Walters), or Hellcat getting their first Funko love in this box as well. Who would say no to a Squirrel Girl POP Vinyl?!

Because she would be an easy repaint, I think Red She-Hulk is also a distinct possibility, but since that character is frankly not all that popular, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Red She-Hulk as a limited-edition convention exclusive later this year instead.

Funko She-Hulk POP Vinyl Figure

While collectors tend to prefer two POP Vinyls figures in a box to anything else that could be included, I think there are a ton of possibilities for female Dorbz and Mystery Minis. I wouldn’t mind a Dorbz Captain Marvel or Spider-Gwen at all, but there are literally dozens of other popular women Funko could include in this box.

I’ll post updates to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages as Funko teases more details on what may be included in this highly-anticipated subscription box, so stay tuned to our social media pages for more info.

Funko Women of Power Collector Corps BoxThe Funko Marvel Women of Power Collector Corps Box is now available for order while supplies last or until June 15th 2016 (whichever comes first). As this is a box with the red-hot Spider-Gwen on it, I think it’s a strong contender to sell out early like the Villains box (with Venom on it) did.

What are you hoping will be included in the Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Box, collectors? Are you hoping for variant POP Vinyls of Spider-Gwen or Captain Marvel, all-new characters as POPs, more female Dorbz, or something else entirely?


Funko Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Box! — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve never bothered with one of these boxes before. Are they normally spoiled before their sale ends or are you required to go in blind?

    • they usually ren’t spoiled before the sale ends (unless somebody in china finds factory runoffs), but they can be spoiled if you aren’t one of the first people to get your box.

    • I love Storm too, but Disney hasn’t approved a single X-Men item in a Funko box yet, and I don’t expect that to change any time soon.

      • duh deadpool is owned by fox and they made a whole box based on him…. My vote is for jubilee!

        • There were no Deadpool movie-related figures or merch in that box and Fox didn’t receive a penny from it, as that box was comics-based Deadpool. As the Women of Power box takes its name from the “Women of Power” variant covers initiative at Marvel Comics, it doesn’t seem likely we’ll see Jubilee in the box in any form, since she doesn’t appear on any of the Women of Power covers at all.

  2. Deadpool and civil war were my first two boxes and I won’t exaggerate I won’t hype it up, I actually like it. For the money to me it is definitely worth it. You figure deadpool. The shirt I got I love goes great with my two target exclusive deadpool shirts and the pin and patch of course are always that cherry for me the dorbs with the cowboy hat and pony was priceless not to mention the issue 1 of the worlds greatest comic marvel collector Corp variant and then the pop doll in my opinion on point and prime. Then came the civil box and I wasn’t let down again! I will maintain my subscription as I have and every 22 of every other month I know at least that day will be a good day for me. So two first edition variant comics black panther and dead pool two exclusive dorbs the civil box being my favorite of the two so far and then the shirts and both have been spot on for my taste and this month they added a little more cars with an explanation as to how the had come to each decision for each item and how it all came together! That was an amazing touch marvel and I must say I really do look forward to seeing that awesome artwork on that brown box on my front porch every other month! So deadpool!!! Civil war!!!! And now spider Gwen (Gwen pool maybe huh?) she did just drop her first edition as well. And captain marvel? I think this may just very well be another satisfied customer and collector corpsman

  3. I don’t see how they couldn’t include She-hulk. I don’t if Funko could get away with it without revealing it first, but I would like to see some sort of Jessica Jones pop. Like Jewel or whatever her hero name was.

  4. I actually bought this box SOLEY because Squirrel Girl was teased in the trailer! Squirrel Girl is my favorite Marvel character so I got extremely excited for this box! I’m hoping for a Squirrel Girl POP, but I’m not getting my hopes up. While I love Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk, and Captain Marvel (all of these are headlining this box), I’m pretty sure the POP will be one of those three ladies. But I do think the possibility of a Squirrel Girl POP is very high, especially because of the new comic series! ????????

  5. I reallllllllllly hope there is something Gwenpool in here because she is the main reason I got into comics!!!! I hope I hope this box persuaded me to join marvel collector corps!