Funko Thor Ragnarok Collector Corps Box Review & Spoilers!

Time has flown by, and the final Marvel movie of 2017 is now just two short weeks away! And to coincide with the movie, Funko has just shipped out their last MCU movie-themed box of the year: the Thor Ragnarok Collector Corps Box (with a Hulk box coming in December)! While I correctly predicted the two exclusive POP Vinyls that are included, I don’t think anybody on Midgard or any other real could have guessed the full contents on this really surprising box!

Funko Thor Ragnarok Collector Corps Box Review Spoilers Unboxing Photos

When the postman handed me my Marvel Collector Corps Thor Ragnarok Box today, my jaw gaped open for a few seconds, as I was seriously perplexed by the small size of the box. There’s no doubt about it—the MCC Ragnarok Box is the tiniest box we’ve ever gotten from Funko!

Do good things really come in small packages? I busted open the Ragnarok MCC box for my review, determined to find out! Full spoilers and unboxing photos to follow, so turn back now if you want to be surprised when you open your own box…

Funko Gladiator Hulk Beanie Hat from Marvel Collector Corps BoxShocker #1: For the first time ever, I opened up a Funko Collector Corps Box and the first thing my eyes beheld wasn’t the pin and patch combo! Craziness!!

Instead, my box was “topped” by a Funko Gladiator Hulk beanie, which has this month’s “patch” permanently affixed. The plastic/rubber patch is fun and different from what we’ve become accustomed to, and I don’t mind a fresh change at all.

Dabid Wearing Funko Gladiator Hulk Hat BeanieI’m certain some fans will complain about no shirt in this box, but it’s getting cold out and I really dig the Gladiator Hulk-inspired pattern on the grey hat (even if I do look like seriously the world’s biggest dork wearing the hat myself).

Marvel Collector Corps Hela PinAnd don’t worry, pin fans: while it wasn’t on top this month, the traditional metal pin is still here! This month, it’s a Hela pin! Good choice, as I doubt we’ll see another theme where she’d fit as logically as she does here.

Funko Thor Ragnarok Playing CardsShocker #2: For a second time in a row, there’s no comic book included with the MCC box. Instead, we get…  a pack of Thor Ragnarok playing cards. I hated these on sight when I first saw them, but as they’re cleverly included as a nod to the Grandmaster… I’ve warmed up to them.

Marvel Collector Corps Thor Ragnarok Playing Cards SetI think it would have been a lot more fun if the actual fronts of the cards were Thor characters (Hela as the Queen, Odin as the King, etc.), but I think the idea of these playing cards are novel as a one-time-only deal.

Thor Ragnarok Collector Corps Magnets SetThe playing cards aren’t the only item we get here in place of a shirt: there’s also a sheet of four Thor Ragnarok Mystery Minis magnets: Gladiator Thor, Gladiator Hulk, Hela and Loki.

Funko Thor Ragnarok Magnets on RefrigeratorIn contrast to the cards, I loved these on sight and instantly stuck them onto my fridge (where they stick wonderfully and look awesome). Now these are fun—I wouldn’t mind getting more Funko magnets regularly!

Funko Thor Ragnarok Fidget Spinner Villains SideShocker #3: The last non-figural item in this box is… a Thor Ragnarok fidget spinner?! If nothing else, this item has the surprise factor in its favor: Anyone who says they were expecting a Thor spinner in this box is totally lying. One side of the spinner is the villains (Hela, Loki and Grandmaster), while the other side features the heroes (Valkyrie, Thor and Hulk).

Funko Fidget Spinner Thor Ragnarok Movie CharactersThe fidget spinner has a nice weight and high-quality images of POP Vinyl heads on it, so from a quality standpoint, Funko did excellent here. However, I am not convinced (at all) that the collector demographic for this subscription box is the right audience for this type of item. I’ll be giving this to one of my nephews, personally, who I’m sure will be delighted by it.

December 2017 Collector Corps Hulk Box AdThe back of the contents card announces the next theme: the December 2017 Marvel Collector Corps Hulk Box that’s now up for order! The card shows a movie-based Gladiator Hulk, but I suspect the actual box will be solidly comic-based.

Funko Thor Ragnarok Box Exclusive POP VinylsFinally, we’ve got the main event of the box: not one, but two Exclusive Thor Ragnarok POP Vinyls!

Marvel Collector Corps Loki POP Vinyl Exclusive RagnarokLike a portion of any other group of people, many comic book fans don’t like change. So when it was revealed that Loki would be wearing a blue costume for some portion of the Thor Ragnarok movie—and most of his new movie toys were dressed in blue—fans flipped out.

Back of Box Funko Loki POP Vinyl MCC Exclusive

Thankfully, Funko is doing what Hot Toys and Hasbro are not: giving us a classic green, black and gold Tom Huddleston Loki figure from Thor 3!

Funko Marvel #248 POP Vinyl Thor 3 Loki Figure Box SideThe Marvel Collector Corps Loki POP  exclusive is wielding two blue daggers, and is probably my favorite Funko Loki figure released to date. Great choice for a limited exclusive with mass appeal!

Funko Gladiator Thor POP Vinyl BoxAnd speaking of exclusives with mass appeal: I’ve been dead certain for months that the Gladiator Thor POP Vinyl would make his appearance as part of this subscription box, and thy Odinson hath arrived!

Funko Marvel POP Vinyl #247 Gladiator Thor ExclusiveThor in his gladiator costume is likely to become the iconic look for the God of Thunder from this movie, and I am legit stunned that such an important variant was saved for the Funko Collector Corps Box.

Gladiator Thor Funko POP Vinyl Box Side ArtThe POP Gladiator Thor vinyl figure looks exactly as you’d expect, with his helmet, mace and shield. If you want a Thor to match up with Gladiator Hulk—and who doesn’t?!—then you’re definitely going to need this box.

Collector Corps Thor Ragnarok Box Contents Card

Overall, I’m taken aback a little bit by just how different this box is from what we’re used to, but different definitely isn’t bad. Both POPs are essentials in an MCU Collection, the magnets and playing cards are surprisingly refreshing, the Hela pin looks good, and the Hulk beanie hat is a nice switch from the endless parade of (admittedly terrific) T-Shirts.

I miss the monthly comic book and I personally never want to own another fidget spinner, but I think that this is a solid and amusingly diverse Marvel Collector Corps Thor Ragnarok Box. Some of the items here won’t be for everyone, but there’s no denying that this is a fun and unexpected assortment that’s more than worth the price paid.



Funko Thor Ragnarok Collector Corps Box Review & Spoilers! — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve been on the debating keeping my subscription going since I started collecting Legends with my daughter, and this box is not helping their case at all. The comic books were a huge draw for me personally.

    I agree though, they could have used the Thor characters on the card faces and it would have probably saved my opinion of this box. As is the cards just seem like an after thought. Even McDonald’s put more effort into the Minions playing cards they sold with Happy Meals a couple of weeks back.

    This may be my last Funko Box.

  2. I stopped picking these up a few months ago. This is one of those boxes that makes me happy that I made that decision. I mean, c’mon, a fidget spinner and a deck of cards?

  3. This is such a bad box. I get they wanted to do something different, but like boy did Funko not stick the landing.

    They told us the Loki Pop and I think everyone guessed the Thor Pop since that design was in other things like pocket pops and mystery minis. Personally, for my two, quality control was atrocious… lots of paint issues on my Thor and my Loki can’t stand because his feet weren’t molded correctly.

    I tend to only get the movie boxes as the comic ones are too much a gamble for me to consider spending $30 on them, and I like the consistency of having a t-shirt I can wear when I go see the movie, and now I don’t get that. Because we have a beanie I’m never going to put on my head.

    I’m sure I’ll warm up to the magnets. I can’t even with the fidget spinner, that has to be the dumbest thing in of these boxes. I feel like they had a moment, but that moment is passed now that you can find them in any random tourist shop selling other junky things (I live in a touristy place haha).

    And the cards…. at first I was like, well that’s cool, then I opened them and realized they were too lazy to give us characters on the face cards. And then I lost it….

    This box screams to me why I don’t get Lootcrate, it’s just full of dumb filler that I don’t think is worth the cost of the box.

    And I want my comic….

  4. I received my box on Saturday and was so disappointed. Other than pops everything else felt like filler for a child’s birthday party bag.The beanie is terrible, the cards are a joke, magnets are meh and I don’t think I even need to comment on the fidget spinner. I joined collector corps because it was supposed to be for collectors but I cant help but feel like this box was meant for a different demographic. I am giving them one more shot with the Hulk box in Dec and that’s it.

  5. I was pretty annoyed when I opened the box. It was advertised as being a regular wide rectangular box, not a tiny cube. Two POPs is amazing, but I always love the shirts so I can wear them to the movie and I was so excited for a Ragnarok shirt. I’ll still wear the beanie to the movie but that’s probably the first and last time it’ll be worn. The fidget spinner was dumb but the magnets and cards were okay. Hopefully the Black Panther box will be better.