Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk Figure Up for Order!

While leaks have become like a plague for other lines of Marvel toys, Diamond Select Toys is holding strong to their crown as the King of Surprise Marvel Figure Releases! There’s basically no other company in the land that manages to keep secrets as well as DST does right up until new figures go up for sale. And today’s surprise new release is a big one in both size and popularity–the Disney Store EXCLUSIVE Marvel Select Planet Hulk figure is now up for order! All those new Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk figures out there are about to have a serious contender for their crown…!

Marvel Select Planet Hulk Figure Packaged

Diamond Select Toys is known for putting out some amazing comic-based figures ahead of major characters/designs turning up in MCU movies, with past figures like The Winter Soldier, Black Panther and Hulkbuster Iron Man all turning up just before those characters made their movie debuts.

So I should have guessed that we’d be seeing a comic-based Planet Hulk Gladiator Hulk figure just in time for the release of the Thor Ragnarok movie, but alas–DST has taken me off-guard once again. Nice work, guys!

Disney Store Exclusive Planet Hulk Action FigureFrom Grek Pak’s legendary “Planet Hulk” comic book story, a big influence on the “Thor Ragnarok” movie, here comes the Marvel Select Planet Hulk figure!

The figure stands about 10″ tall, which is going to make him perfectly massive and monstrous to display alongside of both Marvel Select and Hasbro Marvel Legends figures, as I hear folks saying all the time that they Hasbro just doesn’t quite make Hulk big enough. This Hulk, however, ought to fit in perfectly alongside other Marvel Legends-compatible giants such as the Marvel Select Rhino, Abomination and Juggernaut.

Planet Hulk Marvel Select Figure Vs ThorAs usual, the figure will have “16 points of articulation”, although some of the articulation points in these newer Marvel Select figures tends to work in such a way that there’s a bit more flexibility and range of motion than you might expect. While not as super-articulated as Hasbro figures, I think we’re going to find that the Planet Hulk Marvel Select figure has ample articulation to achieve the poses that we’re looking for.

Exclusive Planet Hulk Marvel Select Action Figure 2017

Besides the action feature of being freaking huge, Planet Hulk will also include three accessories: a removable helmet, a battle axe and a shield. These are all beautifully recreated from the comic book storyline, and look downright amazing when you compare them to the weapons we get with Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk.

The only possible negative to this action figure is the price: he’s $29.99–the very first time I can remember a Diamond Select Toys Marvel action figure retailing for about $25-$26 price-point. I’m not sure if this is DST’s call or the Disney Store’s, but it is a bit surprising. Even so, I’m not about to reject this massive monster over four bucks, personally.

Marvel Select Planet Hulk Gladiator Hulk Exclusive FigureThe Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to ship on 10/2/2017. Surprisingly, the Disney Store has placed a “1 Per Person” limit on this figure, something I can’t recall seeing them do with any of their DST Exclusives in the past. With that and the slightly higher price in mind, I can’t help but wonder if this figure may be limited and Disney is planning for an early sellout? Regardless, my order is locked in!

What are you thoughts on Diamond Select Toys’ surprise Planet Hulk Select figure release, Marvel collectors? Is this a worthwhile addition to your Marvel Select (or even Legends) collection, or are you keeping your shelf movie Gladiator Hulk’s domain?


Exclusive Marvel Select Planet Hulk Figure Up for Order! — 22 Comments

    • Nope! The one announced earlier in the summer is the movie-based Gladiator Hulk from the Ragnarok movie. This one is based off the Planet Hulk comic books that Thor Ragnarok is inspired by.

  1. This figure is freaking awesome. I have the Legends baf Hulk, while that is good this much better. Will it be better then the Movie Hulk due later in the year. The action looks like it belonged to Conan. Not available at the UK Disney yet.

    • Hi there, do you mind if I ask where it was being shipped to Internationally. I’m trying to find out if I can get it shipped to the UK. I’d be grateful if you could let me know. Cheers Chris.

  2. Finally!!!! This is what I’m talking about!!! Why can Marvel Select deliver awesome figures like this all the time!!!!! Just ordered!!

  3. $29.95 + $7.95 (shipping & handling) = $37.90

    This figure looks amazing, but it’s damn near $40! I just might have to bite the bullet because Planet Hulk and WWH is by far my favorite hulk story. I’ll just have to eat ramen noodles for a week.

    QUESTION: On pre-orders, does the Disney Store charge my card at checkout or when they ship it? I couldn’t find an answer on their website or with a google search.

  4. Are we certain that this isn’t the same new Ragnarok Hulk that BBTS had up for preorder at $22 ? I don’t want to order a duplicate when the Disney one comes to $40 after tax and shipping.

    • I’m 100% certain. The Disney Hulk is based off the Planet Hulk comics and is comic-based. The Ragnarok Movie Hulk looks very different.

  5. Marvel Select always have the best sculpts. While I won’t be getting this, it’s still definitely awesome!

  6. It looks like neither of his hands is designed to grip the axe, which seems like a huge design flaw to me. Anybody else wondering about that??
    Nice sculpt but at near $40 I will stick with Gladiator BAF Hulk for now, warped hammer and all.

  7. It’s a beautiful piece but the problem is that left armor piece. It would be nice if that’s soft plastic so as not to restrict his articulation. That’s my only issue with it.