REVIEW: Hascon Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool 6″ Figure!

Although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from HasCon when it was first announced, the inaugural event turned out to be one of the more unique and focused conventions that I’ve attended. A con where the unifying element is programming and displays of most of my favorite toy brands ever? Sign me up. But even more than the reveals at the show, I was excited to come home with the HasCon Exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool. He’s selling for $50+ on the aftermarket and goes up for order on HTS a week from today–should you get one?

Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool Review Hascon ExclusiveThe Right:

Although it’s an intangible, the first “Right” I want to include in this review is the fact that Hasbro designated a unique exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ figure for HasCon at all. Doing so definitely made the show feel like more of a big deal, and it was the correct call to make the event feel more “legit”.

In addition, picking the second most iconic look for Marvel’s hottest character was a surefire way to garner attention for the show and drive attendance. Excellent choice, Hasbro.

Hascon X-Force Deadpool Marvel Legends Figure ReviewAs for the figure itself, well–it’s mostly just the X-Men Legends Deadpool I reviewed last year. That’s not at all a bad thing, though, as that was one of the best figures of 2016 and an all-time favorite of many collectors.

Back of X-Force Deadpool Hascon ExclusiveSo what’s different? Well, first and most obviously is the paint deco. Hasbro did a stellar job with the paint apps on this figure, neatly and cleanly painting the figure into Wade’s darker and more serious X-Force colors. The paint has been applied evenly with no mess-ups or slop on mine, so I’m a happy camper.

Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool Exclusive HasCon 2017Like the original Deadpool, the X-Force Deadpool Marvel Legends figure gets a treasure trove of accessories. But surprise, surprise-several of the accessories are actually new!

Hascon Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool Bazooka with Effects PieceThe boxing glove bazooka that came with the original version was fun and all, but if you’re looking for something slightly more serious, the X-Force exclusive’s bazooka has more paint deco, a removable explosion effects piece to stick on the barrel, and a suitably zany “BOOM!” written on the side. Classic Deadpool!

X-Force Deadpool Marvel Legends Figure ReviewWe also get an all-new set of small sci-fi looking blaster pistols (I have no idea what else to call these). They’re not exactly realistic, but they’re nicely decorated and I like Wade being able to dual-wield.

Hascon Deadpool Exclusive Figure AccessoriesOld accessories from the previous version making a comeback here include a large blaster (now with nice-looking paint apps!), a taco (you can never have too many tacos!), a knife, two katana swords and an unmasked Deadpool head.

Unmasked Head Deadpool Wade Wilson X-Force Costume HasbroThe unmasked Wade Wilson grinning head looks really weird and out of place on the grey costume to me, but I can’t knock Hasbro for including it for those who like this look (which isn’t me).

Close-Up of X-Force Deadpool Hascon Marvel Legends ExclusiveThere’s also a new removable “collar” piece added around Deadpool’s neck, which is important for this costume and a detail that I was genuinely surprised to see Hasbro remember (because I forgot about it myself). X-Force Deadpool also has a different belt, further increasing the authenticity of the figure.

Marvel Legends 2017 X-Force Deadpool Exclusive Figure Review HasbroThe articulation is unhanged from the red Deadpool figure, and is as top-rate now as it was last year. Butterfly swivel shoulders would have been nice, but obviously weren’t going to happen on a repaint–I’ll make due with the ankle rockers, double-jointed knees and elbows, swivel biceps/thighs, and more that give this figure a superb amount of flexibility.

Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool Hascon 2017The Wrong:

The 2016 Marvel Legends Deadpool figure was my “Hasbro figure of the year” last year, so as you might expect, I don’t have many complaints about this figure. Really, there are only two minor nits I feel I have to pick.

First, that bright blue pistol. I would assume this is based off of an illustration from an issue of Uncanny X-Force, but I flipped through some issues and can’t find any matching reference materials where DP is wielding a radioactive blue, orange-tipped pistol. This gun looks really jarring and ridiculous–not sure exactly what the thought was with this.

X-Force Deadpool Marvel Legends Exclusive Figure Swords Unmasked HeadIn addition, the lack of interchangeable hands is slightly problematic again. As with the red version of the this figure, the swords can’t be held tightly with the grip this ML Deadpool figure has, and as a result they tend to slide around and out of place. It’s not a huge deal, but I would have preferred new hands to the new guns Wade comes with.

Review Hascon Deadpool X-Force Marvel Legends 6" FigureOverall: For a limited convention exclusive, Hasbro has absolutely done right by us. A costume variant that many will consider essential, a double-digit number of accessories–including some new ones, and an outstanding underlying figure mold that’s been painted expertly–all for the regular price-point of $19.99. Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool wasn’t just a terrific choice for a HasCon exclusive–he’s a terrific figure overall. Highly recommended.



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      • The way you phrased it, “we also get an all-new set of [pistols]” made me think you didn’t recognize the accessory from the AIM soldier. To get something that’s “all-new” would infer new to all, not just new to Deadpool.

  1. definitivamente voy por esta figura!! comparto casi todo lo escrito aparte del problema de las manos que la hemos visto en casi todas las figuras de deadpool (no entiendo porque? ya que las armas mas caracteristicas de wade son las espadas deberia traer manos para su firme agarre) me gustaria mas que los “blasters” viniera armas mas tradicionales pero por lo demas es una figura exelente. sumemos que en la wave Deadpool vendra una nueva X-23 de X-Force … me encantaria que hasbro nos traiga un Wolverine con su nuevo molde y uniforme X-Force y porque no ya que tambien llegan Domino y Deathlock sumarlos para obtener mas integrantes de dicho equipo

      • La “gente” tambien leen en español .. si no sabes español puedes usar un traductor de google

        • How about you use the google translator. This website, along with the articles and comments section is English and has always been in English. Stop being so stubborn. How about we get some comments in Japanese and Arabic while we’re at it.

          • simplemente no quiero .. si un japones decide escribir que lo haga .. si un portugués o un árabe quiere hacerlo que lo haga también. y el que no quiera leerlo que no lo haga

    • El deadpool regular me vino con los brazos muy muy defectuosos, las articulaciones no cierran y la goma venía toda doblada, si este pool viene así me temo que no lo comprare, a alguien más le paso eso con el deadpool traje clásico?

  2. Not sure what the other guy said. Your right it is a great figure, but with shipping $80 is too much for a $20 figure.i only paid $30 extra for the Thor SDCC set. So if I can get it for a decent price great, otherwise will just wait for the Chinese KO.

    • hasbro toy shop will be selling the figure for $20 (plus shipping) on 9/20, according to their website (only 1 per customer).

      • Yes, he will be available on HTS next week, but I’d be shocked if lasted more than 15 minutes. Remember, these are left overs from the convention. After Wednesday, you’re not going to see these anywhere close to retail $$ since it will only be available on secondary markets. I’m not happy I paid ~$50 for it on eBay, but I only collect Deadpool figures, so this was a must for me.

      • Yes, he will be available on HTS next week, but I’d be shocked if lasted more than 15 minutes. Remember, these are left overs from the convention. After Wednesday, you’re not going to see these anywhere close to retail $$ since it will only be available on secondary markets. I’m not happy I paid ~$50 for it on eBay, but I only collect Deadpool figures, so this was a must for me.

  3. Looks cool and a nice review, as always. So with Psylocke coming next year, does this mean all of Remender’s X-Force lineup will be available? Think we already have archangel, x-force Wolverine, and Fantomex.

  4. I think the blue pistol is supposed to be a toy gun, possibly the the kind that use to shoot out suction cup tipped darts. I remember owning one that looked similar, at least in color.

    • Exactly, its cross-promotion at a convention of a toy company. I am a big nerfer too and I assume it is a homage to the Nerf MEGA Magnus Zed Squad two pack. Google it, see if you agree with me.

    • It’s for sure supposed to be a toy gun. airsoft and BB guns have the orange tipped barrels to identify that they’re not real. I like the thought behind it but I don’t think it looks as good as they intended.

  5. I wonder if the sci-fi laser pistols and the Real Gun Painted Like A Toy Gun are because it’s specifically a Hascon exclusive, and there’s more focus on it as a “family” event, so they’re more hesitant to give the figure “real-looking” guns compared to normal mass retail, or other cons’ exclusives?

  6. Yeah, it’s probably a nerf gun, but could it be a squirt gun? Either way it’s hilarious! For being a repaint I love x-force DP! And I actually like the unmasked head in this uniform, I find it to be quite hilarious especially when he is posing with the weapons and that pinky finger sticking out! What a ham he is! I’ll be going after him 9\20, but if I fail to get him there’s no way I’ll pay anything over $40, especially with a toddler in the house who tends to like to bite the head of the new figure immediately after its opened! LMAO

  7. To everyone saying, “Just get him on 9/20 on the HTS site”, keep in mind that those will be what’s left over from the conference and will more than likely sell out very quickly. After that, the secondary market is the only place you’ll be able to get them. Personally, I only collect Deadpool figures, so this was a must for me. I’m not happy I paid scalper prices on eBay, but soon after they’re released on 9/20, you’ll never see this figure at anything remotely close to retail $$ again.

    • Whenever I’ve bought an exclusive on the after-market (every time but once), I’ve reframed the situation to “The price I’m paying is cheaper than the cost for tickets to the con, airfare, hotel, and food. It’s not retail, but it’s still a deal.” It’s worked so far, and I am thrilled I don’t have to think about after-market prices on Psylocke anymore.

  8. Compre el deadpool regular y los brazos venían horriblemente defectuosos, miedo me da ya ese molde y me quitaron las ganas fe comprar este o el venom pool la verdad :T

  9. Thanks Hasbro! Available for less than 10 minutes online, now have to go buy on ebay hopefully for less than 100 before it shoots to 200. thanks again

    • Yeah I thought maybe the 1-per-customer would allow them to stay in stock for more than 10 minutes. Kept waiting for the “add to cart” option to show up and it never did. Oh well. On the plus side, they had some SDCC Thor 5 packs back in stock so I grabbed one of those instead.

  10. Your right it supposedly went up at 10am and was available for less then 10 minutes,I checked at around 10 and saw nothing,thanks Hasbro too

  11. lol, my favorite part about ordering these, is reading all the whiny little bitch boys complain and blame that they didn’t get their toy. If you want it that bad you should put the work in to make it happen, otherwise, kindly stfu. Thank you. Anyways, I was able to get 4 orders in due to help from family and friends.

  12. I actually had the deadpool in my cart but the hasbro website would not accept my login/password. Even though I was able to login fine 2 hours prior. By the time i entered all my info as a guest checkout, my cart was emptied and deadpool was sold out. This was all done on my iPhone. Wondering if anyone else had issues logging in.
    As for D’s nutz’s comments: congrats on your 4 when most could not order 1. Would you please kindly STFU.

  13. Man, got this figure in the mail today, wow!! Fantastic figure of deadpool. This has got to be one of my favorite marvel legends so far. Hasbro dos a crap job at packing and one of the figures I got was banged up but I had a couple orders since my brother and sister helped me out. So out of the 3, one came mint, others are going on the bay.