HasCon: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Lizard Series Photos!

While there weren’t any previously-unrevealed Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2018 figures on display at HasCon this morning, the five figures previously-revealed for the next wave were all present and spotlighted at the Marvel booth on the floor, including the Lizard Build-A-Figure, Gwenpool, Lasher, Spider-Punk, and my favorite: Mysterio. And at the Marvel Legends panel this evening, one more hero joined the fight: a modern Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure!

HasCon Marvel Legends 2018 Spider-Woman Figure

I know a lot of folks were hoping to see the full remainder of the first 2018 Marvel Legends Spider-Man series at HasCon 2017 today, but hey, Hasbro’s gotta save something for New York Comic Con 2017 next month, right…?

Even so, the Marvel NOW! Spider-Woman Marvel Legends figure is certainly not chopped liver, and it’s always a treat to see as-yet unreleased figures in person, so I went ahead and took some fresh photos of the quintet plus the newest Jessica Drew.

HasCon Marvel Legends Lizard Build-A-FigureOn to the figures that we’ve seen before! First up, the new Marvel Legends Lizard BAF. I know this guy is a little bit more “dinosaur” that a lot of classic purists would like, but I think this Lizard will win many of those fans over when they see him in person.

Lizard BAF at Hascon 2017 Marvel Legends Build-A-FigureThe Lizard Build-A-Figure has some outstanding sculpting detail, and looks like a real powerhouse threat to Spidey. Thumbs up from me.

Gwenpool Marvel Legends 6" Series Figure Lizard WaveSecond: Gwenpool. Try as hard as I have, I haven’t been able to love Gwenpool (which is saying a lot, since I love almost every character I have covered in Marvel Puzzle Quest). Marvel Legends Gwenpool has a great, energetic look to her, but I’m not ecstatic that she still has no double-hinge elbows or biceps swivels.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Lasher Figure Hascon 2017Lasher looks good (albeit perhaps slightly undersized), and it’ll be interesting to see how a truly minor Symbiote fares saleswise. If Lasher performs really well, I wonder if we’ll see all of his brothers (and sister)?

Spider-Punk Marvel Legends 2018 FigureOn the Spider-Man variant front, it’s Hobie Brown Spidey–Spider-Punk!

Marvel Legends Lizard Series Spider-Punk 6" FigureYeah, that’s right–the alternate universe rebel rocker Spider-Man. I know some of you hate this iteration, but for me? It’s pure love.

Marvel Legends Mysterio Figure Hasbro 2018 Lizard SeriesFinally, we’ve got the figure that’s going to be the toughest to acquire from this wave for sure: the new 2018 Marvel Legends Mysterio!

Mysterio Marvel Legends 2018 Hasbro 6" Figure HasconTons of new tooling, all-new, incredible-looking smoke effects pieces for his feet and a mysterious head under that dome make this one of my odds-on future favorite figures! Cannot wait for this one!

Spider-Woman Marvel Legends Lizard Series FigureOverall, I think the Marvel Legends Lizard Series is an absolutely loaded wave of figures. While this is listed as being one of the first two 2018 series, I’m hoping that we’ll see the Spider-Man Legends Lizard series up for pre-order online before the end of the year (Thanksgiving-time, perhaps?). Stay tuned to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages for updates as the newest figures go up for sale.

With the new Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, this series is now one step closer to completion! Who do you hope will round out this series, Marvel collectors–and are you planning to buy them all to build that awesome Lizard figure?


HasCon: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Lizard Series Photos! — 19 Comments

  1. That Mysterio is clearly a labor of love.

    Kinda hope Jessica Drew comes with her baby as an accessory. I really loved that series.

    I’m *really* hoping that (a) the rumor of Prowler being in this wave is true and (b) he comes w/a Hobie head that we can also swap over to Spider-Punk.

  2. It looks like they used the smaller female figure for Spider Woman. I hope it’s not. I’m going to be extremely disappointed if it is.

  3. I really really like that Lizard BAF, but this Jessica Spider-Woman holds no interest for me – alas, this makes for four figures in this wave that don’t interest me, so it looks like I won’t be owning the Lizard after all.

    On the bright side, with all the products shown for 2018, being able to skip some waves is actually a relief!

    • It’s the 6″ line but I looks to me like they are using the body they used for Spider Gwen, Ultimate Spider Woman, and both Spider Girls. Not the full WOMAN size as the previous Jessica Drew, Black Cat, Captain Marvel, etc. I think Silk was kind of in between the Woman size and “teen” size. Just have to wait and see I guess.

  4. Lizard , and mysterio are must haves. Modern spiderwoman is ok. I prefer tje classic costume though. Ill still probably pick her up. Passing on spider punk- ans all super hero gwen stacy figures. Spidergwen, and now gwenpool. Not feelin it. Just give me a regular, classic gwen stacy figure, like the spidy/MJ set.

    • I mean, unlike Spider-Gwen, Gwenpool isn’t even supposed to be a version of Gwen Stacy. Her name is literally Gwen Poole, she’s a girl from an alternate dimension (basically ours iirc), so her Deadpool-inspired 4th-wall-breaking is due to her literally knowing all of the characters and everything about them from comic books in her world.

  5. If it becomes a legitimate problem for me that Lizard is too Saurian then I’ll just have to accept owning a WereDinosaur. Not a problem. Not at all. Just me give me Sauron and Stegron and we’ll call it a day. Dino Squad oh yeah!

  6. I was about to say that it’ll probably be a pain to get Lizard standing with those legs but then I remembered he has a tail. Whoo air head moment. I wonder how much articulation it’ll have. Hopefully it’s as good as the 2009 Spiderman’s version or better.

  7. Spider-Punk looks great. Still waiting on Spider-Man Noir. I like that Mysterio actually has a Quentin Beck head underneath the dome.

  8. I really like the Lizard which could be re-tooled as Sauron. Mysterio is the figure everyone will be after not that exited about the rest, but will still buy the whole wave.

  9. Mysterio sin lugar a dudas es la mejor figura de esta wave!!! comparto que mas que lagarto parece Dinosaurio pero me gusta mucho! en cuanto al resto de la wave me parece que gwenpool es la mas interesante solo por ser un personaje”nuevo” .. en cuanto a los symbiots creo que veremos muchos ya que es una figura que se recicla fácilmente y a poco costo. los spideys seguirán llegando en ejercitos con mil versiones … me resulta ya aburrido porque solo espero al spiderman noir y al iron spider … en cuanto a si falta alguna figura recuerdo haber visto una lista donde estaba demondgoblin y prouler .. creo que el ultimo merece su lugar en marvel legends y me encantaría verlo