HasCon: Marvel Legends Black Bolt & Namor Photos!

As expected, all of the Marvel Legends figures that were revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2017 are also on display at HasCon 2017 this morning. There aren’t any new figures on display yet, but we do have confirmation of alternate heads coming with two of the figures first shown at SDCC 2017: Black Panther Marvel Legends Black Bolt and Namor!


When Hasbro revealed bearded Namor and screaming Black Bolt Legends figures at SDCC, I was reasonably sure we’d be seeing alternate, “regular” heads for both figures shown off as well.

And at the 1st HasCon event ever this morning, we did in fact get to see kingly duo with all their interchangeable head glory!

Black Bolt has his trademark non-expressive, pensive look on his face. This is the way we typically see Black Bolt depicted, and also the way the new figure will be on my shelf. 

While the screaming Black Bolt head is neat and all, I just don’t like the blue tongue, personally (although I suspect this is the display option most people will opt for). 

In person, the dark blue and silver paints on Black Bolt look perfect. 

Meanwhile, we get a shaved Namor Marvel Legends head to go along with the bearded one. I legit forgot that Namor ever even had a beard until I saw the bearded Namor Marvel Legends figure, so I think vastly more folks will be displaying the clean-shaven version. 

There’s no more room in the display case at the Marvel Legends booth, so I suspect we won’t be seeing any more 6″ Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Series figures revealed at the show.

But if any more new Marvel Legends Black Panther series are revealed, I’ll update and send out photos via the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Page

What do you think of the alternate heads for the Black Panther Legends Namor and Black Bolt figures, Marvel collectors? Are you planning on picking up these kings, and if so, what heads will you be displaying them with?


HasCon: Marvel Legends Black Bolt & Namor Photos! — 13 Comments

  1. Definitely gonna use the screaming Black Bolt and the clean Namor.
    We have waaaaaaay too many expressionless faces among ML. The yelling head is a welcome addition.

    Dunno if this Namor is going to be able to earn himself a place on the shelf. His previous version wearing actual clothes looks MUCH better.
    But I’ll definitely use his trident instead of the repainted Gungnir that the clothed version came with.

  2. I’m pretty sure we will see more Black Panther wave figures considering hasbro revealed the kid oriented toys yesterday.

  3. The open mouth head on Blackbolt looks amazing. Don’t care for the inhumans but that makes him a bit more enticing.

    Super stoked for speedo Namor and I will definitely be displaying him with the daddy bear beard.

  4. With Black Bolt there is already 2 figures and if you own them, then you can display the new one with the open mouth. I think Namor look great with the beard and I hope you can use this head with other figures.

  5. Does anyone know the name of those stands they are displayed on? I can’t find them anywhere. Anyone have any information about them?

  6. From the pics, it looks like the bearded head doesn’t have pointed ears. It’s probably from an unreleased figure, not made for Namor.

    • Not an unreleased figure but you’re right not made for Namor. I’m pretty sure that’s the unmasked Cosmic Spiderman head from the Spiderman Homecoming wave with black hair instead of brown and with blue eyes.

      • I thought you might be right, but I just grabbed the Cosmic head, and no, they’re not the same. Very similar, but the ‘Namor’ head has the hair more slicked back. I wonder who they’ve got that head in line for?

        • I finally got a cosmic Spiderman a few days ago and came back to this post quickly as I could to correct this mistake.