2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Series Photos! Psylocke! Storm!

I was not at all sure that we’d be seeing any of the Marvel Legends 2018 X-Men series at HasCon this weekend, but at their inaugural convention, Hasbro was aiming to blow us away! And so, while we only got to see less than half of the wave, we did get to see three jaw-dropping headliners for the series: Tiger Stripe Wolverine, Mohawk Storm, and the first single-packed Hasbro Psylocke 6″ figure ever!

2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Figures HasCon Reveals

The biggest reveal of the show, which fans have been speculating and buzzing about ever since the 12″ version was revealed at SDCC 2017, is the new Tiger Stripe Wolverine! I won’t call him Jim Lee Wolverine (because Rob Liefeld will come and yell at me again), but this is the iconic Wolverine costume from the 90’s cartoon.

This looks outstanding, and even if it ends up packed at two-per-case (and let’s all pray it will be), this is going to blow out of stores lightning-fast.

Marvel Legends 2018 Psylocke Figure Joining Logan is an all-new Psylocke! It’s been over a decade since a new non X-Force Psylocke 6″ figure was released, and this one is going to be a huge winner.

Hasbro Psylocke Marvel Legends X-Men 2018 Series FigureThe new 2018 Marvel Legends Psylocke will be an all new mold, and will include a Psychic knife, sword, and even a butterfly psychic energy effects piece!

IMG_2132-0The butterfly effects piece wasn’t displayed in the booth, but the Hasbro Marvel team did mention it during the panel as something that was coming with the figure.

Rounding out the reveals is a true 6″ classic Mohawk Storm figure for the first time ever!

HasCon Marvel Legends Mohawk Storm 2018 FigureHasbro wanted to get a new Storm into circulation, as the Toys R Us exclusive is incredibly expensive and hard to find.

HasCon Marvel Legends Storm FigureThe bright yellow electrical effects pieces that come with the new Marvel Legends Mohawk Storm looks fantastic contrasted to the dark colors of the figure.

Mohawk Storm Marvel Legends 2018 FigureAnd hey–3-star Marvel Puzzle Quest Storm! Booyah!

An updated look at the Apocalypse Build-A-Figure was also shown in his classic colors during the panel, and he looks pretty dang sweet.

Marvel Legends 2018 Wolverine Tiger Stripe Figure I’ll add photos of the actual figures once they’re added to the booth later on during the event, and be sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages for updates throughout the weekend. This series of X-Men Marvel Legends figures should be up for order online in winter/spring 2018.

What do you think of the first three X-Men Legends 2018 reveals, Marvel collectors? Who are you hoping to see round out the series, and are these all must-haves in your mind?


2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Series Photos! Psylocke! Storm! — 48 Comments

  1. That’s not all! Spider-Woman, King Cobra, Paladin/Iron Man (ANAD) 2 pack, Shuri/Klaw 2 pack and Walmart exclusive Thanos w Infinity Guantlet were all revealed today.

  2. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that equates specific costumes to Marvel Puzzle Quest characters.

  3. Well, I need that build a figure, so whatever the rest of the wave has going for it will be good enough for me. If I had my druthers though, I’d like a Rogue as she was when she first joined the X-men. A nice classic looking Banshee perhaps. Some New Mutants figures, but that come come in a wave of their own when the movie is released. Hopefully!

  4. So the Jim Lee X-Men Hasbro promised was a lie, I take it.
    Where is Jim Lee 90s white costume Storm and classic Jim Lee Colossus?

    • *Hasbro doesn’t focus /quite/ as hard on Jim Lee costumes as some people expected them to based on how they interpreted what they said*

      “Hasbro was lying!”

      • Hasbro promised us a complete Jim Lee X-Men team. This Storm does not qualify. So, yes, Hasbro lied. This isn’t rocket science.

        • sorry–when did they promise a full jim lee team all at once? last i checked, multiple figures of the same character can be released. just because jim lee storm isn’t in this wave doesn’t mean they lied, it means they’re getting out another equally popular version of the character before–or while, like in the case of this years’ cyclops–giving us a jim lee storm. the wolverine and psylocke here still 100% qualify as jim lee versions of their respective characters.

        • Dude, literally two thirds of the X-wave reveals at Hascon were the costumes the characters wore when drawn by Jim Lee (I only say it that way instead of “Jim Lee looks” because these looks for these characters did get used a fair bit outside of Jim Lee’s X-men work). This wave actually has more straight-up Jim Lee looks so far than the previous two X-waves (2 instead of 1 each)

  5. am I the only one who sees what wrong with the awesome Storm figure?! She’s using her power, which she didn’t have to this outfit.

      • Not to mention she was wearing this when she got em back! The complaint for inaccuracy should be laid solely at Thanos’ feet. He NEVER wore the Infinity Guantlet in that costume.

        • agreed just a plain stupid figure that only caters to those who complained that he didn’t have the gauntlet first time round, even though he never wore it in that version.

  6. Looks great. Still soooo many more charactera to go though. They can go on with several more xmen waves alone-

  7. How can people be that excited about that Wolverine. We’ve had sooooooo many wolverines. I am more for the figures like Paladin who haven’t been made before, let alone made 20 times before. Plus, it is time folks realize that the yellow and blue with tiger stripes is a dumb outfit. It doesn’t fit the character in the least.

    • Because the Wolverine’s we’ve had in the past have shitty claws, or they’re too tall, or the articulation wasn’t as good as it is now. The claws on this will be better than any of the ones Legends has done before in the yellow suit. Also, the brown costume they did a few waves ago was very good, but he had no facial expression. So this is really cool.

  8. I don’t know why people say Wolverine’s Tiger Stripe outfit is specifically his Jim Lee and/or ’90s outfit, when it’s just as much his ’70s outfit.

  9. I’m happy for the people who finally have their Jim Lee Psylocke. But I really hope some of her non ninja, like the Outback or Classic Pink eventually get released. I’ll even go for her last couple costumes like Uncanny and the Anka suit.
    I’m so sick of Jim Lee everything.
    Dude has done both lasting good and harm. We can’t move onto older or newer things cuz of that.

  10. I’m happy for the people who finally get there Jim Lee version of psylocke. But I hope now we can move on from that version and get either an older version or her current more modern version. I really want the Outback or the classic pink outfit, or The Uncanny or the Anka suit. Jim Lee’s designs have done both lasting harm, and good to the X-Men action figures. It seems we just can’t get away or move on from them. There’s almost no variety so here’s hoping the next waves Are non Jim Lee looks.

  11. I’m really excited for the Psylocke figure. She’s one of my favorite characters and that design is awesome. I’m hoping that we get a new Gambit in this wave, since it’s been forever since the last Gambit figure. I don’t have too many other hopes, but I plan to buy the case because I need that Apocalypse figure.

  12. An outback Psylocke and Dazzler would be AWESOME!! I liked Psylockes armour and we need more figures from the outback years.

  13. I’m surprised some people are saying there’s not enough Jim Lee. Psylocke and that Wolverine are totally based off of his art. That’s not even my preferred version of Wolvie and I think it looks great. And it looks like they utterly rocked Mohawk Storm. I’m sure the rest of the wave will be as great.

    • The Hasbro team was informed in mass by the crowd that they wanted a Hoverchair Professor X at the panel. If they didn’t know before, they definitely do now. =D

  14. Hoping they update Psylocke to the Moonstone body before release, it would fit her much better, the body on use is too small for Jim Lee era Psylocke especially.

    • Won’t happen. Those were production figs you saw, as in finished products. This was according to Dwight Stall.

  15. They’re FINALLY giving us a new Psylocke!! My favorite X-Man!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!!
    This maybe a wave I actually preorder for real!

  16. Me encanta Wolverine!! sin dudas ese cuerpo es el mas exacto que se a hecho para ese personaje el cual espero que se use en mas versiones como un nuevo traje x-force (ya que tenemos un nuevo deadpool y x-23) o un clásico con jeans y musculosa blanca.
    psylocke se ve genial .. storm no me convence mucho … si analizamos las pasadas waves encontramos que también vinieron personajes con poco tiempo en filas de los x-men y otros mas identificados con x-force o x-factor … siguiendo ese patrón me gustaria un nuevo Warpath rojo y azul .. boom boom o .. tal vez un Quicksilver o un Forge … también seria bueno ver una nueva jubilo (de los 90s) Gambit y Nigthcrawler piden a gritos volver a marvel legends!! pero creo que seria bueno incluir mas villanos … Avalancha .. sapo .. Black tom .. Exodus .. Magneto .. Sr.siniestro .. Samurai Plateado serian buenas figuras

  17. Wish list: Jim Lee version of:
    1. Jubilee
    2. Gambit
    3. Beast
    4. Prof. X with his classic Shiar wheelchair

    Nightcrawler, canonball, boom boom