HasCon: Marvel Legends Shuri! Paladin! King Cobra! Thanos!

I posted earlier today about the megaton lineup of the first half of the 2018 X-Men Marvel Legends Apocalypse series, as well as the new Spider-Woman, but that’s far from all Hasbro had up their sleeves at the HasCon panel tonight! In addition, we saw the debuts of Marvel Legends Shuri, King Cobra, Invincible Iron Man, Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet, Paladin and more! I stopped by the Hasbro booth one last time tonight to snap photos of them all up-close…

HasCon Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man Revealed

I thought Hasbro would show off a handful of new 6″ Legends figures at HasCon this weekend, but they actually went almost all-out, sprinkling reveals across almost every known upcoming series of ML!

Some are mass-release figures, some are store exclusives. All of them are tagged as being part of the 2018 lineup (although those have been known to start appearing by November/December each year). Let’s take a look at the riches, shall we?

Marvel Legends Tony Stark Invincible Iron Man FigureFirstly, we’ve got the first brand new comic-based Iron Man figure since the Guardians of the Galaxy Space Iron Man figure way back in 2014! Officially, this is the Marvel Legends Invincible Iron Man figure–and it looks grand. I love the add-on armor cannons and effects pieces.

Marvel Legends 2018 Invincible Iron Man Figure Black Panther SeriesAnd yes, we even get a comic-based Tony Stark head. Lookin’ slick, Tony! The Invincible Iron Man figure is the third figure revealed for the Marvel Legends Black Panther movie series, with Hasbro not ready (or able) to announce the movie half figures just yet.

Marvel Legends Shuri Klaw Two-PackBut speaking of Black Panther–! Toys R Us has an exclusive two-pack that was teased at SDCC 2017: Marvel Legends Shuri and Klaw! Klaw looks like an update of the previous Marvel Legends Klaw figure from 2012. I actually always liked that (poor-selling) figure, so I don’t mind seeing him return with a newer mold.

Toys R Us Exclusive Black Panther 2-Pack Marvel Legends Klaw ShuriShuri, T’Challa’s sister and the female Black Panther, is a character I legit never thought I’d see in toy form. The fact that we’re getting a 6″ comic book version of her and a non-Legends 6″ movie version of Shuri really makes my heart smile (what does that even mean?).

Marvel Legends Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet Walmart ExclusiveWalmart is getting their own exclusive as well, and it’s a biggie: the Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet! This is the 2015 Thanos Build-A-Figure, now with a new head and a new Infinity Gauntlet. This release is gonna be hot, no doubt.

Hascon Marvel Legends King Cobra Infinity War Series Figure

From the Avengers Infinity War Marvel Legends series 1 itself, it’s a comic-based King Cobra figure joining the previously-revealed Songbird! King Cobra was on a leaked UPC list from a year and a half ago, so it’s nice to see him finally released. (Will Tigra and Crossbones ever join him, though?)

Finally, it’s perhaps the most obscure character revealed at the show: Marvel Legends Paladin! He’ll join the Deadpool series, which I believe still have one more figure left to be revealed.

Marvel Legends Paladin Figure Deadpool Series HasConI believe that’s the last of the reveals we’ll see at HasCon, but I’ll update the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages if anything else is added to the booth tomorrow or Sunday.

How do you like this assortment of debuting heroes and villains, Marvel collectors? Are you psyched for any of this multitude of new reveals, or does nothing from this batch get your blood pumping?


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      • That can be kind of confusing, seeing as there are 2 figures of spider-man 2099. Sure, one uses the pizza spidey body. But for clarity I usually refer to it as the sunfire body mold too.

  1. The Klaw is actually completely new. if you look closely he’s using the ANAD Spider-Man 2099 body from this year.

  2. You asked whether Crossbones and Tigra will ever join King Cobra. They came out with the Ares waves way back when (2007?). Though yeah, the Tigra, at least, isn’t quite the same scale as what you might call today’s “standard bucks”. However, she wasn’t a bad figure. I don’t have the Crossbones, but remember him warming pegs.

    • crossbones warmed pegs? where? he was one of the most sought after figure in that wave, and went for mega bucks on eBay. He was friggin impossible to find in most places

  3. I really like all of the reveals. Ironman looks really nice. My one gripe is I wish Thanos wasn’t a walmart exclusive.

    • MY one gripe is if they were going to release a Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet, it should be in the costume he actually wore it in. Especially since ML collectors preferred his original outfit to the current one anyway (I’m good with his modern look, but NOT with the Infinity Gauntlet). Plus Hasbro is starting to make this “BAF into Single Card” thing a trend.

      • The weird thing to me is that there’s no little or no color adjustment. So, for example, you could get single pack Groot and BAF Groot Rocket and get BAF Groot. Likewise here, unless they adjust the deco, you could get Hellcat and Walmart Thanos and get a full Thanos.

        If they’re going to do this, I’d almost rather they take a page from the (incomplete) BAF TMNT or Kitty Pryde Onslaught head and just throw in special accessories for one figure with another. Especially if it makes some sense.

        For example: Mary Jane with a Peter Parker head (since the unmasked Spidey has more play value with MJ). Tony Stark head (and battle damaged arm or something) with War Machine and vice versa. Or maybe Rocket gets a special Groot torso with pegs for him to stand on. Just dispense with the BAF thing in favor of crossplay.

        Or, say, have an Iron Man wave, right? And have alternate battle damaged Iron Man BAF packed with a bunch of Iron Man characters that can be swapped on the main 3x to a case Tony so you can select exact level of battle damage.

        • Actually, that Thanos has more differences than just the added Infinity Gauntlet. First off, the blue is much brighter and shinier. Same with the gold. Also, the lining on the arms is actually highlighted with paint, and the boots are entirely gold instead of just the cuff being gold.

        • Plus, part of the reason I don’t think Hasbro’s gonna expand what they did for the Onslaught head w/ Kitty to anything except more heads is because BAF pieces usually go in pretty permanently. It’s not exactly possible without significant work to remove parts of a BAF to swap them out.

          • That may have been true for ToyBiz era, but not Hasbro. You can rip a carded Ares down into his constituent BAF parts and put him back together again ad nauseum to little ill effect. The same for King Thor, Sand/Absorbing Man, and Rhino/Abomination, and those are just the ones on my desk at the moment that I didn’t hesitate to rip arms off of.

    • We already have the mold that’s gonna be used for a classic Colossus, it’s the mold that was introduced for the more modern Colossus in the Warlock wave. That Deathlok mold isn’t big enough for Colossus.

  4. Invincible Iron Man looks like a shockingly easy pre-tool of both Riri Williams Ironheart and Infamous Iron Man. I doubt we’d see a Doom in the next two years so I’d grab up an Infamous Iron Man in a heartbeat.

    • Hopefully but fist they should either fix this figure’s helmet for a more comic-accurate version or throw an Infamous Iron Man specific head-sculpt because I don’t see Doom being menacing in that, plus it doesn’t even look elegant on Tony like on the David Marquez design.
      I suspect that the restraint with the faceplate is due to the difficulty of applying yellow paint, something that could be fixed by doing something alike the Darkhawk head-sculpt. But of course that wouldn’t be such a problem with an Infamous Iron-Man…

  5. thank you hasbro… you have scarred my wallet for 2017… 2018 looks like a breather… most of the waves are easy passes for me personally… accept 1 or 2 figures from each wave… i’m holding off the thanos figure until i get a movie thanos… the comic thanos looks short and stumpy due to his overall proportions… its like a giant dwarf… waiting on a Movie Thanos where the proportions look look more menacing… i hope to get a mezco blue yellow wolverine… but its still a pretty awesome lineup for the first half of the year… hahaha… they havent revealed stuff for the second half of the year… can you believe the number of figures Hasbro Marvel Legends are releasing on a yearly Basis… if this continue.. i’d need to buy a Studio Apartment just for my figures by 2020

  6. Though that iron man is well made, I hate that armor. Looks dumb on the figure as it does in the comic. What’s with the ridiculous chin? makes Iron-Man look like he’s got a red Abraham Lincoln beard. so stupid.

  7. That Iron man for the most part looks good, but if I had a say about the design I’d make the helmet bigger while making the faceplate more prominent. Lastly I hope it gets the Daredevil treatment for a less glossy look if possible, still I think that I’m gonna buy it.

  8. Unless there’s another one not pictured, Thanos has the same head as the BAF. Even the Gauntlet uses the mold from the original as a base. Meh. They should have just given us the gauntlet in an upcoming wave, like they did with Onlaught’s head in the Juggernaut wave.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this Iron Man is gonna be repurposed for Infamous Iron Man at some point.

      Can’t wait.

  9. Paladin. You have got to be kidding me. The figure that I never knew I DESPERATELY needed. 12 yr old me is dancing in circles at 44 yr old me types.
    Paladin. AWESOME.

    Thanks for the update. Totally made my day!

  10. I like these I never bothered to get the Thanos, but I am sure I have some pieces somewhere. We get a King Cobra what about Mr Hyde? It looks lime they will have even more product for 2018 then they had for this year.

  11. Thanos me gusta su pintura azul metálico nada mas .. en cuanto a iron man .. bueno no es la armadura que mas me gusta pero reconozco que se ve un muy buen trabajo.. me pregunto si sumar a una wave de Pantera Negra a iron man Namor y Black bolt es con la intencion de formar de a poco a los Illuminati ???? klaw se ve muy bien en ese nuevo cuerpo y con esa pintura el efecto de la onda le cae espectacular. personalmente me encanta que lleguen figuras de personajes no tan conocidos o no tan famosos como shuri y es un hecho que voy a ir por ellos.
    el Rey Cobra se ve espectacular y de a poco se va sumando para formar a la sociedad serpiente … Songbird se ve bastante bien… Paldin me a gustado mucho