Marvel Legends Deadpool Figure Review & Photos

Now that I’ve reviewed the vast majority of this year’s Hasbro Marvel Legends figures, I can take my time backtracking and filling in the gaps. And there’s no figure review more requested than the one I’m discussing today! Those who found one already know how great he is, and those who still need the X-Men Legends Deadpool figure should lock in a pre-order from the restock while they last, because this 6″ Deadpool figure definitely meets and exceeds most collectors’ lofty expectations…

X-Men Marvel Legends Deadpool Figure ReviewThe Right:

With Hasbro rapid-fire releasing four entire series of Marvel Legends six inch figures this summer–plus the SDCC 2016 and store exclusives–some figures ended up slipping through the cracks and not getting the review spotlight from me that they deserved.

One of those figures happens to be arguably the single hottest Hasbro action figure of 2016: the Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool action figure!

Is ML Deadpool worth the massive hype (and the hunt to find one)? Read on…

Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool Figure AccessoriesI’m going to be break tradition here and talk about the accessories this time before the figure that they come with. Why? Because Hasbro has well and truly blown my mind with the crazy number of extras included with this Deadpool six inch figure.

Deadpool 2016 Marvel Legends 6 Inch Figure GunsThe Deadpool Marvel Legends 2016 figure comes with not one or two, or even five or six accessories. No, this Deadpool action figure comes with a crazy ten accessories. Yowza!!

Packaged X-Men Legends Deadpool FigureAlong with a crag-faced unmasked Deadpool head that I will never be displaying, this figure includes two katana swords, a knife, twin pistols, a tommy gun, a large blaster rifle, a taco and… a boxing glove bazooka. (No, seriously.)

Marvel Legends Deadpool Review[Sorry, the Deadpool-inspired “Foxpool” Fox Spirit poseable art doll seen in some of my photos doesn’t come with this figure, and can’t be bought at all right now. But if you want one, you can enter to win it for free from The CreatureSmith’s grand opening contest on their Facebook Page this week! I recommend entering The CreatureSmith giveaway, because this thing freaking rocks.]

Front of Marvel Legends Deadpool Action FigureThe standouts as far as the accessories go are the taco, the boxing glove bazooka, the unmasked head and the katanas. The taco is molded in yellow with green and brown paint deco on the filling, while the katanas have very nice red and black deco on their hilts.

Deadpool Legends Boxing Glove Bazooka GunThe boxing glove launcher is definitely a bizarre addition that I don’t think would work with any Marvel character other than Deadpool (and maybe Slapstick). With a serious character like the Punisher this type of accessory would seem insane, but with Deadpool I don’t bat an eye.

Deadpool Marvel Legends 2016 Figure Bazooka without Boxing GloveBut if the boxing glove doesn’t make you smile, it is removable and your Wade can equip himself with a plain old rocket launcher.

Back of X-Men Legends Deadpool 6" FigureDeadpool also has an amazing ability to store his arsenal on his person, with two sword sheaths, two pistol holsters and one knife sheath. I’ve never seen a 6″ figure with five holsters/sheaths before.  Crazy! One of the pistols looks a mite big in the belt holster, but I certainly won’t complain about the option to store it there.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Figure Holding TacoAnd speaking of Deadpool’s belt: it’s fantastic! The brown-molded belt is nice and tight and doesn’t flip around at all, and has four colors of paint deco on it: green grenades and red, white and black on the Deadpool logo. This belt is a very underrated contributing factor to this being such a great figure.

Marvel Legends 2016 Deadpool Six Inch Figure ReviewAs for the figure itself (wait, I haven’t talked about him yet?!): I had very high expectations for this action figure, and I feel that Hasbro has met them almost 100%.

Deadpool’s paint apps are super-sharp, with no noticeable uneven lines or slop anywhere. The red and black don’t even bleed into each other at all, and the silver on his chest and boot buckles really pops!

Hasbro Marvel Legends 6 Inch Deadpool Figure Head Close-UpSome folks will probably dislike ‘Pool’s asymmetrical facial expression, but the whimsical eyes are so synonymous with Deadpool’s personality that I think they really add to the figure’s expressiveness. We’ve had plenty of “serious” Deadpool figures before–I like the more wacky approach taken this time.

6" Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool Figure with Sword and GunThe extreme attention to Deadpool’s costume detailing also makes this figure a standout. From his kick pads to his wrist guards to the intricately-sculpted straps and pouches, this figure is loaded with a little something extra to help it stand out from the pack.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Leg Articulation Kicking Guavian EnforcerThis is also an instance where Hasbro absolutely could not skimp on the articulation, and thankfully, they did not. X-Men Marvel Legends Deadpool gets the total package in poseability: ball-hinge head/shoulders/wrists; swivel waist/biceps/thighs/boots; upper torso ab crunch; double-jointed knees and elbows; ball-jointed hips and ankle rocker hinged feet.

The hips and upper head range-of-motions aren’t quite as large as I would prefer, but for the most part, the articulation scheme here is aces.

Deadpool Marvel Legends 2016 Figure Holding KnifeThe Wrong:

I would love to say that this Deadpool six inch figure is totally without flaws and downright perfect, but I can’t quite say that.

While this Marvel Legends figure includes a metric ton of accessories, he can’t necessarily wield them all. In fact, while has has two swords, Deadpool can only hold one of them at a time, because his left hand is totally unable to hold a sword hilt.

The knife poses a similar problem and can only be held with the right hand, and awkwardly so at that. Interchangeable hands would have been immensely useful on this action figure, but alas, I guess you can’t have everything.

2016 Hasbro Marvel Legends Deadpool Dual-Wielding PistolsIn addition, the guns included here are pretty, well… plain. None of the guns get any paint deco on them at all, and while it’s refreshing to get so many weapons with one figure, I’d happily sacrifice one or two guns to get paint deco on the remaining ones.

Finally, the plastic used for the elbow joints on this figure feel pretty flimsy, and I’m worried about them becoming floppy and loose over time.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Offering Taco to CreatureSmith Deadpool Fox SpiritOverall: While there are a few irritating quirks about this figure that prevent me from giving it a perfect grade (no alternate hands, weapons missing deco or not holdable, slightly limited range of motion), that doesn’t mean that this highly-anticipated Marvel Legends Deadpool figure isn’t one of the best Hasbro 6″ figures of the year.

Tons of accessories, terrific new parts and my favorite Deadpool action figure head sculpt ever make this figure tons of fun. If you haven’t found this figure yet, make sure to pre-order from this winter’s ML Deadpool restock before these are all gone. You don’t want to miss this Deadpool.



Marvel Legends Deadpool Figure Review & Photos — 10 Comments

  1. Great review! The only thing thats bugging me is how you put the gun in the front holster >-<

  2. I absolutely adore this figure, and it’d probably be my favorite Marvel Legends figure from Hasbro if it wasn’t for Wasp and the TWO Ben Reilly figures we’ve gotten. (Hasbro spoils me.) I preordered the entire wave because I wanted most of the figures- at least, that’s what I’m telling myself, because the real reason is that I knew Deadpool was going to be a pain to find at retail.

    I regret nothing.

    The guns being Desert Eagles was a nice touch since Wade was wielding a pair of Desert Eagles in the Deadpool movie. (Twelve bullets or bust!) But I agree that they could have used some paint. I’m not a fan of the big railgun and I can live without the rocket launcher (Hasbro’s GOT realistic gun molds, I KNOW they do, but for some reason refuses to give them to their figures- and no, I’m still not over Winter Soldier and his cherry-red Nerf gun) but the boxing glove was a cute touch and I’ve collected enough 6″-scale weaponry over my years of collecting Marvel Legends that Deadpool is very well-armed. (I actually started doing that when I made my own custom Deadpool- this figure is superior.) The railgun is currently being wielded by EE-Exclusive Box Set Rocket Raccoon, who also came with guns I wasn’t pleased with.

    Given the fact that he comes with so many weapons with different-sized handles, the fact that he can comfortably hold MOST of his arsenal is good enough for me- the pistols have HUGE handles, and the swords’ are pretty thin. As for his right hand, trust me, it’s a far cry better than Hasbro’s last attempt at Deadpool, which was EVEN MORE incapable of holding a sword in his left hand. My only real complaint with the figure is the positioning of the swords on the back- they stand straight up instead of forming an X. The only time he’s ever worn swords like that was on occasion in artwork for Cable and Deadpool, and every other time he’s used two swords, they were strapped to his back at angles to form the X. (I actually glued the scabbards together on mine so they’d stay in that position. It’s worked pretty well.) Well, that and the fact that it’s missing the shoulder holster that he’s seen with in the Marvel Now! Deadpool control art this figure is more or less based on.

    One last note about the guns- I tried giving Deadpool the gun from the Wal-Mart Exclusive Civil War Winter Soldier, which is cast in a brown plastic with black paint on the slide, and I found that on occasion the paint stuck to the inside of the holster when it was being stored there. So… maybe the lack of paint on the pistols ain’t all bad.

  3. Thanks for the preorder link. Paying higher than MSRP on the second market for a figure that was just released is pretty infuriating.

  4. Maybe are the extra Scarlet Spider hands compatible? Seems DP just has plain red hands so…

    • Yeah, but they’re relatively dark red hands. Scarlet Spider is really bright red, bordering on orange.