2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Apocalypse Series Lineup Revealed!

In the week leading up to last wee: inaugural HasCon convention, a rumor list for the X-Men Marvel Legends 2018 series began making the rounds–a list that looked a whole lot more plausible when new Storm, Psylocke and Wolverine figures were revealed at HasCon. nd now, it looks like the rest of this series has been all but confirmed as well, as Amazon listings for a new Marvel Legends Magneto and more have now been posed online!

Marvel Legends X-Men 2018 Series Lineup

Hey… come back here! No, you can’t order them yet. The links only go to “currently unavailable” placeholder tags on Amazon. Sorry.

But the good news is, even though we’re going to have to wait–likely a number of months–for them, at least thanks to these new placeholder listings on Amazon, we know what the X-Men Legends 2018 series is almost certain to look like, right?

The following seven figures are semi-confirmed (more on this in a moment) to compose the 2018 Marvel Legends Apocalpyse series:

2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Series Wolverine Hi-ResNow, all seven of these figures were on the leaked list that’s been circulating for a bit, and now Amazon is also listing them as well, so it seems 97% likely that all seven of these figures will be in this wave.

X-Men Marvel Legends Mohawk Storm Figure 2018 HasbroThat said, the names on these leaked UPC lists aren’t always correct, otherwise we’d all have new Tigra, Crossbones and King Cobra figures in our collections for a year-plus now (although Marvel Legends King Cobra finally will be coming next year, actually).

2018 Marvel Legends Psylocke FigureThe only figure in this lineup that’s never had a 6″ figure before is Marvel Legends Multiple Man, although he was included in a Fan’s Choice poll a few years back. Hopefully this will be a modern version of Jamie Madrox and not a skullcap version, as he never used the skullcap while he was leading X-Factor Investigations, by far his most prominent role.

Marvel Legends 2014 SDCC Exclusives Gladiator Figure HasbroAlong with Madrox, the Marvel Legends Gladiator figure ought to be a hit with collectors that didn’t get the SDCC Exclusive Thanos Imperative set back in 2014 (which is the one pictured above, incidentally–we don’t know what the new one will look like exactly yet). Hasbro typically doesn’t straight re-release the con exclusive Legends, so presumably the new 6″ Gladiator would feature new paint deco or a new head.

Marvel NOW Magneto Black Costume Cover

We already know all about the new Apocalypse BAF, Mohawk Storm, Yellow Wolverine and Jim Lee Psylocke figures from HasCon last week, so that just leaves the new Marvel Legends Sabertooth and Magneto figures to speculate about.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say that we’ll get a bulkier 90’s Sabertooth Marvel Legends figure, along with a Marvel NOW Magneto in black costume. Hasbro really likes modern costumes, and we’ve never gotten a non-red Magneto, so I suspect this may be the time for that one.

Marvel Legends 2018 Apocalypse Build-A-FigureI’ll be posting photos and reveals from the Hasbro New York Comic Con 2017 event next month, so be sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages for instantaneous updates beamed to your choice of social media as news breaks.

Presuming this is the actual lineup for the Marvel Legends 2018 X-Men series–and it definitely seems to be–what do you think, Marvel collectors? Are you satisfied with this lineup? Are you planning to pick and choose from the series, or are you all-in for the new Apocalypse Build-A-Figure?


2018 Marvel Legends X-Men Apocalypse Series Lineup Revealed! — 52 Comments

  1. If this turns out to be the line up I would be pleased. I mean sure there’s no Nightcrawler or Bishop or anything. But this is cool too.

  2. I hope Magneto is the black costume with a white costume variant. I like the original Sabretooth from Legends so I hope it is a first appearance costume. Madrox would be great in the green costume with a variant of the skullcap

      • Daken (masked/unmasked) .Daredevil (red/yellow). Rocket Raccoon (red gloves/white gloves). Carol Manvers (red and blue/grey/navy). Archangel (blue/black). X-Force Wolverine. Deadpool (red/blue from 2 pack then red/grey recent variants). Warpath.

        They do variants. Sometimes even in the same wave (Daken). What’s to stop them from doing so again?

        • The first appearance Daredevil was a single card release for Walgreens; not a variant of the hobgoblin version. That Captain Marvel was a Marvel Unlimited exclusive. You can call those variants if you’d like but Hasbro hasn’t given us true “chase/variants” since Arnim Zola wave which was like 5 years ago.

        • Those were all dedicated releases though. There wasn’t a chance you’d order a classic deadpool and get the x-force variant, as they were separate releases.

  3. I’m all in, although I would rather a red Magneto (not everyone has been collecting for years…) and a classic Madrox because I see him as the character he was in classic comics. Pre-90’s are the only comics worth reading to me… Gladiator and Storm are my must have’s if scalpers prevent me from getting the entire line-up.

  4. I don’t deal with scalpers. I just buy a case (if I can afford it) BBTS or dorkside toys. Excited about this wave!

  5. I’m definitely all in. It seems like a no brainer that Wolverine will be the double pack. I’ll happy get a case and off load or trade my extra. I’ve always like Gladiator since his brief appearance in the 90s animated series so he’s a really nice surprise. Wondering what jacket they’ll use with MM. I’m half expecting the Netflix punisher one. But yeah, this will be one of those ease all in and Baf waves for me.

  6. MUST…HAVE! Damn glad they’re re-releasing Storm and Gladiator especially. Definitely down with the Apocalypse BAF even though he’s already been done before. A classic Mimic figure would’ve made a nice BAF. Oh well. Definitely echo @Dan Morton’s sentiments about not having a new Nightcrawler figure at least. I don’t need one since I still have the Toy Biz version, but still….

  7. This is quite disappointing but I guess if hasbro is following a formula, I predict we will get him lee gambit and beast in the next wave. I truly hope they don’t release any of these figures in modern style. I would be truly dissapointed if we don’t get classic sabretooth and magneto. And what the heck? Why gladiator in an X men wave? For one let some figures stay true exclusives and two, that could have been a spot for a much more needed X man.

    • I personally was hoping for gambit but i don’t think we need a beast re-release cause i think the old series 4 beast works just fine in a x-men display along with the old angel and archangel one i would however like a re-release of is banshee with which a new nightcrawler could go

  8. I was never into the comic book appearances as I am with the Toybiz and the MCU Marvel Legends. I can finnally save some money. PRAISE JESUS!!! However I feel I’m gonna get hit hard when the BP Marvel Legends come out.

  9. I was pondering the scale on Apocalypse there, then I realized that he has Mandroid/Ironmonger fists. He is probably 7.5-8 inches if they are in fact identical parts to the Mandroid.

  10. Wow, great lineup!! Among the new reveals, I’m particularly excited about Gladiator and Sabretooth, if its a classic Magneto I will be really enthusiastic about that figure as well. I will likely end up ordering a case. I can take or leave Madrox but I know he’s been on a lot of folks’ wish lists.. I wonder if it will include some sort of effect for his power? I also think with people getting multiple Madrox figures that one may become hard to find.

    As someone who usually can’t get the SDCC box sets, its nice to see at least some of them released as single cards (with slight reworks). I’ve been hoping for a Gladiator figure for awhile and I was not expecting to see one this soon… hopefully Blastaar is coming as a single card too, although he looks too big.

    • To your point on Madrox and, pun intended, multiples, the opposite seems to be true lately. The popular figures and army builders get solid cases on HTS and Amazon among other online retailers. Think Deadpool one one hand and Chameleon on the other, they started rare and became very easy to obtain after a while. The real stinkers get sold in cases to case-purchasers and brick-n-mortar retail. Since most sales at this time are online, the stinkers become extinct online and can only be found at retail. In the Rhino wave look at the aftermarket prices and availability of Chameleon and Venom, then look at the same data for thier BaF parts. Venom and his part command a premium for no reason other than scarcity, and only because the others were made available as singles (or for Misty/Tiger shared a part). For this case (whats with the puns?), I think that Gladiator will actually be the scarcest since he is the least likely to have casual fan demand turn into solid cases, but has enough classic adult collector demand and latent aftermarket value to get snatched up at retail.

      I’d love to head other theories, though.

      • Good points! Along the same lines, I think they released cases of Hela and cases of Ares for similar reasons… now Jane Foster seems to be the one that’s hard to track down.

  11. Honestly I’m so excited for Psylocke!! Her and Storm are my must haves for sure although I am in need of a new Magneto since I didn’t catch one earlier so he’d be a fun catch too. Unlike everyone else I’d rather a newer rendition of Magneto since he has some interesting looks in the more recents comics. Personally I feel it would be more logical for Multiple Man to be two per case, one due to the obvious(his power set) and two because the Tigerstripe Wolverine is a classic look and a more favored outfit for fans. So why not make him one per case they love to make certain figures harder to find.

    • If Multiple Man was 2x he’d warm pegs like crazy. The casual buyers will only want Wolverine and A-list characters. They should just leave Gladiator out because no one really wants him other than Gladiator fans, or move him to a different wave. Watch, I will now be flamed by the three people in the world that wants Gladiator. These are the same people who keep asking for a new Klaw, who will also warm pegs just like the old Klaw which I can still find at Target.

  12. I’m all in. I’m anticipating Psylocke and Mohawk Storm to be the hard-to-find figures. And Tiger Stripe Wolverine (if he is 2 per case, think Old Man Logan), Gladiator and Madrox to be peg warmers (or at the very least, easier finds).

    Also they need to release 2 X-men sets per year…

  13. I hope Multiple Man will be in his 90’s X- Factor Costume as seen in the 90’s X-Men Cartoon.

  14. I was hoping for Gambit. I’m ok with Magneto. Sabertooth I am “meh” on. But Gladiator reminds me of the original Toy Biz figures days, when it was one or two recognizable X-Men and a bunch of randos. Not too excited about the new reveals. But maybe Jamie can be the two per case! 😛

  15. Multiple Man getting a figure means I’m one step closer, however small, to that sweet, sweet Strong Guy figure that I want so so much

  16. de las tres figuras reveladas y del BAF ya hablamos asi que no comentare nada mas.
    en cuanto a la lista tengo sentimientos encontrados .. esperaba algo mejor pero todo tiene su lado positivio .. Magneto: bueno hace años que no tenemos una buena figura de el (el de la wave jubilo era feo).. el traje marvel Now negro me encanta pero no me disgustaria el tradicional rojo con un buen molde de cuerpo como el de reaper y con una buena capa y efectos de magnetismo, tambien una cabeza alternativa con el pelo largo .. tener todo eso seria genial.
    Sabertooth: otro personaje que en algun momento debia tener una nueva figura .. si bien no es alguien que me agrade es un personaje importante.
    Gladiador: yo tengo el pack thanos imperative y si bien me gusto mucho la figura podria mejorar .. la capa carecia de agarre frontal por lo que los botones a veces quedan “flotando” el molde del cuerpo tambien podria mejorar y tal vez una pintura no metalizada u otra exprecion en su rostro.
    Multipleman: recuerdo la figura que nunca salio a la luz y quedo en el olvido como red hood terror inc brother vodoo etc etc. esa version me gustaria mucho.
    bueno hasbro las cosas vienen bien pero necesitamos mas villanos .. avalancha .. sapo .. samurai plateado .. master mind .. black tom. creo que en eso estan en el debe

      • hablo español ingles y francés y voy a escribir en español si te gusta bien y sino también .. o lo traduces con un traductor o no me leras saludos

          • So many foreign language comments on this site lately. Is it some sort of bad joke? The article is written in English, subsequently the comment section has been in English. I’m sick of copying and pasting comments into a translator. If these individuals can read the site in English why can they not comment in English? These people are stubborn, pretentious and annoying.

    • the BAF and the three revealed figures already talked so that will not comment anything more.
      as for the list, I have mixed feelings… I was expecting something better but everything has its positive side… Magneto: good years that we don’t have a good figure of the (the wave’s jubilation was ugly)… robe marvel black Now I love but not I disgustaria the traditional red with a good body with a good layer of reaper and mold and effects of magnetism, also an alternative head with long hair… having all of that would be great.
      Sabertooth: another character who at some point should have a new figure… Although he is not someone that pleases me is an important character.
      Gladiator: the thanos imperative pack I have and while I liked the figure could improve… front grip lacked the layer so that buttons are sometimes ‘floating’ mould the body also could improve and perhaps a non metallic paint or other expression on his face.
      Multipleman: I remember the figure who never came to light and was forgotten as red hood terror inc brother vodoo etc etc that version I would like to much.
      hasbro good things are well but we need more villains… Avalanche… Toad… Silver Samurai… master mind… Black tom. I think that in that are in the must

  17. This whole wave is incredible. They’re almost all winners. I say almost because I’ve never cared for Psylocke but I am completely in the minority on that. And either way she’s well done too. I can’t wait to see that new Sabretooth.

    • You aren’t alone on Psylocke. But I actually would kinda like to see an original Betsy Braddock as she first appeared in Uncanny X-men when Alan Davis was doing the artwork. That issue where she’s alone at the x-mansion when Sabretooth invades it is classic.

  18. I personally hope Magneto is the Marvel NOW version. I don’t think we need a rerelease of the red costume and Hasbro’s last attempt at that, in my humble opinion, was a trash figure. I don’t really understand the hype surrounding the Jubilee wave version (or the ridiculous aftermarket price) and the face sculpt on it always made me think of Squidward Tentacles. So if they are going for any version, the Marvel NOW costume gets my vote. I have no issues with the original ToyBiz version of the original costume.

  19. Man, this post was almost 10 days ago. Is someone on vacation? I check this page every day, hoping for more review goodness. 🙂

        • I’m not sure what you mean. There’s lots of new articles about Funko, Minimates, Marvel Select… are you sure you’ve checked the main page at marveltoynews.com?

          There should be new Marvel Legends 6” news next week for NYCC too.

          • I”m only following 6 inch news and reviews. I wasn’t trying to make a big deal of it, just noticing and I’m an addict for these articles. Ready for more all the time. Missing it…

          • No worries! I hope to have lots of great 6” news to share during and after New York Comic Con 2017 at this time next week! =D