Marvel Legends 2018 Figures Hi-Res Photos from NYCC 2017!

While I posted tons of photos of the newly-revealed Marvel Legends figures from NYCC 2017 (including Gladiator/Multiple Man and Spider-Man Noir/Taskmaster/Prowler) during the con, one thing I didn’t post at the time was photos of the Marvel Legends 2018 figures that were previously announced. But as I close off my NYCC coverage, let’s take a hi-res look at some in-person photos of the 2018 Marvel Legends X-Men, Deadpool, Avengers, Spider-Man and 12” series…

2018 Marvel Legends Figures at NYCC 2017

Ordinarily I don’t post a lot of photos of prototype figures that have been announced for a few months already (it just doesn’t feel like “news” to me at that point anymore).

But as getting to see and touch and photograph these upcoming 6” Legends figures in person was a true honor and privilege, I’d be remiss if I didn’t post some of the in-person photos I took during the Hasbro Marvel Brand Team event at New York Comic Con 2017.

2018 Marvel Legends Cable Deadpool Series FigureIf I had to pick a favorite figure that was displayed at the event, it would probably be the new Deadpool Legends Cable figure coming in early 2018. I think that pairing classic Cable and Deadpool figures in the same series is a stroke of genius, and this Marvel Legends Cable easily captures the classic design for Nathan Summers better than any classic toy version of the character ever.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Domino Figure NYCC 2017I’m also rather psyched about the Marvel Legends Domino figure coming in the same series. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that Hasbro is gradually building the original X-Force roster in Marvel Legends Form (including the Marvel Legends Shatterstar that came out this year and the Warpath rumored for next year).

2018 Marvel Legends X-Force X-23 Figure at NYCC 2017The modern X-Force X-23 Legends figure looks nice as well, although I think what we’re all waiting for at this point is a Marvel Legends Wolverine X-23. Hopefully we’ll get that version sooner than later.

Deadpool Legends Paladin Figure PrototypePaladin is a character that I’m very concerned about selling poorly at retail, as he’s virtually unknown to all but the most hardcore of fans. The figure looks nice, however.

2018 Marvel Legends Deathlok NYCC 2017Deathlok and Classic Deadpool figures were also on-hand at the event, as well as the Sasquatch Build-A-Figure. Hasbro confirmed there’s at least one more figure from this wave yet to be revealed, which is widely believed to be a new Warpath.

Marvel Legends Riders Black Widow Motorcycle at New York Comic ConThe Marvel Legends Riders Motorcycle series looks fantastic in person. The Ghost Rider flaming Motorcycle is obviously cooler than the Black Widow motorcycle, but both of them are slick in person. I really hope this line performs well when it hits retail.

Black Widow Marvel Legends Motorcycle NYCC 2017Black Widow has a special cut for her elbow joints to allow them to be more flexible for posing with the motorcycle handlebars.

Lasher Marvel Legends 2018 Spider-Man Wave 1 FigureOn the Spider-Man front, every figure in the series is well-executed. While I’m not even the slightest Gwenpool fan, her figure is tons of fun and a buy for me (especially since I need her for her Lizard BAF piece).

Spider-Man Legends 2018 Figures Spider-Punk Mysterio GwenpoolThe Hasbro Marvel Brand Team almost gave us a mega-spoiler, as they were going to remove Mysterio’s helmet in front of us… but the prototype’s dome was permanently glued on. Alas.

2018 Marvel Legends Lizard Build-A-FigureAs a modern comic book reader, I was really excited about the new Lizard Build-A-Figure. I like the beefy “dinosaur” look to the figure, although I know some fans are disappointed this isn’t a purely classic, thinner version.

Hasbro Marvel Legends King Cobra Figure Avengers Legends 2018King Cobra is another character who’s not on my top 1000 list, but his Legends 6” figure looks nice enough. Collectors building a Serpent Society will be happy to get this figure regardless.

2018 Marvel Legends 12" Wolverine Figure PackagedThe next two releases in the Marvel Legends 12” series were also on-hand at New York Comic Con 2017, and they both looked absolutely stupendous.

12" Marvel Legends Black Panther Movie Figure PackagedThe movie-styled 12” Black Panther Legends figure is basically an upscaled version of the 2016 Civil War 6” figure with an even greater amount of sculpting detail.

NYCC 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther 12" FigureThis Black Panther is easily the most detailed figure in the 1:6 series thus far, and the unmasked head is way better than the one that came with the 2016 six inch version.

Marvel Legends 2018 Wolverine 12 Inch Figure NYCC 2017

In addition, the 12” Wolverine was also displayed booth loose and in package. The interchangeable Battle-Damaged Wolverine Head and Shoulder Pads are exceptionally cool, and the grinning unmasked Logan head looks flat-out fantastic–maybe the best Logan head I’ve ever seen for an action figure.

I’m a huge fan of the 12” line, so I was pretty disappointed when 12” Deadpool quickly went to discount in many areas. Hopefully, this pair of headliner characters fares better, as I badly want to see this line continue.

Marvel Legends Figures Display at Hasbro Marvel Brand Team NYCC 2017 EventI’ll continue to post updates to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages as official photos, release information and pre-orders open up for all of the Marvel Legends 2018 figures, so make sure you’re following us on our social media if you want all the latest news as quickly as it breaks.

Close-Up of Wolverine Marvel Legends 12" FigureThe next series of Marvel Legends figures to hit shelves (after the Retro Toybiz-Style Packaged Series that’s beginning to ship right now) is scheduled to be the Black Panther Legends series that is street-dated for 2018, so we shouldn’t see any of these new figures arriving on store shelves until next year. That doesn’t mean that we won’t, mind you, but they’re all scheduled to arrive in the new year.

Having seen up-close and in-person photos of the figures, what do you think of the first waves of goodness Hasbro has coming our way in 2018, Marvel Legends collectors? What are your must-haves from these series, and what are you planning to skip (if anything)?


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  1. Has an alternate head (the short spiked hair one) been revealed for Songbird, or just the one seen at SDCC?

  2. Man oh man, The Lizard might be the first BAF I try to actually complete, that’ll be tough considering I don’t really like/need the Spider-Woman and Spider-Punk

  3. I believe at shows the figures are hot-glued to those stands! You can see blobs of glue in the photos. I’m sure the stands are custom made.

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh hells yes! I’d buy ten of them if it would encourage them to make that one.

  4. Wonder why that Lizard figure hasn’t been posed his legs straight…? Hope he’s decently tall.

  5. Paladin does look nice. I wish the lighting better showed the colors on his costume. A brighter image would show his details off nicely. I’m one of the four people on the planet waiting excitedly for that one.

    • I guess I’m the second of the four lol.

      One of those oddball collectors that is beyond excited to NOT be seeing much MCU stuff lined up and instead seeing classic b-listers like Paladin finally getting a mass retail debut.

  6. Seen this on YouTube on several channels looks you guys had a great time. Mysterio’s head was glued in place. I like all of them especially Tiger strip Wolverine, Prowler, lizard, Cable, Pyslock and Song Bird. I think the next con for further reveals is the one right here in London.

  7. Was at GameStop yesterday to purchase weapon x deadpool and was told the the 12inch wolverine is in their computer as a release date in late December,also found human torch at Walgreens

  8. Would be nice if they do two heads for Lizard. I mean they gave use two for Sandman, Rhino, Absorbing Man, Odin/King Thor, and Onslaught (in a different wave but still) – so why not do a classic head on top of the dino version?

  9. Yeah, Paladin is going to be like Speed Demon and Machine Man. Still available at Walmart three years after release, haha. (Sorry to the fans, haha)

  10. Sometimes they really spoil us, and that’s how I feel about Hasbro giving us a much improved-upon Taskmaster figure after the recent one we got. Shit, 2018 can NOT get here fast enough we all these waves I want.

  11. I am with you 100% as I love the 12” wave as well and really hope it continues. I think these two are awesome entries and I really love the Panther figure too. I own all the 12” figures so far except Deadpool because honestly I just am not a fan of the character.

    • I love the 12 in marvel legend line I can’t wait for wolverine and black panther. Anyone have any more updates on their release dates

    • I got all them too it’s definitely a great line do you have any updates on wolverine or black panther release dates?